Chapter 205 End of the Saint Remains Domain Saga

By the cliff, under the pine tree.

Unconcealable joy and surprise flooded Zhou Yuan’s face as he felt the robust Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling.

He never expected that a single drop of Saint blood would leap him straight from the mid Heaven Gate stage to the quasi Alpha-Origin stage. In fact, he was already able to faintly sense a mysterious domain. If he was not wrong, it should be the rumored Alpha-Origin Heaven.

There were nine levels in the Alpha-Origin Heaven, and each contained ancient Alpha-Origin Qi. Absorbing this Alpha-Origin Qi would gradually alter one’s Qi Dwelling, causing enormous changes. When the Qi Dwelling eventually reaches its limit, it would evolve, turning into the Divine Dwelling.

Once the Divine Dwelling was formed, one may step into the Divine Dwelling stage. At which point, one’s Genesis Qi would become as vast as the clouds, able to cover an area spanning a hundred miles, making it incomparable to the Alpha-Origin stage.

“Now that I’m already able to sense the existence...

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