Chapter 182 Chase

Saint Remains Domain.

Countless geniuses gazed at the majestic Saint mountain inside the Saint tower. They were naturally also able to see the green flood that poured down from the endless stone steps.

Even from so far away, they could still clearly feel its dreadful power. Under the surging green flood, the geniuses within were akin to ants...

“Wu Huang, Ye Ming, Li Chunjun and the rest are pretty amazing. Can’t believe that they’ve adapted so quickly and have already begun their steady advance forward.”

“As expected of these apex level geniuses. There is clearly a gap between them and the others.”

Many whispers could be heard. Numerous individuals also noticed Zhou Yuan, whom was dead last. After all, his performance in the Saint Remains Domain had been extremely attention grabbing.

“What’s up with Zhou Yuan? To think that’s he’s fallen to last place.”

“Zhou Yuan is only at the Heaven Gate stage. His explosive power is pretty good, but his Genesis Qi cultivation is unable to match the others. That’s why his performance is so lacklustre.”

“From the looks of it, it will not be long before he is washed out of the tower and loses his qualifications…”

“It’s already amazing for him to have reached this stage.”

Several individuals were gloating at Zhou Yuan’s performance. They had been unable to enter the Saint tower to vie for the blessing within, and naturally felt a little better seeing someone struggle inside.


Outside the Saint Remains Domain.

The Sacred Palace envoy, Zhao Pan, watched the first group, his eyes staying on Wu Huang in particular as a satisfied smile surfaced on his face.

“Good. Wu Huang, continue bravely advance towards the peak in this manner. If you want to join the Sacred Palace, you’ll have to crush all the other geniuses and become the strongest one!.”

With a slight smile on his face, Zhao Pan’s gaze shifted downwards a little, landing on the figure at the back of the pack. The corners of his lips immediately lifted slightly in a mocking manner.

“What a useless person, he’s unworthy of being Wu Huang’s foe.”

He secretly shook his head.

“This brat… what the heck is he doing?” The Cangxuan Sect envoy, Mu Wuji, was gently tapping his pipe, a frown on his face as he watched Zhou Yuan’s figure.

Although it was true that one needed to rely on one’s Genesis Qi to resist the green flood, Mu Wuji did not believe that this was where Zhou Yuan would be stopped in his tracks.

“Zhou Yuan ah Zhou Yuan, that old mister thinks so highly of you, so you’d better buck up. Or how am I going to explain things when I return?” Mu Wuji sucked on his pipe as smoke drifted out from his nose, his expression turning solemn within the rising smoke.


Almost immediately after however, Mu Wuji’s eyes suddenly focused. At the same time, the other five envoys also gasped softly.

All of their sharp eyes had seen powerful gold Genesis Qi suddenly erupt from Zhou Yuan’s body at this moment. The strength of this Genesis Qi was in no way weaker than those geniuses who had stepped into the Alpha-Origin stage!

Mu Wuji’s eyes brightened as he cursed with a grin, “Stinking brat, to think that he was acting weak.”

However, he too did not know that Zhou Yuan had no such intentions. It was purely Yaoyao’s disappearance that made him lose himself for a while, resulting in him being pushed to the last spot by the green flood.

“Kid, show me your true capabilities. Let's see why that old mister has so highly recommended you…”



On a stone step, dark gold Genesis Qi spouted out from Zhou Yuan’s body like an erupting volcano. Along with it came a tremendous power that flowed throughout his body and into his limbs.

Although Zhou Yuan was currently at the mid Heaven Gate stage, with regards to the power and abundance of Genesis Qi, he would not falter even when directly facing a true Alpha-Origin expert.

After all, his Genesis Qi had been able to reach a height of over 400 feet when he reached the Heaven Gate stage, a height that could match numerous advance Heaven Gate practitioners.

With his blood-red Qi Dwelling, the Omni Python Qi and the steps he had taken in his cultivation since then, the current him would not fear a true Alpha-Origin even in a head-on clash of Genesis Qi.


Dark gold Genesis Qi roared around Zhou Yuan. The green flood charged towards him again, but a foot long crack was torn open within it by the dark gold Genesis Qi.


Zhou Yuan took a sudden step forward as his figure rapidly shot forth.

Thump thump thump!

The green flood before him was rapidly ripped apart, a muffled thump echoing each time Genesis Qi smashed into Genesis Qi. Under countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan’s feet crossed stair after stair as he swiftly dashed upwards.

“So fast!”

Countless cries of surprise erupted in the Saint Remains Domain. In their eyes, Zhou Yuan seemed to have transformed into a flash of dark gold light, breaking through layer after layer of the green flood as he continuously passed the geniuses in front of him.

In a short span of a dozen breaths, Zhou Yuan had climbed over a hundred steps, directly leaping from his original last position to rapidly closing in on the second tier group...

Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling also sensed the activity behind them. Their gazes swept over only for shock to immediately fill their faces. Zhou Yuan had already appeared a short distance behind them.

“That bastard, is he on drugs? How did he suddenly become so fierce?!” Xiao Tianxuan’s expression had turned pretty ugly.

He had originally believed Zhou Yuan’s lack of Genesis Qi was the reason why he had fallen so far behind. Yet, it was now clear that his Genesis Qi was no weaker than an Alpha-Origin expert.

“He’s merely putting on a false front; bringing out all the Genesis Qi in his body in one go. His momentum may seem to be unstoppable, but it he will not be able to keep this up for long.” Gu Ling sneered.

“Such actions are truly foolish. We can’t even see the end of these stairs, who knows how long it’ll take to reach the top. His rash actions will soon lead to the exhaustion of his Genesis Qi, and when that happens, he will be washed out of the Saint tower, losing his qualifications.”

She had a deep grudge with Zhou Yuan, and naturally did not want to see the latter succeed. Hence, most of her thoughts were related to Zhou Yuan suffering to ease the resentment in her heart.

Xiao Tianxuan nodded. He had been greatly tormented by the Dragon’s Resentment Poison Zhou Yuan had previously sent into his and Gu Ling’s bodies. If not for Wu Huang’s help, they would have likely been tortured to death.

Fortunately, their misfortunate had led to luck. They had managed to obtain some blessings, through which they managed to gain the right to enter the Saint tower.

As such thoughts flashed past in his head, Xiao Tianxuan looked towards Zhou Yuan’s rapidly approaching figure, intending to wait for the latter’s miserable appearance after using up his Genesis Qi.

However, what Xiao Tianxuan waited for was never going to happen.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm, not even glancing in their direction. Dark gold Genesis Qi surged, continuously smashing apart the incoming green flood, while his fast and steady footsteps continued to zoom past the stone steps below his feet...

There were now only a dozen steps between him and the second tier group.

Xiao Tianxuan’s and Gu Ling’s expressions had already turned a little ugly.

Thud! Thud!

However, Zhou Yuan ignored the two of them, his steps swift and powerful. In a mere two minutes, his figure abruptly straightened as he reached the second tier group amidst countless cries of shock, now walking shoulder to shoulder with Xiao Tianxuan, Gu Ling and the rest amidst.

Zhou Yuan did not see the astonished gazes that were now directed towards him, but instead lifted his head and looked to the front. Several hundred steps away, was the swiftly ascending first group, consisting of Wu Huang and the other apex level geniuses.

Luluo, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Zhen Xu were also closely following behind them.

At this time, the gap between the geniuses was gradually being revealed. The first group of apex level geniuses was gradually leaving the latter groups further and further behind, a sight that gave rise to despair.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He had already fallen a step behind earlier, so a greater amount of energy was clearly needed to catch up.


A breath was expelled from Zhou Yuan’s mouth as the expression in his eyes turned extremely serious.

Dark gold Genesis Qi tinged with slivers of blood-colored light poured out from his body. A split second later, his foot slammed into the ground as his body shot forward, barbarically tearing through the flood in front of him.

Xiao Tianxuan, Gu Ling and the rest were dumbstruck by Zhou Yuan’s instantaneous burst of speed.

Only now did they realise that Zhou Yuan had still been holding back earlier!

“How can this be?! He is only at the Heaven Gate stage!” Howled Xiao Tianxuan in his heart as a feeling of defeat rose within him.

No one paid any attention to his frustration however, because the numerous geniuses were blankly staring at Zhou Yuan’s figure. Dark gold Genesis Qi churned around him, seemingly transforming him into a giant golden python.

The giant python bravely advanced through the pouring green flood, as if there was a dragon gate to the front that would grant it a complete transformation...


For an instant, it seemed as if the green flood had frozen for a single breath.

In short few minutes, the gap of several hundred steps had been crossed by Zhou Yuan’s feet.

Such activity was naturally detected by the first group of apex level geniuses. They immediately turned their heads, only to be stunned by rapidly approaching giant golden python that was Zhou Yuan...

“This guy…” A startled look was revealed on Ye Ming’s face.

“What an interesting person…” Mumbled Li Chunjun.

“A mere Heaven Gate stage has actually managed to catch up to us. This kid is extraordinary!” Ning Zhan also exclaimed in amazement.

While cutting through the flood at full speed, Luluo cheered, “Go Zhou Yuan!”

“So he really has caught up… this guy does have some ability.” Zuoqiu Qingyu’s mouth hung slightly open, surprise on her pretty face.

At the very front, Wu Huang also turned his head slightly, staring at the swiftly approaching golden figure as an eerily cold light flitted across his eyes.

“Zhou Yuan, are you really in such a hurry to die?!”

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