Chapter 174 The Golden Pool

“I’ve actually gotten my name on the tablet?”

Zhou Yuan beamed as he gazed at the dazzling Saint Tablet in the sky, clearly rather surprised by this outcome.

Although he had taken the upper hand in the battle against Zhu Ying, he had been interrupted by Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the rest before he could properly defeat her.

But it seems that the Saint Tablet had still acknowledged that battle.

“Was it because the gap between our cultivation levels was too large?”

On the surface, Zhou Yuan was only at the initial Heaven Gate stage, while Zhu Ying was quasi Alpha-Origin, a tremendous disparity. Hence from a certain point of view, the battle itself could be considered a remarkable achievement.

Luluo was seething as she said, “Does this mean that I can’t even compare to you?”

She had lost...

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