Chapter 181 Each with One’s Own Method

On the giant stone steps, Zhou Yuan’s expression was pretty ugly, his brows tightly furrowed.

“Although Yaoyao has no Genesis Qi, it’s impossible for her to have been blown away immediately!” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered in thought. Yaoyao’s methods were akin to a bottomless pit, there was no way that she would have been pushed out so easily.

But if Yaoyao had been able to resist, why was her figure suddenly missing from the stone steps?

“What the hell is going on?” Zhou Yuan tightly clenched his jaw. Yaoyao was clearly carrying numerous secrets, many of which he was unable to know. However, he still wanted to do his best to protect her.

It was his promise to master Cang Yuan.

And yet, Yaoyao had fallen into danger time and time again, a fact that Zhou Yuan undoubtedly...

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