Chapter 170 Interception


The sound of rapidly travelling wind suddenly sounded within the thick fog as a blue figure swept past. Icy winds blew, freezing the leaves on the nearby trees.

Within the blue light was an enormous ice bird, while Zhou Yuan and Luluo were seated on its back.

Zhou Yuan’s brows were slightly furrowed as he looked behind and mumbled to himself, “The youth in black robes should be the one who joined hands with Wu Huang to injure Yaoyao, Ye Ming,”

“He is indeed no ordinary person.”

Although Ye Ming had yet to do anything earlier, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit senses could feel that the level of threat he posed was no less than Wu Huang.

Wu Huang, Ye Ming plus Zhu Ying. The line-up on the other side was clearly much stronger than Luluo and him. That’s why Zhou Yuan did not entertain any thoughts of taking them on, but instead made use of the clash with Wu Huang to decisively escape.

“Zhou Yuan, we’ve entered the fog. It will disrupt our senses, making it very troublesome.” Luluo was rather worried.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “We had no choice. A single second later and they would have unleashed their full power to stop us. If we were trapped, it will be extremely unfavorable.”

“Only by entering the fog can we try to shake them off.”

Luluo angrily gnashed her teeth. “Those bastards, taking advantage of their numbers. When we join up with big sis Yaoyao and the rest, just see if I won’t kill them!”

She was the Little Country Lord of the Thousand Beast Empire. How could she suffer the indignity of being forced to flee.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, much more open-minded in comparison. His eyes narrowed slightly as he recalled his earlier clash with Wu Huang. It was obvious that he was already much stronger than before.

In their previous clash, he had practically been overwhelmed without any resistance, but just earlier, he had been able to receive Wu Huang’s attack head-on.

This spoke volumes about his progress.

“Wu Huang, I wonder how you’re feeling now?” The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth curled slightly.


Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly changed as he looked towards the dense fog behind them where faint ripples could be seen. “Luluo, increase our speed. They’ve come chasing.”

Luluo was startled. “Even after we entered the fog? Are they not afraid of losing their bearings?”

Zhou Yuan calmly replied, “It seems that I’ve scared Wu Huang too much, and he is now very determined to get rid of me.”

Wu Huang should have also felt Zhou Yuan’s progress, progress what was clearly going to soon wrest the situation out of Wu Huang’s control.

Luluo lightly patted the ice bird, immediately causing it to release a clear cry. Its wings flapped, cold Qi exploding behind it as its speed rapidly soared, transforming into a blur that swiftly shot forward.

Not long after the ice bird transformed into a blur and disappeared into the distance, the mist began to ripple as three figures emerged.

“How fast.” Wu Huang was expressionless.

The vortexes in Ye Ming’s eyes swirled as he indifferently said, “Zhou Yuan has very sharp Spirit senses. His Spirit should be pretty strong, allowing him to sense our approach.”

“But don’t worry, he can’t escape.”

His gaze suddenly turned to another direction and flicked his finger. A ball of Genesis Qi exploded, transmitting a peculiar undulation.

Soon after, the mist in that direction was torn open as three figures emerged. They were the three other apex level Dongxuan geniuses.

“Jiang Quan, how did it go?” Ye Ming looked towards the youth who had barred Zhen Xu’s way.

The baby face Jiang Quan grinned as he nodded. “He was pretty good, and had a very tough body. However, he is now injured and has fled into the fog.”

Ye Ming’s pitch-black eyes scanned the area as he indifferently said, “No rush, none of them can escape.”


With a wave of his hand, he and Wu Huang flew forward.

“Their numbers have increased?”

Zhou Yuan spread out his Spirit senses in the fog, pouring all his energy into scouting. Soon after, his expression changed slightly. He could faintly feel that the Genesis Qi undulations to their rear had increased.

Moreover, each one was extremely strong, indicating that they did not belong to a weakling.

Luluo’s face also changed slightly, clenching her jaw as she said, “Looks like they plan to surround us.”

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. A brief moment later, the expression in his eyes suddenly turned solemn as he thrust the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand. Snow-white hairs transformed into a long whip as they shot towards a certain spot in the fog.


A tree burst apart, revealing the figure behind it.

Zhou Yuan and Luluo’s gazes shot over, only to be stunned. The figure’s clothes were in tatters, making him look rather miserable. That pale complexion could only belong to the Yama Sect’s Zhen Xu.

“Zhen Xu?” Luluo was surprised. “Why are you hiding here?”

A thought suddenly struck Zhou Yuan as he gazed upon Zhen Xu’s expressionless face. “You were also attacked by those Dongxuan people?”

Zhen Xu was silent for a moment, before he nodded.

“You couldn’t beat your opponent?” Luluo said with disdain. Zhen Xu frowned as he said, “I do not fear the one who fought me, but there were two other individuals hidden nearby who had locked onto me, causing me to split my attention while not daring to use my full power. Hence how he found an opening.”

Luluo was stunned. “So despicable?”

Luluo hatefully said, “Why are these Dongxuan people causing trouble for us!”

Zhou Yuan calmly answered, “Because only those on your level can pose a threat to them.”

“They are unified, while you guys are scattered. Breaking all of you one by one will naturally lower the morale of all the Cangmang geniuses, taking away their courage such that they will no longer be able to vie for the gifts and blessings of the Saint Remains Domain.”

Zhen Xu coughed weakly twice, not saying anything as he turned around to leave

Zhou Yuan gazed upon Zhen Xu’s back and suddenly said, “They seem to be capable of seeing through the fog. I advise you to join us.”

Zhen Xu was obviously quite seriously injured. If he were to move alone, Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the rest would definitely catch up. When that happened, things would not be pretty.

Zhen Xu’s foot paused, turning his head slightly as his ash-colored eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan. “I attacked you earlier, but you’re still fine with helping me?”

Zhou Yuan smiled thinly. “There is no big grudge between us, but the fact is that those fellows behind have joined up with Wu Huang. Thus, I naturally have to know what’s important.”

Zhen Xu was silent.

“Stop being so wishy-washy. You should clearly know your current state. If you want to die, go ahead and leave.”

Zhen Xu’s eyes flickered slightly. In the end, his figure suddenly launched into the air and landed on the ice bird’s back.

“Thank you. I will remember this debt.” Said Zhen Xu with some difficulty. He was clearly a somewhat conflicted and embarrassed. After all, he had attacked Zhou Yuan not too long ago, but now needed to borrow the latter’s strength.

Zhou Yuan nonchalantly waved his hand. Wu Huang had allied himself with the Dongxuan people, so he naturally needed to gather some allies of his own. Zhen Xu and the others, whom were being targeted by the Dongxuan people, were obviously the best choice.

“What do we do now? Where do we go? They have the numbers superiority, while we have injured on our side. We will surely be wiped out if we faced them.” There was a bitter look on Luluo’s face.

Zhou Yuan pondered in silence for a few moments, his eyes flickering in thought. A short while later, he pointed towards the deepest depths of the fog.

“You said before that there are quite a number of grade 4 Genesis Beasts, and even a mysterious Genesis Beast leader at the deepest part of the mountain range where the golden pool is?”


“Then that’s where we’ll be heading… only by stirring up some chaos will we be able to lose them.”

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