Chapter 183 Saving Each Other


Zhou Yuan’s figure broke through the merciless green flood like a giant golden python as he rapidly advanced, giant step after step passing under his feet.

Zhou Yuan had displayed an astonishing explosive power in the past few minutes. From last place, he had leaped past the second tier group and was now beginning to close in on the first group.

Such a turn of events naturally caused waves of uproars outside the Saint Remains Domain.

Everyone knew that to advance against the endlessly pouring green flood, one needed to rely on one’s Genesis Qi. If one’s Genesis Qi cultivation was insufficient, it would result in the exhaustion of Genesis Qi and the subsequent ejection from the tower.

However, Zhou Yuan’s explosive display of power had yet to show any signs of waning, but was instead growing more and more ferocious.

A sight that made countless people dumbstruck.

“This… how can this be? He’s merely at the Heaven Gate stage, how can he...

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