Chapter 207 A Single Palm Strike


Boundless and vigorous Genesis Qi ferociously swept out from Zhao Pan’s body like a thunderstorm, causing the world around him to tremble slightly.

The expressions of the countless geniuses present involuntarily changed. The anger of a Divine Dwelling expert was not something the likes of them could withstand.

The Genesis Qi pressure charged towards Zhou Yuan, making him feel the brunt of it. In that moment, he felt as if his body was deep in the sea, terrifying pressure rushing towards him from all directions as if intending to crush him to a pulp.

The bones all over his body creaked and cracked.


In his Qi Dwelling, the Omni Python Qi let out a hiss in response as it swiftly broke out of his body, transforming into a giant Genesis Qi python around him to block the frightening pressure.

“Zhao Pan, what do you think you’re doing!”

However, Zhou Yuan did not suffer for long before...

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