Chapter 216 Forming Factions

A certain house in the outer mountains.

Chen Yuan sat on a chair as he calmly took a sip of tea. Before him stood a young man in blue with a respectful expression. His face was ordinary, but his eyes appeared a little devious, somewhat similar to a wolf. 

“Teacher Chen, you were the one who agreed that I would get a first class disciple quota.” Said the young man in blue with a pained face.

Chen Yuan waved his hand and replied, “I too did not expect things to turn out this way. Mu Wuji forcibly shoved someone in.”

Chen Yuan indifferently said, “Hehe, Han Shan. I was the one at fault this time. I will return everything.” 

The youth in blue called Han Shan hurriedly said, “How can I take back the gifts I’ve given teacher Chen.”

Chen Yuan nodded in admiration. He lightly tapped the table as he said, “Although Zhou Yuan has become a first class disciple, it’s not like you don’t have any chance at all.”

“According to the rules, competition is encouraged amongst the new disciples. You are currently at the second layer Alpha-Origin, while Zhou Yuan is merely at the quasi Alpha-Origin. You only need to find a chance to challenge him, and once you succeed, you will naturally replace him as a first class disciple.”

“Tomorrow will be good. That kid will have already enjoyed a night in the little house, so he will not be overly unhappy even if beaten back to where he belongs.”

Joy immediately flitted across Han Shan’s eyes when he heard this. “Does teacher Chen mean that...”

Chen Yuan glanced at the former and said, "If you defeat him in front of everyone, I will take away his first class disciple status and transfer it to you."

Han Sheng was over the moon. "Thank you for the advice teacher Chen!"

In his opinion, Zhou Yuan would not be any problem as long as he had Chen Yuan's approval. To Han Shan, it was just too easy to deal with a quasi Alpha-Origin.

Chen Yuan grinned widely as he waved his hand. 

Upon seeing this, Han Shan tactfully withdrew. 

Chen Yuan toyed with the cup in his hand as he watched the former leave. He chuckled to himself as he said, "Zhou Yuan is not tactful at all. I’ve already waited for a good half of the day, if he had voluntarily come to offer me generous gifts, I may have sheltered him a little. Unfortunately…”

"He's just too stupid."

"Although it isn't appropriate for me to personally go after you, if you are eliminated in accordance to the rules, even the two elders above me won’t have anything to say.”

In the outer mountains, besides himself as the manager, there were two outer mountain elders. However, these two elders usually did not give any attention to such matters. Hence, it could be said that Chen Yuan was the greatest authority in the outer mountains.


Night gradually arrived, enveloping the mountain forests. On the contrary however, the outer mountains only grew even more busy.

After the disciple classification announcement in the day, hidden undercurrents flowed violently between the numerous new disciples. As the saying went, wherever there were people, there will be conflict. Even the Cangxuan Sect was no exception.

Majority of the new disciples were fresh off the boat. Several of the more quick-witted ones began to call friends together to form factions. In any place, a faction would clearly have an advantage over an individual.

The existence of first class disciples became the core of several groups, rapidly increasing their status.

As such, the brightly lit little houses in the mountains became a hub of activity.


In one of the little houses, several dozen people were gathered, making the atmosphere pretty lively. Luo Song was also included amongst them. 

Two individuals were seated in the center like a moon surrounded by stars. Calm indifference filled their expressions as they enjoyed the respect from the surrounding crowd.

These two were obviously first class disciples.

One was called Wei Wu, while the other was named Xu Ao.

Luo Song wore a bright smile as he declared, “Hehe, all of us will follow brother Wei and brother Xu in future.”

The others nodded. Wei Wu and Xu Ao were sure to enter the seven peaks and had bright futures ahead of them. Now was clearly the best time to curry favor.

Wei Wu chuckled and said, “All of us from the other continents cannot compare to the local Shangzhou geniuses. So we naturally need to take extra care of each other.”

One of the individuals in the group angrily said, “Those from the Shengzhou Continent are really too arrogant. Just earlier, I tried to invite a second class disciple on brother Wei’s behalf, but that fellow didn’t give any face at all.” 

Wei Wu’s expression darkened slightly when he heard this, but he still waved his hand and said, “We just have to do our best. Since the Shengzhou geniuses are so prideful, there is no need for us to be friendly just to be snubbed.”

Xu Ao nodded in approval.

“There seems to be two other first class disciples from the Cangmang Continent, shall we go rope them in?” Suggested someone.

Luo Song sneered. “You mean the one that went through the backdoor?”

Wei Wu shook his head. “Don’t bother with the Cangmang people. I heard earlier that Han Shan will be making his move against Zhou Yuan.”

“Although Han Shan is a second class disciple, he is one of the local Shengzhou geniuses that has several formidable friends. Now that he has decided to move, Zhou Yuan will be beaten back to where he belongs tomorrow."

Luo Song’s eyes brightened when he heard this. Soon after, he chuckled and remarked, “What an unlucky guy. He can only enjoy a single day of first class disciple status before falling to the bottom again.”

The others also roared in laughter, before no longer mentioning this subject. They clearly already believed that ZHou Yuan would be the loser.

Similar situations had happened several times in many places after all.

Therefore, practically everyone came to know in a single night that when tomorrow came, Zhou Yuan would become the shortest lived first class disciple in history...


The next day.

When the first rays of the morning sun broke through the clouds and shined on the mountain forests, the outer mountains immediately became a hive of activity.

Zhou Yuan pushed open the doors and walked out of the little house with Yaoyao.

The moment they left, they saw a group of people hurriedly rush towards them. It was Shen Wanjin and the rest.

When Shen Wanjin and gang lifted their heads to see Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao emerge together, their mouths fell open, before looking at him with admiration.

Any man would understand such a gaze.

They clearly never imagined that the usually so aloof and distant Yaoyao that was as cold and proud as a goddess would be subdued by Zhou Yuan.

As people did not know the details, they had clearly misunderstood the two of them.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched as he shot a glance at Yaoyao. The latter’s pretty face was even calmer than his own, practically no desire to explain the situation. Hence, he could only sigh, not bothering to say much about the issue either.

“What is it?” He looked at the worried crowd.

Only then did Shen Wanjin recall that there was a serious matter to report. Sweat dripped down his fat face as he anxiously said, “Not good little Yuan bro, I heard that someone is going to take your first class disciple status today!”

“So it has come after all.” Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change when he heard this. He knew that such a situation would definitely occur. After all, who asked him to appear like the easiest target?

“Do you know who it is?”

Shen Wanjin immediately answered, “He’s called Han Shen a second class disciple from the Shengzhou Continent, second layer Alpha-Origin.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as he faintly nodded.

A flash of red swept out from the mountain in the distance. It was Gu Hongyi. When she saw the situation here, her bright eyes shot a quick glance at Zhou Yuan, seemingly a little gloating.

Evidently, even she already knew about this matter.

Zhou Yuan ignored the various gazes that were on him, merely nodding to Shen Wanjin as he began to walk forward.

“Let’s go to Genesis Mountain.”

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