Chapter 195 Scarlet Dragon Breath


The berserk roar of a dragon seemed to thunder from Wu Huang’s body at this moment.

While it continued to echo, the dragon silhouette on Wu Huang’s skin faintly trembled, before flooding into his flesh and blood. Wu Huang’s body immediately began to swell.

Dragon scales emerged on the surface of his body, while his hands also started showing signs of draconification, sharp fingernails flickering with icy light that made one’s heart thud a little harder.

Of course, the most terrifying transformation of all was the steadily strengthening Genesis Qi that had erupted from Wu Huang’s body.

Even the surrounding floor began to crumble inch by inch do to the powerful Genesis Qi pressure.

Every person both in and outside of the Saint Remains was speechless for a time as they looked at the horrifying thing Wu Huang had become...

No one had expected such a degree of abnormality from Wu Huang. To think that he still had such an astonishing trump card up his sleeve after such an intense battle!

“He is truly is unfathomable…”

“Wu Huang is number one amongst the younger generation of the Cangmang Continent.”

These were the only evaluations the crowd could give as they shook their heads.

Mu Wuji also let out a bitter laugh when he saw this. Who could have predicted such an intense fight between two of the younger generation...

However, in the face of Wu Huang’s endless arsenal of trump cards, even he could not help but sigh in admiration. This guy was truly a genius blessed by the heavens.

“To have come this far, Zhou Yuan is already very outstanding.” Mu Wuji secretly said in his heart.

Zhao Pan breathed a sigh of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. His eyes flickered in thought as he stared at Wu Huang’s figure and secretly mumbled to himself, “Wu Huang is indeed a good seedling. No wonder even palace master said that he possesses the will of the heavens and must be brought into Sacred Palace.”

“It should be over this time, right?”

As Zhao Pan spoke, even he did not realise that he was no longer as certain as he had been in the beginning. He was now clearly afraid due to Zhou Yuan, scared that he would suddenly pull something out of the bag again, causing the situation to fall into uncertainty once again.


Zhou Yuan frowned deeply as he gazed upon the Wu Huang, who was now substantially bigger and covered in dragon scales. The latter was currently giving off an extremely frightening aura.

Wu Huang’s lifted his face and gave Zhou Yuan a savage smile.

His foot slammed into the ground, cracking it as his figure rocketed forward.

“How quick!”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank. The ancient Saint Rune appeared within it, allowing him to clearly see Wu Huang’s body. However, Zhou Yuan’s body was unable to respond in time.

“Mighty Tortoise Armor Rune!”

Yelled Zhou Yuan as a tortoise shell like glowing rune appeared in front of him.


However, it was shattered by a single punch almost immediately after it appeared. Wild punch winds blasted into Zhou Yuan’s Magical Python Scale covered arms.


Zhou Yuan’s body jerked back before being sent flying backwards. Most of the scales on his arms had shattered and broken, making them a bloody mess.

Wu Huang did not give Zhou Yuan any chance to breathe, a storm of attacks immediately following.

The ancient Saint Rune in Zhou Yuan’s pupils spun round and round. He could still see the vulnerabilities in Wu Huang’s attacks, but when his attacks landed on them, they were unable to break through.

As such, he was naturally unable to achieve the same effect as before.

“Crap, his Genesis Qi has grown stronger and my attacks are no longer able to affect him, not even at the weakest points of his attacks.” Zhou Yuan’s expression had turned rather ugly.

He could see the vulnerabilities, but he did not have enough force to make use of them.

Thud thud!

Two figures continued to clash on the white jade plaza. This time however, the situation was reversed.

Wu Huang laughed madly, his attacks like a torrential downpour, while Zhou Yuan continuously retreated.

Wu Huang’s attacks would pierce his defences from time to time and land on his body, causing blood to appear from the corner of Zhou Yuan’s mouth.

“Haha, Zhou Yuan, weren’t you very pleased with yourself earlier?!”

“You are indeed a formidable foe to have forced out even my final trump card!”

“However, it is time for you to pay the price for doing so.”

“And that price will be your life!”

Wu Huang’s eyes were scarlet-red, his face twisted with violence as his attacks grew increasingly vicious. Genesis Qi pulsed in the air as a flurry of fists descended, bombarding Zhou Yuan to no end.


Genesis Qi exploded as Zhou Yuan’s feet slid across the ground. His body was blown over a hundred steps back, the blood at the corner of his mouth growing increasingly apparent. Every single inch of his body was radiating an intense pain.

“How stubborn.” Wu Huang looked down from above, a certain eeriness emanating from the corners of his lips as he said, “I really want to find out if you will still be able to stand after I break every bone in your body.”

His hands slowly came together as he suddenly inhaled deeply. Berserk Genesis Qi flooded in through his nose, his chest swelling as an alarming Genesis Qi ripple frantically converged.

The ground below Wu Huang’s feet began to crumble, unable to support the brewing power.

Wu Huang indifferently stared at Zhou Yuan. A split second later, the former’s chest shrank as he abruptly opened his mouth and roared, “Scarlet Dragon Breath!”


Scarlet-red Genesis Qi spouted out like a dragon’s breath, so searingly hot that the ground instantly melted.

It was likely that anyone below the third layer Alpha-Origin would be instantly killed by it!

Zhou Yuan’s expression involuntarily changed. The Saint Rune quickly flickered in his eyes, faint light dots appearing on the incoming scarlet-red dragon breath.

They were vulnerabilities.



Even if he could see them, Zhou Yuan did not have enough power to neutralize the attack.

“My power is insufficient…” Zhou Yuan pursed his lips, his eyes falling deep into thought.

“Zhou Yuan, you're dead!” Everyone inside and outside the Saint Remains Domain sighed in pity when they saw this scene. The tumultuous battle was finally about to end.

Mu Wuji’s expression turned ugly, his hands tightly clenched as he muttered, “Just admit defeat you stupid kid, the most important thing now is to preserve your life!”

However, Zhou Yuan could not hear these words, and even if he did, he would not make such a decision.

Zhou Yuan’s body lowered slightly. In the next instant, the ground below his feet shattered as he swiftly shot forth, heading straight for the scarlet-red dragon breath.


Zhou Yuan’s actions caused countless people to gasp as they muttered to themselves, “Zhou Yuan… has really gone insane…”

Mu Wuji could not help but bellow, “Fool!”

The current Wu Huang was not something Zhou Yuan could defeat!

In fact, the dragon breath was even more terrible than Heaven Genesis technique earlier!

The cold cruel smile that hung from the corners of Wu Huang’s lips grew even icier.

“Come on, dying to the sacred dragon blessing that originally belonged to you is the best ending you could ever wish for.”

Under the attention of countless watching gazes, Zhou Yuan appeared in front of the dragon breath in a few breaths. The scorching heat surged towards him, causing a piercing pain to pulse from his skin.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head slightly, peering past the scarlet-red Genesis Qi to see Wu Huang’s cruel eyes and ice-cold face...

“Wu Huang…”

His hand made a slight grabbing motion and a silver ball suddenly appeared within. The moment it appeared, it melted into liquid that swiftly spread along Zhou Yuan’s arm.

Silver light blossomed for an instant, and Zhou Yuan’s figure slammed into the dragon breath under the crowd’s stares...

“It’s time for this battle to end…”

At the moment of impact, it seemed as if Zhou Yuan’s faint voice stealthily rang out.

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