Chapter 211 Shen Wanjin

Time swiftly flowed as they traveled, and month unknowingly passed.

On a certain day.

In one of the holding quarters of the ship, Zhou Yuan’s shut eyes suddenly opened, breaking him out of his cultivation state. He had suddenly sensed some strange activity in the surrounding Genesis Qi which seemed to be stirring violently.

At the same time, numerous cheers could be heard outside the room.

Zhou Yuan opened the windows and looked outside. The thick layers of clouds were being torn apart as an extremely distant land began to appear.

His heart trembled slightly when his gaze fell upon it. He could sense an extremely concentrated and boundless natural Genesis Qi filling the sky above the land.

Its concentration level far surpassed that of any continent Zhou Yuan had visited before.

In addition, the Genesis Qi seemed to slip between various forms and shapes, giving off a spontaneously unique feeling, as if it was a blessing and right belonging only to the...

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