Chapter 172 Tuntun’s Rage

Numerous beasts had prostrated themselves at the top of the mountain. The target of their respect was unexpectedly not a mighty giant beast, but a mysterious little dull gray creature.

Zhou Yuan and Luluo had naturally recognized it immediately.

This little creature was the final one that had yet to be found ever since entering the Saint Remains Domain, Tuntun!

Even Zhou Yuan could not help but be somewhat stupefied, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Who could have expected that Tuntun would be hiding here as the king of the mountain, enjoying a free and easy life.

“You know this little creature?” In contrast to Zhou Yuan and Luluo’s shock, Zhen Xu’s face was filled with graveness. He was no ordinary individual, and naturally did not believe that the little creature was as simple as it seemed. Did no one see how respectful the other grade 4 Genesis Beasts were being to it?

The little creature was obviously the most terrifying Genesis Beast here.

“Don’t worry, everything should be fine now.” Zhou Yuan consoled.

He then lifted his hand and waved at Tuntun.

However, Tuntun ignored his wave, its eyes still filled with the same disdain.

Zhen Xu shot a skeptical look at Zhou Yuan.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched in embarrassment. Subsequently, he let out an icy laugh as his hand suddenly patted his Universe bag, causing a piece of dried meat to appear.


The moment the meat appeared, the disdain in the little creature’s eyes instantly changed, transforming into a shadow as it shot forward with a swish.

With a flip of his hand, the meat disappeared.

Tuntun appeared in front of him, circling him twice as it roared impatiently.

“Are you going to continue pretending?” Zhou Yuan sneered.

Tuntun jumped into Zhou Yuan’s arms, sticking out its tongue to lick the latter’s face, a fawning look in its beady eyes.

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes, before throwing the dried meat to it.

Zhou Yuan ignored Tuntun, which was now immersed in the beautiful flavor of the dried meat, as he turned around with an unfriendly look in his eyes. His seemingly smiling gaze was cast at Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the rest, whom expressions had begun to change.

Ye Ming’s expression sunk slightly as he muttered, “How did this happen? Why does that mysterious little creature know him?”

The scene before their eyes had already surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Wu Huang’s complexion was a little ashen. “There was indeed a little creature at Zhou Yuan’s side, but I never imagined that it would be so capable that even these grade 4 Genesis Beast have submitted to it.”

Zhu Ying, Jiang Quan and the rest moved closer together, their expressions vigilant. If the little creature commanded these grade 4 Genesis Beasts to attack them, they would have no choice but to flee.

While the expression on the other side were looking pretty ugly, Zhou Yuan evily looked towards them and coldly chuckled. “Didn’t it feel really good when you guys were chasing us earlier?”

Zhou Yuan gently patted Tuntun’s head, while his other hand pointed towards Wu Huang and Ye Ming. “You selfish creature, to think that you were enjoying your life here instead of protecting Yaoyao.”

“Do you know that these two bastards ganged up on Yaoyao, resulting in her being injured, and we can’t even find her now.”

Tuntun, who was originally still savouring the dried meat, suddenly stiffened. Its attention immediately left the meat as a somewhat terrifying roar was released from its throat.

Tuntun’s intelligence was extremely high, and knew that its duty was to protect Yaoyao as her guardian beast. Thus, there was no way it would allow Yaoyao to sustain even the smallest injury even at the expense of being unable to eat delicious dried meat.

It lifted its head, its beady eyes staring straight into Zhou Yuan’s own, as if confirming what he had said earlier.

Zhou Yuan looked into its eyes and slowly nodded.

Tuntun silently threw away the dried meat in front of it, before jumping out of Zhou Yuan’s arms as its beady eyes were cast towards Wu Huang and Ye Ming. Everyone could feel the astonishing ferocity that exploded from Tuntun’s tiny body at this moment.


Scarlet light unfurled as Tuntun’s body abruptly grew. In a few breaths, a mysterious and dignified giant scarlet-red beast had appeared in front of Zhou Yuan’s group.

The scarlet armor on its body was akin to flowing magma, while the black light in its giant mouth seemed to be capable of devouring all things.

A storm of Genesis Qi violently swept out from its body, stirring up the surrounding space.


Upon sensing Tuntun’s rage, the dozen grade 4 Genesis Beasts let loose deafening roars, making the entire mountain range shiver.

The expressions of Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the rest involuntarily changed, clearly feeling the almost crazed killing intent in Tuntun’s roar.


A dozen grade 4 Genesis Beasts suddenly shot forward, pouncing towards Wu Huang’s group.

Ye Ming decisively shouted, “Retreat!”

Their figures rapidly withdrew.

“Hehe, trying to escape?” However, the moment they began to move, Luluo had already appeared some distance behind them riding Little Frost. Its wings flapped, shooting out a torrent of ice spikes.

Her attack was instantly torn apart by Wu Huang and the rest, but the ice dust had already began to drift across the area, seemingly freezing the space around them and slowing their speed.

It was at this moment that the dozen Genesis Beasts arrived amidst thunderous roars, their merciless attacks seemingly covering the sky as they swept towards Wu Huang’s group.

Bang bang!

The land seemed to crumble. Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the rest did not dare to face the bombardment, their figures rapidly retreating.

Tuntun’s flame like scarlet eyes locked onto them. All of a sudden, its body transformed into a flash of scarlet light as it shot forward.

Wu Huang’s pupils abruptly shrank.

He had seen a scarlet-red figure appear behind him from the corner of his eye. Enormous claws slashed downwards as strange black light flickered, washing the originally scarlet-red claws in a layer of black.

Five tears were ripped open in space itself, while the long scars were torn open on the ground below by the surplus force, their insides clean as a mirror.

“What a terrifying Genesis Beast!”

Wu Huang’s expression was grim. He could already feel the astonishing undulations contained beneath the claw. As for the flickering black light, it seemed to be an extremely tyrannical power.

He did not dare to underestimate the attack at all. A thunderous shout exploded from his mouth.

“Little Heaven Genesis technique, Golden Crow Heaven Seal!”

One hand formed a seal as fiery-red Genesis Qi erupted, culminating into a seal of light that was several dozen feet large. Within the seal, a three-legged golden crow was faintly discernible as it spat out boundless flames.

The moment he used this move, the ground within a thousand feet radius instantly dried and cracked.

The light seal shot forward, slamming into the enraged Tuntun’s claw.


The entire world seemed to shake for an instant. Next, a terrifying shockwave unfurled, blowing away everyone nearby.

As the dust settled, everyone cast their gazes over.

The ground had been sundered, creating an enormous crack. Tuntun’s giant body had also been sent flying backwards, its claws digging into the ground, leaving behind deep claw marks.

Its claws were a little burnt, evidently due to Wu Huang’s attack.

Opposite Tuntun, Wu Huang had slid over a hundred feet back. His expression was pretty grim, the five deep to the bone wounds on his arm dripping with blood.

Luluo’s eyes nearly popped out from their sockets, clearly surprised that Wu Huang had been injured after a single clash.

“An angry Tuntun is too scary…”

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