Chapter 194 Dragon Transformation

The entire world seemed to fall silent for an instant when Zhou Yuan’s golden scale covered fist collided with the giant scarlet gravel fist. Next, everyone watched as a berserk Genesis Qi shockwave frantically unfurled...

The tiles on the giant white jade plaza were vaporised to dust.

Such a clash made even several Alpha-Origin experts shiver inside. If they were the ones on the battlefield, they would likely be incapable of withstanding such a crazy shockwave.

Everyone’s eyes were tightly glued to the epicenter of the shockwave.

“Zhou Yuan is definitely dead.” The crowd secretly shook their heads inside. Zhou Yuan’s foolish actions were undoubtedly no difference from plunging to one’s death in their eyes. After all, the attack Wu Huang had used was a Heaven Genesis technique!

Even Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Rune boundary had been unable to stop it, let alone taking it directly with his body.

Wu Huang stood on his Genesis Qi, eyes ice-cold as a savage smile slowly lifted from the corners of his lips. Zhou Yuan, have you finally given up?!


At this moment, an extremely faint sound rang out.

Wu Huang suddenly cast his gaze downwards as his eyes focused, before a look of disbelief flooded his face. He had just seen a faint crack appear on the giant scarlet gravel fist.

At this time, even with his mental fortitude, Wu Huang involuntarily cried out, “How is this possible?!”

“Nothing is impossible…” A voice rang out from under the giant scarlet gravel fist. Dazzling golden light suddenly erupted, a sliver of purple seemingly present within it.


Rays of light that seemed to contain tremendous power blossomed as cracks rapidly emerged on the giant scarlet gravel fist. In the end, it exploded with a loud boom!

The giant fist transformed into countless specks of scarlet light that danced in the sky.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Even Zhao Pan’s mouth hung slightly open, his face filled with shock.

Mu Wuji blinked in disbelief as he mumbled, “How did the kid do it?”

Wu Huang’s previous offensive could not have been any more powerful. According to Mu Wuji’s estimates, even a three layer Alpha-Origin expert would not dare to face the attack head-on, leaving no option but to withdraw.

And yet, the Heaven Gate stage Zhou Yuan had somehow blasted it apart in the most simple and barbaric of manners?

Zhou Yuan’s figure emerged from the specks of light that danced and filled the sky, still in a punching posture, while golden scales flickered on his fist.

At closer inspection, one would discover a faint trace of purple on the golden scales, causing them to give off a purplish gold luster.

“Is this the third level of the Magical Python Scales, the purplish gold scales?” Zhou Yuan’s gaze was lowered, looking at the hint of purplish gold on the scales.

“But the purple is too thin. It seems that it’s still not the true purplish gold scales.”

Zhou Yuan shook his head. Even so, he could already feel the overwhelming power brought by the faintly purplish gold Magical Python Scales. In his feat of destroying the giant scarlet gravel fist with a single punch, the Saint Rune may have played the main cast, but the contribution from the Magical Python Scales could not be ignored either.

Zhou Yuan raised his head, his icy gaze looking towards the shocked Wu Huang. Without wasting any time, the former slammed his foot into the ground.


The ground cracked.

Zhou Yuan’s figure was launched forward, appearing behind Wu Huang in a flash.

Five fingers tightly clenched into a fist as a punch blasted through the air.

Wu Huang’s returned to his senses and hurriedly spat out a ball of scarlet-red Genesis Qi that rapidly turned into a red shield in front of his body.

Ancient patterns flickered in Zhou Yuan’s pupils, immediately finding several light dots on the Genesis Qi shield.

Zhou Yuan was expressionless as his fist punched into one of the light dots. Berserk power swept forth, instantly shattering Wu Huang’s Genesis Qi defenses.

Wu Huang’s expression changed, unable to comprehend why Zhou Yuan had suddenly become so formidable. Even so, the former’s senses told him that Zhou Yuan’s strength had still not risen to the point where he could overwhelm Wu Huang.

But why was Zhou Yuan able to so cleanly and easily destroy his defenses?

Wu Huang’s figure quickly retreated in a rather miserable manner.

Zhou Yuan chased like a shadow, crazed attacks sweeping towards his opponent. No matter what kind of defences Wu Huang put it, they were all ultimately destroyed in the most efficient of manners.

“Blasted, why is this happening?! How can he so easily shatter all my defenses?!” Wu Huang’s eyes had turned red, filled with both alarm and anger.


Zhou Yuan paid no attention to Wu Huang, appearing behind him again in a flash as fists surrounded by vigorous Genesis Qi viciously attacked.

Wu Huang had no time to avoid this time, Genesis Qi once again forming a scarlet-red battle armor on his body.

However, Zhou Yuan seemed to not even see the armor, fists quick as lightning as they simultaneously struck dozens of spots on the armor.

Every hit landed on the weakest areas of the Genesis Qi battle armor. As such, it was blown apart in practically an instant.


Wu Huang vomited a mouthful of fresh blood, his figure shooting straight downwards into the ground, creating a deep pit in the white jade floor.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were as cold as the edge of a blade. Without any hesitation, his figure swiftly shot downwards, his knees slamming into Wu Huang’s body as a rain of punches descended with a loud yell.

Thud thud!

Every punch struck flesh, cracking open the ground below a little more with each hit. Wu Huang was having a really miserable time, blood wildly spouting from his mouth.

Both the inside and outside of the Saint Remains Domain was completely silent as they watched Zhou Yuan pummel Wu Huang...

None of them understood why Zhou Yuan had suddenly become so overwhelming all of a sudden, as if he had taken some kind of battle drug. It seemed that any attack of Wu Huang’s was merely equivalent to air in Zhou Yuan’s eyes...

Zhao Pan’s expression was so stormy that it nearly about to rain.

Mu Wuji could not help but awkwardly scratch his head. He felt as if Zhou Yuan had transformed into a completely different person, so fierce that it was a little unreasonable.


On the white jade plaza, Zhou Yuan’s fists suddenly paused from their onslaught as a burst of berserk Genesis Qi frantically erupted from Wu Huang’s body, catapulting the former away.

Zhou Yuan’s feet slid on the ground before he quickly steadied his body, eyes now slightly narrowed as he looked to his front.

There was a huge hole there. Wu Huang’s bloodied body lay within it, a sight that was sorry to the extreme.

Zhou Yuan panted as he clenched his fists. The scales tinged with a slight trace of purplish gold had broken in many places. Blood also dripped from them, raw flesh visible in some areas where even bone could be seen.

However, Zhou Yuan ignored his wounds, his eyes akin to a sharp blade as he stared at Wu Huang’s figure in the hole.

The latter was a miserable sight, clearly pretty badly hurt by Zhou Yuan’s earlier barrage. However, he was frowning slightly because every time he tried to deal a fatal blow, he could faintly feel a force in Wu Huang’s body neutralizing any strike that was enough to kill...

“This guy…”

As Zhou Yuan stared, Wu Huang’s bloody body shakily stood up from the hole.

Wu Huang’s eyes were a sea of blood-red, filled with indescribable fury and savageness. Never in his wildest dreams would he have ever imagined that he would be beaten into such a pathetic state by that crippled dragon.

For the prideful and arrogant Wu Huang, this was even harder to accept than dying.


Wu Huang stared at Zhou Yuan. In the end, he lifted his head to the sky and laughed loudly, a laugh thick with murder.

“Zhou Yuan ah Zhou Yuan, I truly never expected that there will come a day when I, Wu Huang, would fall into such a pathetic and miserable state because of you.”


“Even so, you still cannot kill me!”

Mockery rose from the corners of his lips as he stared at Zhou Yuan and asked, “Do you know why?”

The savagery in his eyes grew more and more violent, before he suddenly ripped his clothes apart, revealing his naked body. One would see the faint silhouette of a dragon coiling on the surface of his skin.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils abruptly tightened, staring hard at the dragon silhouette in Wu Huang’s flesh. A heart rendering pain suddenly tore through him the instant he saw it.

An intense pain that had flooded out from the deepest part of his memory.

Back then, he had lain on that ice-cold altar while king Wu stole his sacred dragon blessing and poured it into Great Wu’s python and sparrow. The intense pain he felt at that moment so many years ago was the same one he felt now...

Blood surged up in Zhou Yuan’s eyes bit by bit.

“Can you feel it?” Wu Huang laughed sinsiterly.

The blood-red dot between his brows seemed to grow increasingly redder at this moment as a low dragon roar echoed from within his body.


“That’s right. This is the sacred dragon blessing that had been stripped from your body back then!”

“With it protecting me, how can you possibly kill me?!”

Crisp cracking sounds emanated from Zhou Yuan’s fist, his fingernails digging deep into his flesh. He face twitched faintly as violent savagery flooded his eyes.

“So what if you’re angry?”

Wu Huang released a chilling chuckle, cocking his head as he continued to stare at Zhou Yuan. “It seems that you’ve never experienced the sacred dragon blessing before, right? Since that it so, I’ll let you have a good feel today.”

“Zhou Yuan, how do you feel about dying by the sacred dragon blessing that originally belonged to you?”

“Haha, you pitiful worm! All of your efforts will turn to foam today!”

Wu Huang laughed madly. In the next instant, his expression twisted into incomparable maliciousness and savagery as a dark and chilling voice abruptly sounded.

“Dragon blessing, Dragon Transformation!”

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