Chapter 177 Saint Tower

Light still flowed on the Saint Tablet, but an enormous change had occurred to it when compared to half a month ago.

The most eye-catching change was the greatly increased number of names on the tablet.

Originally, there had only been a handful of people; Yaoyao, Wu Huang, Ye Ming, Zhou Yuan and the rest. But now, the number of names had reached 38!

“38 people have gotten their names on the Saint Tablet?” Zhou Yuan was rather stupefied.

Since when had it become so easy?

Luluo also raised her face as she explained, “You may not know this, but during the past half a month, blessings and gifts continuously appeared in the Saint Remains Domain. After an intense struggle, they were ultimately won by several fortunate individuals.”

“The clear outcome from obtaining such blessings was the rapid increase in strength, allowing one to ascend the heavens in a single step.”

“Numerous geniuses that had been stuck at the advance Heaven Gate stage had managed to use this opportunity to step into the Alpha-Origin stage!”

“What’s more, the Saint Tablet’s rules seemed to not be limited to battle accomplishments. Anyone who can obtain blessings and step into the Alpha-Origin stage will be able to leave their names on the tablet.”

“In other words, the 38 individuals on the tablet all possess the strength of the Alpha-Origin!”

Amazement surfaced in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. So you only needed to step into the Alpha-Origin stage to leave your name on the Saint Tablet.

However, only a handful of geniuses had been able to reach the Alpha-Origin before entering the Saint Remains Domain. Now however, that number had increased to 38. From this, one could see just how beneficial the Saint Remains Domain was.

Zhou Yuan sighed and began to earnestly inspect the Saint Tablet.


While he was looking, his eyes suddenly widened. He had seen a familiar name.

Li Chunjun.

The one known as Blind Sword from the Sword Empire had helped him fend off Wu Huang once.

“Li Chunjun, defeated Fang Zong (Dongxuan Continent).”

“Fang Zong? He should be one of the four apex level geniuses following Ye Ming from the Dongxuan Continent. Looks like Ye Ming and gang had went searching for Li Chunjun.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.

However, Li Chunjun was clearly too powerful, and had ended up beating the apex level genius from the Dongxuan Continent instead.

Luluo piped in, “Although Li Chunjun defeated Fang Zong, he later encountered Ye Ming. It is said that an epic battle was fought between the two, ultimately ending in Ye Ming’s victory.”

Zhou Yuan continued to look. Sure enough, he saw another row of words behind.

“Lost to Ye Ming by a single move.”

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. “These Dongxuan people are purposely targeting the apex level geniuses in hopes of weakening the morale of the other geniuses, making them no longer have the courage to contest.”

Simply put, Ye Ming was making an example.

And the most famous Luluo, Li Chunjun and the rest were clearly the best choices.

“Ye Meng is indeed very capable.”

Zhou Yuan had came into contact with Li Chunjun before and knew just how strong he was. He was someone that could put up a fight even against Wu Huang, hence why it was pretty unexpected that he had lost to Ye Ming.

Zhou Yuan continued to look downwards. After a while, his gaze suddenly paused

“Ning Zhan went a 108 rounds with Wu Huang but ultimately lost.”

“Who is Ning Zhan? I can’t believe he was able to push Wu Huang so far.” Zhou Yuan was rather amazed. Wu Huang’s strength was immeasurable, and even in the many times they had met, Zhou Yuan could feel that the latter was still holding some of it back. He never imagined that this person called Ning Zhan would be able to last so long against Wu Huang.

Luluo grinned and answered, “He’s also one of the apex level geniuses of the Cangmang Continent, the Ning clan’s Battle Junky. Have you not heard of him? This battle junky encountered Wu Huang in one of the blessing zones and fought an earth-shaking battle. However, Wu Huang still managed to take the upper hand in the end.”

Zhou Yuan sighed. “There truly are many hidden dragons and crouching tigers.”

He had finally finished reading the entire Saint Tablet. Practically every person on it had become the greatest benefactors of this batch’s Saint Remain Domain.

“The two of you also seemed to have stepped into the Alpha-Origin?” Zhou Yuan’s gaze turned towards Luluo and Zhen Xu. He could feel that the Genesis Qi inside their bodies had grown much stronger. Those undulations clearly belonged to the true Alpha-Origin.

“We’ve at last managed to take that final step thanks to the blessings of this golden pool.” Zhen Xu’s raspy voice sounded.

Both himself and Luluo had originally been a single stop from the Alpha-Origin. In fact, Zhen Xu had previously been considered a quasi Alpha-Origin. By borrowing the power of the golden pool, he was now a true-blue Alpha-Origin.

Luluo cut in, “The Alpha-Origin stage has the ability to connect to the Alpha-Origin Heaven, drawing Alpha-Origin Qi from within to refine Genesis Qi. However, we only advanced recently and do not dare to make any rash attempts.”

The Alpha-Origin Heaven was said to be an extremely mysterious space that appeared when the world was created. However, one would only be able to sense it after reaching the Alpha-Origin, and enter to absorb the Alpha-Origin Qi to refine one’s own Genesis Qi.

This was also how the Alpha-Origin stage had derived its name.

Zhou Yuan nodded as he sighed. It seems that he was not the only one that had grown. The apex level geniuses had borrowed the blessings in this place to rapidly upgrade themselves.

It was likely that Wu Huang, Ye Ming and their group had also made substantial progress over the past half a month.

If they were to meet again, there would surely be an epic earth-shaking battle.

“When does the Saint Remains Domain end?” Asked Zhou Yuan.

Luluo and Zhen Xu shook their heads. “Every batch is different, so no one knows what will happen. Normally speaking however, once the greatest blessing is taken, the Saint Remains Domain will change…”

“The greatest blessing?”

Zhou Yuan frowned. Just as he was about to speak again, a faint stabbing pain was suddenly felt between his brows.

An ancient rune seemed to appear and flicker for a split second. It was at this moment that every genius in the Saint Remains Domain heard a strange rumbling noise emerge from the Saint Tablet.

Millions and millions of light rays slowly blossomed from the Saint Tablet.

Rays of light extended as a giant tower slowly emerged from within, appearing within everyone’s sights.

Light also gathered in front of the tower, forming a platform.

Meanwhile, an ancient voice that seemed to have travelled through time echoed across the land, filled with an indescribable dignity and mysteriousness.

“Those whose names are on the tablet may enter the Saint tower.”

“The one that ascends the top of the tower may obtain the greatest blessing.”

The entire Saint Remains Domain instantly exploded into an uproar.

Countless geniuses wailed, because they had yet to leave their names on the tablet. All they could do now was watch, unable to vie for the greatest blessing.


The names on the Saint Tablet suddenly started glowing brightly one by one, transforming into pillar after pillar of light that descended from the sky.

The light pillars landed, enveloping 38 figures...

The fight for the ultimate blessing of the Saint Remains Domain had finally began at this moment.

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