Chapter 185 Dragon Breath

An endless torrent rushed down the long stone steps. There were now only ten figures on it...

Every one of them was an apex level genius. It was only because of their strong solid foundations that enabled them to last till now.

On the fifth stone platform, Luluo and Zhu Ying had chosen to enter and vie for its blessing, while everyone continued to push forward with all their strength.

However, anyone could see that even these apex level geniuses were beginning to tire, their footsteps growing heavier and slower.

“From the looks of it, someone will stay behind on every subsequent platform.”

Outside the Saint Remains Domain. The numerous gazes that saw this scene understood that the climax was imminent. Every subsequent platform would be occupied, and likely by more than one individual.

In other words, bitter battle after battle for the blessings on the stone platforms were soon to erupt.

“The Dongxuan rats dare to secretly sneak into our Cangmang Continent and steal our blessings. How hateful!” The various faction representatives outside the Saint Remains Domain were outraged upon realising the identities of Ye Ming and gang.

They looked towards the six envoys in the sky, but realised that they were not going to say anything. Hence, the representatives could only helplessly cease their curses since there was no way they could throw Ye Ming and gang out of the Saint Remains Domain at this time.

“If those Dongxuan people are smart enough, they will allocate one person to each of the subsequent stone platforms such as to prevent a scenario of fighting amongst themselves.” Some of the more intelligent individuals were able to clearly understand the current situation.

“When that happens, the battle for the blessings would become a contest between our Cangmang Continent and the Dongxuan Continent.”

There were numerous continents within Cangxuan Heaven, including the Cangmang and Dongxuan Continents. If these Dongxuan geniuses managed to travel all the way to the Cangmang Continent and snatch away the blessings here, the Cangmang Continent would definitely be humiliated. Others would surely say that there were no capable people in the Cangmang Continent.

Matters that affected everyone’s face were not to be brushed off.

After all, no one wanted to be seen as useless when meeting those from other continents.

“I hope that the remaining apex level geniuses will be able to stop those Dongxuan geniuses, and secure the blessings for our Cangmang Continent…”


Under the attention of countless gazes, the sixth stone platform finally made its appearance.

Ye Ming’s narrowed slightly as he gazed at the floating stone platform nearby. After a brief silence, he made a hand gesture towards the remaining Dongxuan members behind him.

Including Ye Ming, there were still four geniuses remaining from the Dongxuan Continent.

When they saw Ye Ming’s hand gesture, they understood his intentions.

He wanted them to give their all for the following few blessings on the stone platforms.

The youth called Jiang Quan spit onto the ground. Soon after, his toes powerfully pushed off, blue Genesis Qi akin to flowing water under his feet, sending him towards the sixth stone platform.

He clearly no longer planned on advancing, choosing instead to take the blessing on the sixth stone platform.

Zhou Yuan and the rest naturally saw this. In that split second, with the exception of the seemingly uncaring Wu Huang, the rest of the geniuses exchanged a look.

“Allow me to go for this sixth stone platform.” A rather gloomy and raspy voice sounded. The one who had spoken was Zhen Xu.

The others were silent for a moment, before they nodded.

“I hope that the rest of you will work harder and don’t let the Dongxuan people take away the blessings. Or others will laugh at our Cangmang Continent’s younger generation and say all of us are trash.”

After finishing, Zhen Xu’s toes pushed off the ground, his figure dashing into the flood before landing on the sixth stone platform.

“Spineless rat, you didn’t even have the courage to take me on alone previously. Who will help you this time?” Zhen Xu’s frosty gaze was cast towards Jiang Quan as a cold ruthless look flashed in his eyes.

In their previous fight, Jiang Quan’s companions had been nearby watching in secret. As a result, Zhen Xu did not dare to use his full power, allowing Jiang Quan to take advantage. Zhen Xu had been waiting for payback for a long time.


Not long after the appearance of the sixth stone platform, the seventh also emerged.

This time, Zuoqiu Qingyu took the initiative. Green light flashed as she landed on the platform before looking towards the last three Dongxuan geniuses. “Who intends to challenge me for this blessing?!”

Ye Ming’s expression was indifferent as he looked towards the muscular metal tower like youth. The latter’s body seemed as if it had been forged from metal, and gave off an aura of brutalness.

“Qin Tong, you’re up.”

The metal body youth nodded. His foot slammed into the ground, sending him soaring in the air. He landed on the seventh stone platform and looked towards Zuoqiu Qingyu with a savage smile. “What a bewitching little beauty. All of the women I’ve toyed with over the years ended up dying pretty quickly. Will you be able to hold up?”

Disgust flitted across Zuoqiu Qingyu’s eyes, but the smile on her enchanting face only grew increasingly sweeter.

“Won’t you know once you try? You big clumsy bull.”


The flood continued to surge downwards.

However, the countless watching gazes had become rather tense at this moment as they stared at the last six figures on the stone steps.

“I wonder who will be entering the eighth platform?”

“It will likely be Zhou Yuan. It’s already unimaginable for him to have lasted so long. He should likely be at his limit, right?”

“Who amongst the rest is not the cream of the crop even amongst the apex level geniuses. Wu Huang, Lu Chunjun, Ning Zhan… all of them should last longer than Zhou Yuan.”


Countless whispers rang out.

High up in the sky above the Saint Remains Domain, Mu Wuji frowned a little as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure. The latter’s Genesis Qi did indeed appear the weakest amongst the remaining six.

“Zhou Yuan is after all only a Heaven Gate stage practitioner. Although his high grade Qi Dwelling had given him more Genesis Qi than ordinary Alpha-Origin experts, the remaining few were truly top tier even amongst the best of them. They were likewise very talented and the grade of the Qi Dwelling was definitely nowhere near the low side.

“Compared to them, Zhou Yuan is at a disadvantage.” Mu Wuji sighed in his heart. He knew that the green flood was a test of the amount and recovery rate of one’s Genesis Qi.

For the mere Heaven Gate stage Zhou Yuan, this was clearly unfavorable.

“It’s not easy for him to reach this stage.” Mu Wuji knew that Zhou Yuan was not to blame. However, at this rate, Zhou Yuan would soon lose the right to continue.

This was something Mu Wuji felt was extremely regretful.


Zhou Yuan was naturally unaware of the discussions in the outside world, but he understood his current condition. The Genesis Qi around him had grown much weaker. After all, the consumption along the way here had been far too great.

In fact, his Genesis Qi recovery was sometimes unable to keep up despite him using the Dragon Breath technique.

However, determination still filled Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he focused every fibre of his being. It was as if the only thing in his eyes was the green flood.

He was not willing to give up so easily here.

A roar seemed to echo in his heart.

The world turned silent at this moment, his rapid breathing the only sound echoing in his head...

*Inhale*! *Exhale*!

In this split second moment, his breathing became even more drawn out.

Unbeknownst to even himself, there was now an extremely faint roar of a dragon mixed in with his breathing.

The Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan rippled slightly, before endlessly flowing towards his nose, transforming into strands of white that rushed in through his nostrils.

“This is?!”

Zhou Yuan finally detected something as his heart began to tremble.

He had realised that every breath he took contained the power of a dragon’s breath that could endlessly suck in Genesis Qi from the surroundings.

Zhou Yuan mumbled to himself in shock, “My proficiency in the Dragon Breath technique… seems to have grown!”

At the very beginning, Zhou Yuan needed to perform an entire set of frolicking dragon forms in order to use a single breath of the Dragon Breath technique. As his mastery grew, he no longer required the frolicking dragon forms, and could activate Dragon Breath through the movement of his bones, a more convenient and faster method compared to before.

However, the true advance level of the Dragon Breath technique was to perfectly harmonize with one’s breathing, allowing every breath to transform into a dragon’s breath that could effortlessly take in Genesis Qi.

In the past, Zhou Yuan had been unable to achieve this feat, but he had now finally came into contact with it due to the pressure from the green flood!

Although he had yet to achieve perfection, the effectiveness of the technique was already several times greater than before!


Zhou Yuan continued to breathe as the surrounding Genesis Qi endlessly surged over, transforming into a white mist that was rapidly sucked in by him. As this process continued, his originally somewhat feeble Genesis Qi slowly began to brighten and grow robust again.


His speed abruptly increased, step after step flying past under his feet. In a single leap, his position rose from the last amongst the six to stand shoulder to shoulder with Wu Huang, Ye Ming, Li Chunjun and the rest!

These changes were immediately discovered by the rest of them, causing them to be startled. They had originally believed that Zhou Yuan would be the next to yield. Who could have imagined that such a change would suddenly occur?

A dark look flitted across Wu Huang’s face, the killing intent in his eyes growing thicker and thicker.

He could feel that Zhou Yuan was becoming more and more of a threat...

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