Chapter 212 Entering Cangxuan

A green cloud flitted across the sky with a whoosh.

Zhou Yuan and the rest were seated atop the cloud, their gazes full of curiosity as they observed the vast land before them. Ever since entering the Shengzhou Continent, they could clearly feel that the Genesis Qi here far surpassed the Cangmang Continent’s.

Moreover, they could see for themselves how vast the Shengzhou Continent was.

Eight days had passed since they left the hundred flowers boat, every day spent rushing without rest. They had already lost track of how many cities they had passed, and how many teleportation arrays they had used, not even knowing how many hundreds and thousands of miles each jump had covered...

Even so, they had yet to reach their destination.

Such vastness really opened their eyes.

All of a sudden, Mu Wuji opened his mouth and said, “We’ll reach the Cangxuan Sect tomorrow.”

These words were akin to pumping a surge of energy through Zhou Yuan and the rest. Although they had not used any Genesis Qi during the past eight days of travel, it was still a rather tiring affair. Fortunately, their destination was finally within sight.

As such, a day swiftly passed under an atmosphere of bubbling anticipation.

When the sun rose high into the sky the next day, the resting Zhou Yuan and gang suddenly felt the surrounding Genesis Qi become stronger. They immediately opened their eyes, and saw mists swirling in between countless ancient mountain ranges, each giant peak like a titan that could hold up the heavens.

Amongst the giant mountains, one would faintly see countless halls, pavilions and other buildings, the misty feeling seemingly filled with a celestial aura. Meanwhile, countless figures of light rapidly shuttled between...

Genesis Runes were faintly discernible high up in the sky. These Genesis Runes were connected to each other, forming an enormous Genesis Rune boundary. The boundary stretched downwards, covering the innumerable mountain ranges.

Power that could not be described spread from them. Although they were only slivers and strands, they gave rise to fear within Zhou Yuan.

The green cloud under Mu Wuji’s feet approached the Genesis Rune boundary. Rays of light shined from it, as if checking his identity. Moments later, a crack peeled open in the boundary.

Mu Wuji directed the green cloud in. The moment they entered, Zhou Yuan and the rest immediately felt the world around them become fresher and clearer. Concentrated Genesis Qi flowed into their bodies along with the air, wave after wave washing through their bodies.

“What a paradise.” Zhou Yuan could not help but praise. Training here would undoubtedly be amazing for one’s cultivation.

The others curiously asked, “Is this the Cangxuan Sect?”

“This is only the outer mountains of the Cangxuan Sect.” Mu Wuji chuckled. “Only after you guys pass the peak selection ceremony will you be able to see the Cangxuan Sect’s true face.”

“Next, I’ll bring you guys to the gathering point for the new disciples.”

By the time his words faded, he had already driven the green cloud past several towering mountains. Dozens of minutes later, their speed began to slow as an extremely magnificent mountain appeared within their sights.

At the waist of the mountain was a gigantic plaza. A seemingly endless stream of light figures were flying over from every direction and landing on the plaza, making it appear extremely busy.

When Mu Wuji landed the green cloud on the plaza, a man in Cangxuan Sect’s green robes approached and welcomed them with a smile, “You’re finally here teacher uncle Mu. Yours is already the last batch of new disciples.”

“Can’t help it, the Cangmang Continent is just too far.” Mu Wuji waved his hand, before turning his head to look at the group behind him. “Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, follow me. The others wait here.”

After finishing, he led the two of them towards a building at the back of the plaza.

“Who is in charge of this new batch of outer mountain disciples?” Along the way, Mu Wuji asked the Cangxuan Sect disciple that had welcomed them earlier.

“Teacher uncle Chen Yuan from the Thunder Prison Peak.” Answered the disciple.

“Chen Yuan?” Mu Wuji’s brows furrowed slightly, but he did not say anything else.

They passed through the plaza, arriving before the building and pushed the doors open.

“Heheh, I was wondering who it was. So it’s you old Mu. Your efficiency is really not that good, you’re the last to return this time.”

Zhou Yuan looked over, only to find that the one who had spoken was a thin middle-aged man. Though he was smiling, there was a feeling of evil intentions behind it.

Mu Wuji retorted, “Want to try going to the Cangmang Continent?”

“How can anyone good come from such a remote place, what’s the point in going.” The man called Chen Yuan smiled in an insincere manner.

Mu Wuji could not be bothered with him, pointing at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao as he said, “These two are the new disciples from the Cangmang Continent. They need two first class disciple quotas.”

Chen Yuan shot a look at the two and frowned, a difficult look emerging on his face as he said. “Old Mu, you returned too late. The number of new disciples this time has already exceeded the limit. There are not many first class disciple quotas, and all have them have been reserved in advance.”

Chen Yuan suggested with a wave of his hand, “How about I gave the two of them second class disciple quotas.”

Mu Wuji’s pipe slammed into the table as he coldly snorted, “Don’t give me that crap. Who doesn’t know of your methods. Have you secretly exchanged away the first class disciple quotas?”

Chen Yuan’s thin face turned rather ugly. “What are you saying… why not I give this girl a first class quota. Her Spirit is strong and she does have the qualifications.”


He shot a glance at Zhou Yuan, before he continued, “Letting a quasi Alpha-Origin kid get a quota will be against the rules. You will not have the high ground in this matter even if you escalate it.”

Mu Wuji could not be bothered to reply. Instead, he retrieved the token and tossed it to Chen Yuan.

Chen Yuan caught the token, his eyes widening slightly when he glanced as it and muttered in confusion, “How can a youngster from a place like the Cangmang Continent possess this?”

Only those who had some relation to their Cangxuan Sect would possess such a token.

Chen Yuan’s gaze flickered for a moment. He looked towards Zhou Yuan and sincerely said, “Little fellow, I can give you a first class disciple quota, but I should also let you know that the competition between the new disciples is extremely intense. I feel that you may not be able to hold onto this quota with your quasi Alpha-Origin strength, and will only become a target for the other disciples. Therefore, I feel that it will be most appropriate for you to take a second class disciple quota first, and when your strength rises in the future, I will immediately upgrade you to first class. How does that sound?”

He was clearly intending for Zhou Yuan to voluntarily give up his first class disciple quota.

Zhou Yuan merely chuckled upon hearing this. “Many thanks to teacher uncle for your consideration, however… I’m not afraid of trouble.”

Chen Yuan’s expression froze for a second, clearly surprised that the mere quasi Alpha-Origin Zhou Yuan would be so arrogant.

There was some resentment on his face as he helplessly retrieved a booklet and registered Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s information.

“Alright, you can go now. When the new disciples assembly later and the classes are announced, you will know just how much trouble you brought upon yourself.” Chen Yuan waved his hands to chase them off.

Mu Wuji was clearly at loggerheads with the former. He immediately led the two of them away.

Upon seeing their leaving figures, Chen Yuan threw the booklet onto the table as disdain rose from the corners of his mouth.

“Foolish kid, you don’t know what’s good for you and refuse to listen to my good advice. Since that is so, I’ll be waiting to see how many days you will be able to hold on to that first class disciple status…”

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