Chapter 199 Lost Country Blessing

On the white jade plaza, Zhou Yuan calmly gazed at the spot where Wu Huang’s Spirit had disappeared as his body slowly descended.

Wu Huang’s escape was a little out of his expectations. Fortunately, two thirds of the sacred dragon blessing in Wu Huang's body had been forcibly wrestled away by the Dragon's Resentment Poison and him.

Losing the majority of the sacred dragon blessing would undoubtedly be a huge blow to Wu Huang, leaving many negative repercussions.

Years ago when king Wu extracted the sacred dragon blessing in his body, it had been split into three. Great Wu’s python and sparrow were each bestowed one portion, while the final one was turned into the country blessing of the Great Wu Empire.

At this current point in time, Zhou Yuan had only managed to take back a small portion.

Zhou Yuan raised his hand and looked at the blood-red lump of Qi on his palm that gave off a heavy aura of resentment. The Dragon’s Resentment Poison.

After absorbing two thirds of Wu Huang’s sacred dragon blessing, it seemed to have grown even more intense, while its form was gradually turning from the initial lump of blood-colored mist to a faint mini blood...

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