Chapter 200 Difference in Treatment

Faint mists swirled in the vicinity of the small cobbled path on which Zhou Yuan cautiously advanced. After several minutes, the view before his eyes gradually expanded as a stone pavilion appeared in his sights.

Zhou Yuan approached the pavilion, only to be stunned. To his surprise, there was already someone inside.

In the stone pavilion, a beautiful figure in white leaned against a stone chair. Her white clothes outlined her slender curves, fine black hair hanging downwards, a bottle in one hand and a cup in the other as she leisurely poured for herself and drank.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze paused on the beautiful figure’s face. the corners of his mouth immediately beginning to twitch.


Zhou Yuan’s eyes nearly popped out from their sockets.

Zhou Yuan could not help but ask, “You! Why are you here?!”

Yaoyao lifted her gaze, looking towards Zhou Yuan as she softly chuckled. “Ha, not bad. I did not expect you to be the ultimate winner… this has truly surpassed my expectations.”

Yaoyao cocked her head as she smiled and continued, “I too do not know how I arrived here. When the green flood descended, I was picked up and sent here.”

Zhou Yuan’s face practically turned green with indignation. He had fought nail and tooth,

In contrast, Yaoyao had done nothing at all, but she was still able to reach this place earlier than him!

Even with his mental fortitude, Zhou Yuan could not help but feel a little shattered by this difference in treatment. How could the gap between two people be so tremendous?

"How is this fair!" Zhou Yuan walked into the pavilion, snatching the cup in Yaoyao's hand and downing it in one fluid motion.

Yaoyao stared at the cup in Zhou Yuan's hand which she had been drinking from earlier. Her eyes immediately narrowed dangerously as she asked with a slight smile, "Zhou Yuan, do you want to die?"

Upon hearing her danger laced tone, Zhou Yuan instantly understood and hastily put down the cup as he awkwardly said, "I'm seriously injured, and any little knock might kill me. Please don't be rash."

Yaoyao rolled her eyes at him and snatched back the cup. If an outsider dared to do what Zhou Yuan had just done, she would have blasted him to ashes with a hundred Genesis Rune scrolls long ago.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly tried to change the topic with a smile, “Big sis Yaoyao, what is this place? Isn’t there suppose to be a blessing here?”

Yaoyao stretched her back, exposing her proud, soul-stirring curves as she lazily said, “No idea. I’ve been sitting here drinking for most of the day and haven’t gotten a look around.”

Zhou Yuan was speechless. Others would be willing to even throw away their lives just to vie for the blessing, while this Yaoyao was gifted with a headstart but barely showed any interest. In her eyes, finding the blessing was clearly ranked much lower than finding good alcohol.

“I was waiting here to see who would eventually come in. If it was Wu Huang or Ye Ming, it would mean that you failed, and I will help you chase them out.”

Yaoyao’s spirited and clear eyes stared at Zhou Yuan with some surprise as she continued, “However, I did not expect that you would actually make it… meaning Wu Huang lost to you?”

A slight warmth flowed in Zhou Yuan’s heart when he heard this. So the main reason why Yaoyao had stayed here was because of him.

Zhou Yuan calmly said, “Yea, I fought with him, slayed his physical body and snatched back a portion of the sacred dragon blessing. Unfortunately, his Spirit escaped.”

“Tch tch.”

Yaoyao placed a hand on her sharp snow-white chin as she smiled and said, “Such an outcome is indeed somewhat out of my expectations.

Her eyes swept across Zhou Yuan’s face, seemingly smiling as she said, “Why are you acting so calm, you’re clearly very pleased with yourself, right?”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched in embarrassment.

Yaoyao’s fine crystal-like nails gently tapped the jade bottle. “But it is a feat you should be pleased about. Even I never expected you to reach so far.”

Zhou Yuan was surprised. “You’re praising me?”

Yaoyao extended a hand and gently rubbed Zhou Yuan’s head as she earnestly said, “You have potential little boy.”

Zhou Yuan’s face turned black with anger as he lightly smacked away her hand.

“As for his Spirit escaping, it doesn’t sound like it will be a problem because he has already lost his best chance.” Said Yaoyao with a chuckle.

Zhou Yuan nodded, an additional trace of confidence on his calm face as he said, “I’ve already slayed him once, and will naturally be able to kill him a second time. He won’t be so lucky next time.”

In the past, he had lagged far behind Wu Huang, making it the most dangerous period for him. Even so, he had managed to persist through this period.

It was as Yaoyao said. Wu Huang had lost his best chance.

And such a chance would not appear again

Yaoyao rose to her feet, her black hair swinging past Zhou Yuan's face along with a whiff of tranquil fragrance. She lifted her perfect, unblemished face, light shining upon it as she peered into the distance and said in an unenthusiastic voice, "Hai, since we're here, let's head further in and see what's here."

Zhou Yuan's eyes glowed upon hearing this, his eyes filled with impatience. He had suffered all sorts of hardships in order to come here, all for the sake of the greatest blessing. Hence, compared to Yaoyao's laziness, his heart was practically leaping from his throat.

The two walked out of the stone pavilion, heading deeper into the place.

They walked along the cobbled mountain path, passing through a dense forest, before their footsteps finally came to a halt. To their front was a cliff.

Beyond the cliff was seemingly endless swirling mists.

A giant pine tree stood by the edge of the cliff. Under the tree was a white jade stone chair on by which a figure stood. 

"Finally here?"

The moment Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan's eyes fell upon the figure, a gentle and kind voice was transmitted over.

The figure raised his head. One would see that his jade like skin was just like a baby's. Long hair scattered behind him, his face was that of a young man. His eyes however seemed to contain an ancientness that spoke of countless years of experiences.

When Zhou Yuan met his gaze, the former felt an indescribable pressure, pressure that even made his Spirit tremble faintly. 

This made Zhou Yuan understand that the handsome young man before them was an extremely terrifying existence.

In fact… he was likely the legendary Saint that had died.

Of course, the one before them was likely just a mere fragment of the original.

Even though he was only a fragment, he was still able to make Zhou Yuan feel an indescribable pressure.

After spending some time accustoming themselves to the pressure, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao approached.

"Elder." Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together, respect on his face.

Yaoyao was still somewhat listless, even unable to stop herself from covering her mouth as she yawned.

The young man merely smiled faintly. He stood up as his gaze swept across Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, those bottomless eyes seemingly able to see through all secrets.

He walked over, giving a casual nod in response to Zhou Yuan's respect, before casting his gaze towards Yaoyao.

He looked at Yaoyao, a long and close look.

In that moment, Zhou Yuan could sense satisfaction and admiration appear in the man's gaze.

He then laughed softly.

"I've finally met you…"

Zhou Yuan was practically on the verge of tears. Come on! I was the one who fought all the way up here with my abilities. Why is there such a huge difference in treatment?

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