Chapter 189 Python Devours Crow


The faint roar of a dragon echoed across the white jade plaza as two boundless murder filled auras ferociously clashed. The iciness that rippled outwards froze even the air itself.

Dark gold Genesis Qi erupted from Zhou Yuan’s body without reservation, as he icily stared at Wu Huang. In the next instant, Genesis Qi exploded beneath the former’s feet, sending his figure rocketing forward.

In a short span of a few breaths, he appeared in front of Wu Huang. With a jerk, the Heavenly Yuan Brush powerfully thrust forward, snow-white hairs whistling through the air as the brush tip ruthlessly approached the latter’s throat.

The reflection of snow-white hairs rapidly grew in Wu Huang’s pupils, but he stepped to the side, avoiding the sharp brush tip.

“Zhou Yuan, since when did you have the courage to take the initiative against me?” Wu Huang’s chilling voice sounded.

Zhou Yuan was expressionless....

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