Chapter 179 Entering the Saint Tower

Dreadful killing intent swept across the glowing platform like a wave, causing the expressions of several top tier geniuses top change slightly, their gazes filled with fear as they looked towards Wu Huang.

Under the attention of the crowd, Wu Huang’s eerily chilling eyes stared at Zhou Yuan. “The most pitiful thing about you is that you don’t deserve to possess such things.”

“Moreover, it is said that you still naively believe that you will be able to take them back.”

“Zhou Yuan…”

Mockery rose from the corners of Wu Huang’s lips.

“This time, I will let you understand that you were only a carrier for the sacred dragon blessing, while I am its true owner!”

“I will show you the taste of true despair!”

Powerful and domineering Genesis Qi violently unfurled from Wu Huang’s...

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