Chapter 218 One Punch is Enough

When Zhou Yuan stood up on the cultivation platform, everyone felt something different about his aura. Several of the sharper disciples narrowed their eyes slightly in amazement. From his aura, they could tell that Zhou Yuan had experienced numerous battles.

Because only through continuous battle would such an aura appear.

“Unfortunately, he is still only a quasi Alpha-Origin practitioner.” Several individuals secretly shook their heads.

The gap between these two was just far too great.


No mercy could be seen in Han Shan’s eyes as he gazed at Zhou Yuan. Maliciousness soon began to appear from the corners of the former’s mouth as robust Genesis Qi rapidly erupted from his body like a volcano.

The surging Genesis Qi stirred the wind and clouds, the power of a second layer Alpha-Origin undoubtedly on full display.

The expressions of numerous third class disciples changed slightly when they felt the overbearing Genesis Qi pressure.

Although Han Shan was vicious, he was indeed rather capable.

On a certain cultivation platform near the peak, one of the first class disciples turned to his side and asked Lu Feng, “Hehe, Lu Feng, who do you think will win?”

Lu Feng wore an uncaring expression, his eyelids lowering slightly, showing that he had no interest at all in watching such a fight. He offhandedly answered, “Although Han Shan is only average amongst the Shengzhou Continent’s younger generation, it will be easy for him to deal with a quasi Alpha-Origin.”

“There’s nothing worth watching in such a battle.”

The first class disciple was amused. “Does this mean Zhou Yuan was planning to extort those thirty Genesis jade pieces as compensation?”

Lu Feng nonchalantly said, “I don’t care about such unimportant things.”

From what he could see, neither Han Shan nor Zhou Yuan was worthy of his attention. To him. it was merely a little squabble.

Some distance away, Gu Hongyi had a hand on her chin, now a little interested after seeing the change in Zhou Yuan’s aura. “Could he have some ability?”


Under countless watching eyes, the Genesis Qi around Han Shan roared. A split second later, his foot slammed into the ground, cracking it as his body transformed into a blur that headed straight towards Zhou Yuan.

Genesis Qi rapidly swirled around his body like a storm, and even the air was blasted away from his feet.

“A single move shall send you tumbling down!”

Ferocity flooded Han Shan's eyes as his five fingers tightly clenched into a fist. The Genesis Qi in his body surged out without reservation, his ferocious aura causing the expressions of even some of the first and second class disciples to change.

Han Shan was clearly holding nothing back.

Zhou Yuan stood on his cultivation platform and watched as a figure rapidly grew in his eyes. Violent Genesis Qi shock waves had already began to pounce towards him like sharp blades.

"Second layer Alpha-Origin…"

The expression on Zhou Yuan's youthful face remained unchanged. He laughed softly as he mumbled, "Back then on the walls of Great Zhou City, I had to use every trump card in my arsenal to kill that second layer Alpha-Origin expert…"

"But now…"

Iciness appeared in his eyes.

Zhou Yuan's fingers instantly clenched into a fist, as the golden Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling erupted with a loud rumble.

Scales extended from his fist, practically covering his entire arm. These scales were no longer the golden ones from the past, now giving off a true purplish gold luster instead!

Third level of the Magical Python Scales, purplish gold scales!

After the baptism of the Saint blood, the Magical Python Scales had reached perfection, their color now purplish gold…

Berserk power that slightly alarmed Zhou Yuan wildly churned inside his body. The power amplification from these purplish gold scales went far beyond the gold level.


A fierce hiss was faintly heard. Everyone watched as golden Genesis Qi dash into the sky from the top of Zhou Yuan's head, seemingly taking the shape of a giant golden python.

If one were to take a closer look, one would discover two lumps on the python's head and claws near its belly.

The golden python hissed, a hiss that somehow faintly resembled a dragon's roar.

The Genesis Qi python enveloped Zhou Yuan's body. He suddenly moved, taking a step forward under the innumerable watching gazes.


The air exploded, a sonic boom left in the dust behind Zhou Yuan.

His figure disappeared the moment his foot touched the ground. Almost immediately after, everyone's pupils shrank when they saw Zhou Yuan's figure appear in mid-air halfway down the mountain.

He was now only a few feet from Han Shan.

"Such speed!" Cries of astonishment rose one after another.

Everyone had jumped back a little at Zhou Yuan's sudden burst of speed.

"You’re just a mere quasi Alpha-Origin, stop putting up an act!” With a shout, Han Shan’s expression twisted as the Genesis Qi in his body circulated.

"Tiger Roar Mountain Subduing Seal!"

A punch was sent flying, vigorous Genesis Qi faintly forming the silhouette of a giant tiger. The deafening roar of a tiger followed, intimidating and threatening anyone who heard it.

The roaring giant tiger was reflected in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he lightly expelled a breath of air. With a thought, the Omni Python Qi descended, the claws at its belly reaching out and superimposing with Zhou Yuan’s scaly fist.

In that moment, the space around him shook faintly.

Zhou Yuan’s face remained impassive as a punch was sent blasting forward. Under the attention of countless eyes, it powerfully slammed into Han Shan’s ferocious fist seal.

It was a simple punch, but it contained all of the Omni Python Qi and purplish gold scales’ power.


A shockwave that could be seen with the naked eye violently pulsed outwards.

In the air, Chen Yuan’s pupils suddenly tightened while he was observing their clash.

Every gaze in the mountain was tinged with shock as they looked towards the epicenter of the clash where Zhou Yuan’s fist was effortlessly piercing through.


The roaring giant tiger was instantly ripped apart in a barbaric manner.

A berserk force exploded.

Disbelief flooded out in Han Shan’s eyes. He could feel an indescribably overwhelming power surge towards him in an unstoppable manner, forcibly ripping through all of his power in the most tyrannical way.

His second layer Alpha-Origin Genesis Qi was unable to put up even the slightest resistance!

He involuntarily cried out in horror, “How is this possible!”


The air was violently blasted away as a fist covered in purplish gold scales gracefully pierced all of his defenses and landed on his chest.


A muffled sound rang out as Han Shan’s chest seemed to cave in. His body was instantly sent flying, like a rolling bottle gourd as he tumbled like a rag doll from the waist of the mountain to its foot.

The entire mountain was silent.

Shocked gaze after gaze looked towards the sky where Zhou Yuan was still in a punching posture.

The expression in Zhou Yuan’s eyes was unchanged as he looked towards the foot of the mountain where Han Shan had been blasted to. Only then did he finally finish his earlier sentence, “Now… one punch is enough.”

On the now silent Genesis Mountain, Lu Feng’s lightly shut eyes trembled slightly as they finally opened.

A sliver of astonishment flowed on Gu Hongyi’s pretty face.

The others were wide-eyed. No one had expected the second layer Alpha-Origin Han Shang to be incapable of withstanding even a single punch from Zhou Yuan...

They had originally believed that it would be a fierce fight.

Instead, it was as if the battle had ended before it had even started...

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