Chapter 178 Gathered

Swish! Swish!

Giant pillars of light fell from the sky under the attention of countless watching eyes. It was truly a grand sight.

The light pillars landed in various areas of the Saint Remains Domain, but at the end of every pillar was a figure...

These people were clearly the owners of the names on the Saint Tablet!

In the vicinity of the golden pool.

Three pillars of light also descended from the sky, falling upon Zhou Yuan, Luluo and Zhen Xu.

Tuntun however, was stuck outside the light pillars.

Tuntun let out a low roar of dissatisfaction and slammed into one of the light pillars twice, but the latter did not budge at all.

Zhou Yuan was somewhat stunned, but he soon shook his head. Looks like Genesis Beasts were not allowed to obtain the greatest blessing of the Saint Remains Domain, and did not even have the right to enter.

“Tuntun, wait here for us.” Zhou Yuan attempted to pacify it.

Tuntun gloomily lay down, displaying a dispirited and downcast look.

Luluo regretfully said, “What a pity. If Tuntun could tag along, it would be a huge aid.”

Tuntun’s battle power was not to be underestimated. Didn’t everyone see how even Wu Huang had been injured by it?

After lingering in regret for a while, Luluo lifted her head, face now filled with excitement as she stared at the Saint tower in the sky. She knew that the most intense battle would soon begin.

“Is the final act finally about to start?”

Everything before this was merely akin to little squabbles. Now was the real deal.

Under such a situation, even Zhen Xu’s pale face was now slightly flushed. His ash-colored eyes were similarly filled with excitement and anticipation.

Zhou Yuan looked to the sky, his eyes narrowing slightly as he gazed at the pillar of light around him. A sharp aura surged as his five fingers clenched tightly.

Wu Huang, it is time to settle the debt between us.

The things all of you stole back then shall be personally taken back by me today!

In the Saint Remains Domain, the 38 pillars grew increasingly dazzling as a rising upward force emerged. The 38 figures slowly began to rise towards the platform before the Saint tower.

Countless geniuses in the Saint Remains Domain could only watch the slowly rising 38 figures in envy.

“What a pity to have lost the chance to fight for the greatest blessing.”

“*Sigh*, my skills were lacking.”

“At least we’re lucky enough to personally witness the battle. I wonder who will be the one who will ultimately reaches the top?”

“It will likely be Wu Huang or Lu Chunjun…”

“Ye Ming has a good chance too. He is exceedingly powerful, and even Li Chunjun lost at his hands.”

“If we let those Dongxuan rats obtain the greatest blessing, our Cangmang Continent will lose all face…”

“Don’t forget Zhou Xiaoyao. He was the one who forced Wu Huang and Ye Ming to join hands, and his strength definitely stands above the crowd. I wonder if we will be able to see his dazzling power today?”

“Heh heh, truly a battle of the titans. Since we are not fated to be a part of it, we’ll just have to play our part as the audience. At least this trip wasn’t in vain.”


Countless regretful whispers rang out in every corner of the Saint Remains Domain.

Under countless watching eyes, 38 figures moved up along the pillar, eventually landing on the giant platform of light.

Zhou Yuan stepped onto the glowing platform, the feeling below his feet as solid as the ground below.

His gaze swept across the area. All 38 figures stood on the giant platform, a guarded look in their eyes when they met eyes with another.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze soon stopped nearby where two beautiful figures stood. Their pretty face seemed to make the other shine with even greater beauty, drawing the attention of several gazes.

It was obviously Yaoyao and Zuoqiu Qingyu.

“Hey, big sis Yaoyao!” Luluo hurriedly waved at them.

Upon hearing her voice, Yaoyao cast her gaze over, a faint smile appearing on her aloof face when she saw Zhou Yuan.

She gracefully walked over, bringing Zuoqiu Qingyu along.

“Heehee, big sis Yaoyao, you’ve resumed your real identity?” Luluo cheekily looked towards Yaoyao’s side where Zuoqiu Qingyu was.

“Luluo! I can’t believe that you did not tell me!” Zuoqiu Qingyu tightly gritted her teeth as she hatefully glared at Luluo. Now that she thought about it, Luluo had been watching her play the fool during the days they spent in Saint Remains City.

“Who can you blame but only yourself for being so stupid.” Luluo made a funny face.

Yaoyao ignored the quarrel between the two girls as she looked towards Zhou Yuan. “Not bad, you somehow managed to make it up here.”

Zhou Yuan helplessly replied, “I can’t be that bad, right?”

He did not mind because he knew that Yaoyao was merely teasing. However, his eyes narrowed slightly as he asked, “Are you okay?”

Yaoyao understood that Zhou Yuan was referring to the matter of Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the rest ganging up on her. She immediately shook her head. “It was I who was a little careless…”

Luluo squawked, “No need to fear big sis Yaoyao, we now have quite a few teammates on our side too. If we meet them, we’ll fuck them up!”

“Vulgar.” Zuoqiu Qingyu rolled her eyes.

She looked Zhou Yuan up and down as astonishment flashed across her face. “Not bad, you’ve reached the Heaven Gate stage…”

In Saint Remains City, Zhou Yuan had only been at the Qi Nourishing stage, leading Zuoqiu Qingyu to be under the impression that he had been relying on Yaoyao to come all the way here. But from the looks of it, she had underestimated him.

“Don’t look down on Zhou Yuan. In fact, you may not be able to beat him in a real fight!” Luluo snorted.

“Well he’ll have to capable of catching up to me first.” Zuoqiu Qingyu responded.

Yaoyao chuckled and seemed to joke, “See, Zhou Yuan isn’t as weak as you think. Didn’t you want me to compensate you previously? Are you satisfied now that you’ve had a look?”

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s red lips stuck out. She scanned Zhou Yuan again and said, “This little lady’s expectations are high, we’ll discuss this after he’s able to beat Wu Huang!”

Zhou Yuan was baffled as he watched. He had no idea what they were talking about; what did she mean by compensation?

While they were conversing, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s expression suddenly paused before they slowly turned their heads. At a certain nearby corner of the platform, several figures were gathered together, an astonishing aura slowly spreading from their bodies.

The group was headed by Wu Huang and Ye Ming. Besides the four apex level Dongxuan geniuses, there were also several other geniuses behind Wu Huang.

Amongst them were two familiar figures, Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling.

It was clear that Wu Huang had recruited some members over the past half a month.

Wu Huang and Ye Ming’s gazes also turned towards Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao at this moment.

Their gazes clashed, sparks seemingly flying while killing intent flowed.

Luluo, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Zhen Xu also walked forward to stand at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s side, eyes filled with hostility as Genesis Qi surged around their bodies, creating a similarly powerful presence.

The two sides faced each other from far away.

The other geniuses withdrew, not daring to stand too close to the two most powerful groups here such as to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

Ye Ming’s gaze looked towards Yaoyao as he softly sighed and said, “I never expected the one that gave me such a huge headache would be such an amazingly pretty beauty…”

“However, I will not show any mercy regardless of sex.”

Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed slightly as dangerous light flitted across her eyes.

Just as she was about to speak, a black figure slowly walked out. Black cloth was wrapped around his eyes, his hand on the grip of a sword that stood on the floor.

“If we meet in the Saint tower, your opponent will be me.”

A hoarse voice stealthily sounded.

On the platform, the pupils of numerous geniuses shrank, fear flashing in their eyes as they stared at the figure in black robes.

The one who had spoken was Blind Sword, Li Chunjun.

“Heh heh, Wu Huang, we weren’t able to properly enjoy ourselves the last time. Let’s go again!” A powerful voice rang out at this moment. One could only watch as a muscular figure stepped forward. It was a bare torso young man whose eyes were akin to a ferocious ape that were filled with wild battle lust.

Battle Junky Ning Zhan!

Wu Huang cast an indifferent glance at Ning Zhan. “The current you is not my match…”

His gaze then slowly turned towards Zhou Yuan. “It seems that you didn’t bring that brute along…”

Zhou Yuan stared at Wu Huang, a sharp light in his eyes as he softly said, “Wu Huang, there’s some words I’ve been wanting to give you long ago…”

“Enjoy the things you took from me a while longer… because I will soon personally take them back!”


At this moment, terrifying killing intent suddenly exploded from Wu Huang’s body.

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