Chapter 214 First Class

When Chen Yuan’s voice spread across the plaza, the originally noisy plaza instantly became quiet, every gaze nervously looking towards the stone stage.

Although the youngsters present were the geniuses from the various continents, they clearly understood that with the exception of a few special monsters, everyone else would become ordinary.

When compared to their status and rank in the past, it would be a drop of a thousand feet.

In the Cangxuan Sect, they would experience competition that they had never experienced before. To raise one’s status, one needed to work hard to raise one’s strength.

It was obvious that those who became first class disciples in the first disciple evaluation would undoubtedly gain several advantages.

Under the attention of countless gazes, Chen Yuan waved the booklet in his hand and said, “There will be a total of 148 first class disciples for this evaluation, 1056 second class disciples and 9500 third class disciples.”

These words immediately caused the plaza to stir restlessly.

Zhou Yuan was somewhat surprised. There were over ten thousand geniuses from the various continents, and yet only slightly over a hundred were able to become first class disciples. From this, one could see just how valued a first class disciple quota was.

The people at Luo Song’s side continued to sing his praises, “Can’t believe there will only be a thousand second class disciples. Brother Luo is indeed the best amongst the Tianqing Continent geniuses.”

A meaningful smile was revealed on Luo Song’s face as he waved his hand and said, “It’s only a second class disciple, I still need to strive harder to become a first class disciple. When that time comes, I will have the chance to see how amazing the legendary grade 5 Genesis Food is.”

While he spoke however, his gaze constantly swept towards Yaoyao, the pleased look in his eyes completely unconcealable.

The gazes of the group around him were filled with envy, some of the better looking young ladies even constantly casting flirtatious glances at him.

This caused Luo Song to grow even more pleased with himself. His gaze shifted towards Yaoyao again, only to realise that the latter had not even taken notice of him, an observation that made him somewhat disappointed.

“This girl is quite arrogant, but she does have the beauty and presence to match it. I may not know what kind of relationship that kid has with her, but it should be no issue. A mere quasi Alpha-Origin is no competition at all. After some time in the Cangxuan Sect, he will naturally realise that he is not a fit for her at all.” Muttered Luo Song in his heart.

It was clear that he did not take the quasi Alpha-Origin Zhou Yuan very seriously.

“Next, I shall be announcing the list of first class disciples.”

On the tall stage, Chen Yuan indifferently said, “Those whose names have been called, come forward to receive your disciple tokens.”

“Shengzhou Continent, Lu Feng.”

The first name immediately caused a disturbance on the plaza. Zhou Yuan and the rest watched as a youth in white flew onto the stage. It was as if his face had been sculptured, giving off a bold and striking sensation. Powerful Genesis Qi seemed to ripple from his body, making him feel intimidating even when he was not angry.

Lu Feng seemed to be pretty famous, his appearance causing several girls to shriek.

Zhou Yuan also looked towards the youth in white called Lu Feng, as his eyes widened slightly. He could indeed feel a faint feeling of danger from the latter’s body. This individual was definitely not simple.

Beside Zhou Yuan’s group, Luo Song sighed loudly as he said, “Lu Feng is said to be from the Lu clan of the Shengzhou Continent. He has a powerful background and is extremely talented. He will surely be one of the core members of the Cangxuan Sect in the future.”

He looked at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao as he nonchalantly said, “I even talked with him two days ago, so we at least recognize each other by face.”

Someone at his side quickly started the bootlicking again. “I heard that Lu Feng is extremely proud, and ordinary people won’t even enter this eyes. The fact that Brother Luo was able to speak with him is truly amazing.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but exchange a look with Yaoyao. Were these people idiots? Was talking to someone really something you should be proud of?

Though Luo Song’s narcissism was rather loathsome, the information he revealed was committed to memory by Zhou Yuan.

“Shengzhou Continent, Gu Hongyi.”

A stunning fiery-red figure nimbly leaped onto the stage. When the crowd looked over, the gazes of numerous males were immediately lit with burning desire, because the one that had appeared on the stage was a young lady in red.

The young lady’s skin was akin to snow, while her face seemed as if it was painted. Her long, slender legs were relatively attention grabbing, and it was hard to turn away from the sight of her sexy figure.

A heroic aura seemed to sprout from the young lady in red, while the long red whip that hung on her slender waist only accentuated it even further.

“This girl is called Gu Hongyi, and is said to be related to one of the high ranking personnel in the Cangxuan Sect. She is very strong and pretty, and no one knows how many have tried to gain her favor. Though she is beautiful, she is extremely fond of battle, so it will be rather troublesome if you offend her.”

Names continued to be read during the next ten minutes as extraordinary young men and women ascended the stage to receive the highest rank status token under the envious eyes of the crowd.

In the blink of an eye, over a hundred people had ascended the stage.

A look of thought could be seen on Zhou Yuan’s face as he watched from below. He had realised that half of the hundred first class disciples were from the Shengzhou Continent.

“The Shengzhou Continent truly is blessed by the heavens.” Zhou Yuan secretly sighed in his heart. The geniuses from the other continents were already a step behind in comparison. Catching up would not be easy.

One name after another continued to sound out, and the list soon approached its end.

“Cangmang Continent, Zhou Xiaoyao.”

When this name was read, Yaoyao walked forward with Tuntun in her arms.

“Eh, what are you doing?” Luo Song hastily called out when he saw this.

Yaoyao naturally paid no attention to him, heading straight to the tall stage and directly climbed up under Luo Song’s stupefied gaze.

The instant she stepped onto the stage, the entire plaza fell silent, every gaze colored with unconcealable amazement.

Gu Hongyi was already a rare beauty in the making, but she lacked in presence when compared to Yaoyao.

Restlessness soon spread in the crowd.

“Wow, who is that? She’s so beautiful!”

“She seems to be from the Cangmang Continent? I’ve never heard of the place…”

“But has managed to become a first class disciple? Why can’t I feel any Genesis Qi undulations from her?”

“Her Spirit cultivation should be extremely high, I can feel that her Spirit is exceedingly powerful…”


Countless whispers rose one after another.

At the front of the plaza, Lu Feng, who originally had his eyes closed, also opened them at this moment. He looked at Yaoyao with interest as he muttered, “What a strong Spirit.”

“She… she’s a first class disciple?” Luo Song’s face was a mix of white and green, while his entourage had obediently shut their mouths this time, their faces burning when they recalled their earlier actions.

On the stage, Yaoyao rather disliked being under the attention of those countless searing gazes. She quickly took her status token, walked off and returned to Zhou Yuan’s side.

Several gazes looked towards Zhou Yuan at this moment, but when they saw that the latter was merely at the quasi Alpha-Origin, they nonchalantly shifted their gazes away.

Luo Song no longer dared to speak to Yaoyao. He glanced at Zhou Yuan as he secretly mumbled to himself, “Kid, that girl is too superb. I may not have the qualifications, but you are even worse…”

On the stage, Chen Yuan glanced at the booklet, mockery lifting from the corners of his mouth as he said, “Next is the last first class disciple… also from the Cangmang Continent, Zhou Yuan…”

Zhou Yuan understood the former’s intentions from his gaze. However, Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change as he began to walk forward.

The corners of Luo Song’s eyes twitched frantically, while the followers around him looked to each other.

“He... what is he going to do?”

“He can’t be Zhou Yuan, right?”

While they were still stuck in their disbelief, Zhou Yuan had already passed through the crowd, expression calm as he walked onto the stage and received the status token under the crowd’s stares.

When he stood on the stage, the entire plaza fell silent for an instant. A split second later, bewildered voices exploded, filling the sky.

“Quasi Alpha-Origin?”

“Such strength has the qualifications to become a first class disciple?!”

“How can this be? A quasi Alpha-Origin first class disciple? What kind of joke is this!”

A sky of doubtful voices surged like a flood.

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