Chapter 186 Green Wave Obstructs the Sacred Path

The instant Zhou Yuan came to stand side by side with those at the very front, wave after wave of noise exploded outside the Saint Remains Domain, the expressions of countless people changing slightly.

They were unable to comprehend how the clearly nearly spent Zhou Yuan had suddenly become so lively and energetic. He had not fallen behind even further, but had instead rose to be on the same level as Wu Huang and the rest.

One must know that at the end of the day, Zhou Yuan was still only a Heaven Gate stage expert, while Wu Huang and the rest had were bona fide Alpha-Origin practitioners!

The gap between these two levels was not small.

And yet, Zhou Yuan had still managed to catch up. How could anyone not be surprised?

Outside the Saint Remains Domain, Mu Wuji was somewhat astonished when he saw this scene and mumbled to himself, “This kid seems to have mastered some kind of high level Qi drawing method.”

His sharp eyes had seen through Zhou Yuan in a single glance. Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi was being rapidly replenished. Such speed could only be attributed to a high class Qi drawing method.

“But at least he has managed to push on…”

Mu Wuji chuckled, drawing in a breath of smoke as it puffed from his nose, causing smoke to pervade the area. He then looked towards the Sacred Sect envoy, Zhao Pan. The latter was currently expressionless as he stared at the mirror. However, from the twitching corners of his eyes, the former knew that he was not as calm as he seemed on the surface.

“Looks like this kid will really become a dark horse…”

Mu Wuji’s mouth cracked open into a smile. Old mister’s eyes were really one of a kind.


Not long after Zhou Yuan burst of speed that put him on the same line Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the other top class geniuses, the eighth platform appeared within their sights.

Ye Ming’s gaze shot towards the final Dongxuan member still following behind him. It was a white hair youth with a frigid face. However, from the robustness and quantity of the Genesis Qi spreading from his body, he was clearly stronger than Zhu Ying and the rest.

“Fang Zong, you’re up.”

The white hair youth did not reply. His toes pushed off the ground, his body like a phantom as it appeared on the stone platform. His indifferent eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan, Li Chunjun and Ningzhan as he said, “Who will fight me for the blessing on this stone platform?”

The gazes of the Zhou Yuan trio met, before Li Chunjun slowly suggested, “The one with the weakest Genesis Qi now shall go, any opinions?”

Ning Zhan awkwardly scratched his head and looked towards Zhou Yuan. His Genesis Qi had originally been the weakest, but after the previous change, the latter’s Genesis Qi was still going strong. As such, Ning Zhan was now just that slight beat weaker.

“I really wanted to fight Wu Huang again, never expected that I’ll have to stop here.”

Ning Zhan smiled helplessly. Soon after, his wild battle lust filled eyes burned passionately as they were cast towards the whtie hair youth. “But this guy looks like he’ll put up a pretty good fight. I hope that I’ll be able to enjoy this!”

“Heh, you there, the one called Zhou Yuan. If you get matched up with Wu Huang, give him a good beating for me!”

Ning Zhan yelled at Zhou Yuan before charging forward. With a loud boom, he landed on the eighth stone platform like a cannonball.

Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod as he gazed upon the former’s figure.

As Ning Zhan and Fang Zong entered the eighth platform, only the figures of Zhou Yuan, Wu Huang, Ye Ming and Li Chunjun were left on the stone steps...

These four were this batch’s best and finest.

Countless gazes blazed with excitement as they watched. The stone steps challenge was clearly growing more and more intense and amazing...

What they were most curious about however, was which two apex geniuses would be vyng on the ninth platform.

Countless gazes both inside and outside of the Saint Remains Domain eagerly watched, causing the entire place to become silent.

A short dozen minutes stealthily passed by in this silence.

“It’s appeared!”

“The ninth stone platform has appeared!”

Countless cries suddenly filled the sky, breaking the silence. Gaze after gaze looked over, and sure enough, they saw a stone platform floating some distance to the front.

It was the final stone platform on the Saint stairs!

Once they passed this platform, they would soon reach the peak of the Saint mountain where they would be able to obtain the greatest blessing!

At this very moment, practically every gaze began to burn even hotter than before, no one daring to even blink.

They weren’t the only ones of course. Even the hearts of Zhou Yuan and the other three began to thump when they saw the ninth stone platform, faintly feeling as if a heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders.

Because the appearance of the ninth platform meant that they were about to reach the end of these Saint steps.


However, the moment the four breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts, the entire stairs suddenly began to tremble. Horror surged onto their faces as they saw the green flood above begin to gather, forming a giant green wave that continued to rise higher and higher.

In a short few breaths, the giant green wave had reached a height of over ten thousand feet.

The wave was filled with berserk Genesis Qi, the terrible power within unmatched by anything from before.

“God damnit!”

In the face of such a huge wave, even the Zhou Yuan quartet could not help but curse.


However, the ten thousand feet wave cared naught for their cursing. With a violent shudder, it crashed down towards the four of them with vast, unimaginable power.

From its overwhelming presence, it was certain that anything that stood in its way would be destroyed.

The four took in a deep breath, before dashing forward a split second later.

They understood that this was the final obstacle. Once they passed through, it would definitely be the peak!

Wu Huang yelled as scarlet-red Genesis Qi whizzed out behind him, transforming into a rising giant scarlet-red sun. In the sun, one could faintly see a three legged golden crow.

Lu Chunjun wielded his black broadsword, man and sword as one as they shot forward like a flash of sword light.

The vortexes in Ye Ming’s eyes swirled, black Genesis Qi converging towards his palms, rapidly growing as it transformed into black vortexes placed defensively in front of him.

Zhou Yuan released a long howl as the Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling exploded forth without reservation. Dark gold Genesis Qi seemed to form the silhouette of a giant golden python. The python swallowed Zhou Yuan into its giant mouth, before charging forward with a wave of its tail.


The four figures had drawn out every last bit of their power. Under countless watching eyes, they crashed head-on against the ten thousand feet tall wave.

Thump thump!

The entire Saint stairs seemed to shudder slightly.

Berserk shockwaves frantically devastated the area.

Every gaze was glued to the four figures. They charged into the wave, breaking through it inch by inch as if going to penetrate its entirety.

Everyone knew what awaited them after this ten thousand feet wave; the peak of Saint mountain!

But, who was going to be the one?!

In this very moment, everyone both inside and outside of the Saint Remains Domain did not even dare to breath.

Zhao Pan’s eyes were wide open as he stared.

Mu Wuji even forgot to puff his pipe, all their gazes tightly fixed on the mirror.

Everyone wanted to know who would be the final winner of this intense battle!

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