Chapter 191 Heaven Genesis Technique


Wind and thunder churned violently, berserk undulations madly pulsing from the lightning ball as it was sent slapping towards Wu Huang.

Zhou Yuan did not bother with any defensive measures, choosing instead the most terrible and cruel price of meeting the attack head-on with violence.

The numerous gazes inside and outside of the Saint Remains Domain were stunned.

“Zhou Yuan… is he crazy!”

“What a fierce guy, that’s practically akin to throwing away your life.”

“He’s intent on making sure that the both of them go down.”


Everyone dripped with cold sweat due to Zhou Yuan’s madness and ferocity. Such a risky life for life tactic just was too vicious, leaving no way out for both oneself and the opponent.


Under the attention of stunned gaze after gaze, Wu Huang’s Golden Crow Detonation Bead slammed into Zhou Yuan’s body, while the Great Wind and Thunder in his hand mercilessly struck the former’s body.

A deafening, earthshaking noise exploded!

Followed by the eruption of a devastating Genesis Qi shockwave.


The white jade floor beneath their feet was completely shattered, the shockwave wreaking havoc in the area, leaving the ground a giant mess.

Scarlet light swallowed Zhou Yuan’s entire body like fire. Opposite him, Wu Huang’s body was also engulfed by destructive, devastating lightning...


Two figures flew backwards as if struck by a heavy blow, leaving a long smear on the ground as dust filled the air.

Everyone’s gazes were closely watching, not even daring to breathe too loudly. They did not know who would end up worse off in such a high risk exchange.

The dust gradually dissipated.

Wu Huang’s figure was the first to appear. When the crowd’s eyes fell upon his figure, low gasps of surprise rang out.

Scarlet-red light swirled around Wu Huang’s body, forming a scarlet-red battle armor that covered his entire body. The chest portion of the armor was scorched black, cracked, broken and mostly in extremely bad shape, evidently the handiwork of the Great Wind and Thunder technique.


“A defensive Genesis technique?!”

The sight of the Genesis Qi battle armor caused waves of noise to erupt both in and out of the Saint Remains Domain.

No one had expected that Wu Huang would even have a defensive Genesis technique in his arsenal. Moreover, it looked pretty high class.

Zhao Pan smiled when he saw this. Soon after, he remarked with mockery in his voice, “Zhou Yuan must have lost his mind. To think that he intended to risk his life to take Wu Huang’s. It may seem like a ruthless tactic, but it is in actuality mere foolishness.”

The other envoys secretly nodded. At the very least, it looked like Zhou Yuan’s tactic had not done much damage to Wu Huang, while the latter’s Golden Crow Detonation Bead had squarely hit Zhou Yuan’s body.

It was likely that even an ordinary Alpha-Origin stage would be instantly killed by such a blow.

Mu Wuji was expressionless, paying no heed to Zhao Pan’s words. The former merely stared at the spot that Zhou Yuan had been previously, where the dust was also gradually receding.

On the white jade plaza.

Wu Huang’s eyes darkly stared at the dust nearby as he sneered, “A life for a life? I admit that I underestimated your resolution and ruthlessness. But Zhou Yuan, you and I have different destinies, so I’m afraid that you will not succeed so easily.”

“After being struck by my Golden Crow Detonation Bead, I believe you won’t be feeling so good now, right?”

The dust receded as footsteps slowly sounded. Faint golden light appeared, as a calm voice echoed from the dust, “Pretty good name, but it’s a pity that your attack doesn’t live up to its namesake.”

Zhou Yuan walked out from the dust, appearing within everyone’s sights.

Countless gazes immediately focused.

Golden light flickered on Zhou Yuan’s body, the golden scales akin to a set of scale armor. A large portion of the golden scales on his chest area had been shattered and destroyed, but were swiftly recovering under the glow of the golden light.

The Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan was still robust, a sign that he had not sustained any serious injuries.

“Wu Huang, did you really believe that you’re the only one with cards up your sleeve? If I did not take any precautions, why would I try such a risky tactic?” Zhou Yuan stared at Wu Huang and icily chuckled. “Because from what I can see, my life is definitely worth much more than yours.”

Zhou Yuan’s crazed ruthlessness from earlier may seem like he was hell bent on risking his life to take Wu Huang’s, but the truth was that he had a fall back plan. With the protection of the Magical Python Scales, Zhou Yuan boasted an extremely strong defence. The only thing that had exceeded his expectations was that Wu Huang also had a defensive Genesis technique...

Upon seeing that Zhou Yuan had walked out unharmed, numerous yelps of surprise erupted both outside and inside the Saint Remains Domain. How could they not understand by now that Zhou Yuan had done it on purpose. If not for that fact that Wu Huang also had a defensive Genesis technique, he would have been dealt a serious blow by Zhou Yuan.

Mu Wuji laughed, rubbing his hands together as he praised, “Not bad, not bad at all. He has both courage and brains.”

The corners of Zhao Pan’s mouth twitched as he darkly stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure in the mirror. “Humph, he may have courage and brains, but he may soon no longer have his life!”

The other envoys also looked towards the mirror with interest. They originally believed that the fight would be easily dominated by Wu Huang. No one had expected the situation to develop in such a manner.

Wu Huang, who originally possessed the absolute advantage, was being dragged into a deadlock by Zhou Yuan.

It seems that this battle was becoming more and more meaningful…

Wu Huang’s expression darkened as he stared at the golden scale armor on Zhou Yuan. He too never expected the once ant like existence in his eyes to become such a huge problem.

“No matter how you jump and hop, you will definitely die today!”

Killing intent violently suged in Wu Huang’s eyes.


His foot stomped into the ground, a berserk aura spreading from his body as he shot straight towards Zhou Yuan. Fists transformed into flashes of scarlet light, filling the sky as they descended upon the latter.

The Genesis Qi of Wu Huang’s attacks was vigorous and robust. One must know that he too was fierce individual capable of battling those above his cultivation level. Although he had recently advanced to the Alpha-Origin stage, if one were to compare how much Genesis Qi he had, it was likely that some second layer, and even third layer Alpha-Origin experts would not be his match.

Now that he was going full throttle, the terror of his power was naturally revealed.

Zhou Yuan gaze was ice-cold. He took in a deep breath as he watched the madly attacking Wu Huang approach, but did not retreat as the gold Magical Python Scales released a dazzling radiance.

His strength soared through the amplification of the Magical Python Scales.

“I do want to see just how you’ll kill me!”

Zhou Yuan sneered. The floor beneath his feet shattered once again as he shot forward, colliding head-on with Wu Huang.

Thud thud!

Fists and kicks left numerous after images as they rapidly flew like lightning, the resultant shockwaves tearing apart the ground around them.

Both parties were overflowing with murder, each strike aimed to kill. One relied on the protection of his battle armor, while the other relied on his golden scales. Hence, it was an exchange of attacks, each punch slamming into the other’s body, making the onlookers’ hearts jump.

If it was anyone else, they would have been beaten to death long ago. These two however, were exceptionally sturdy and stubborn, only growing increasingly ferocious as time passed.

In the short span of a few minutes, the two had fought over a hundred rounds.

Everyone both inside and outside the Saint Remains Domain watched the bitter, inhuman fight with bated breaths.

However, as time passed, Mu Wuji’s brows suddenly furrowed slightly. He could faintly feel a strange undulation spreading from Wu Huang’s Genesis Qi.

His gaze swept towards Zhao Pan from the corner of his eye, only to discover a strange smile appearing from the corners of the latter’s lips.

He closely inspected Wu Huang, and suddenly found that scarlet-red Genesis Qi had appeared above his head at some unknown time, seemingly transforming into scarlet-red clouds.

The scorching scarlet clouds seemed to rouse the surrounding Genesis Qi, causing it to rapidly surge over.

“Drawing in the surrounding Genesis Qi…”

Mu Wuji’s pupils suddenly shrank as he involuntarily cried out in his heart, “Not good, Wu Huang has mastered a Heaven Genesis technique?!”

Only a word seperated the little Heaven and Heaven, but the difference between them was as immense as the sky.

Even Mu Wuji had never expected Wu Huang to possess a Heaven Genesis technique. One must know that such a technique was an extremely rare existence in a continent like this.

Evidently, after being pushed so far by Zhou Yuan, Wu Huang was beginning to reveal his true power, the trump cards that invoked fear and terror finally exposed.

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