Chapter 202 Sacred Race

“Sacred race?”

As these two words echoed through the mist, space seemed to ripple faintly. There was no longer any noise to be heard from their surroundings, as if all things were being suppressed.

From the sight of patriarch Cang Xuan’s gloomy expression, Zhou Yuan could faintly feel the suffocating feeling from those two words. All of a sudden, he recalled the scenes he had seen in the underground palace of the Battle Puppet Sect in Black Water.

A long time ago, many powerful sects existed in the vast land of Black Water. Later on however, due to one of the so-called Sacred race's prided geniuses dying there, they sent down divine punishment, exterminating every last life form in Black Water...

Heartless and powerful.

This was the only impression Zhou Yuan had towards the Sacred race.

He had thought it...

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