Chapter 204 A Step into Alpha-Origin

“Saint blood...”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze seemed to boil with excitement as he stared at the drop of golden blood. He could already feel the boundless Genesis Qi contained within it, the purity level causing his scalp to turn slightly numb.

How could he not know? Wasn’t the reason why all of the geniuses in the Cangmang Continent gathered here was for this legendary drop of Saint blood?

This drop of Saint blood held the wonders of a Saint.

It was said that absorbing it would wash one’s bones of impurities and strengthen them. When taken by practitioners that had yet to open their meridian channels, it would take them past the Channel Opening stage, and directly to the Qi Nourishing stage. Moreover, their foundations would be unimaginably solid.

However, there was clearly no one who would be willing to use such a valuable thing on someone who had yet to open...

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