Chapter 169 Wu Huang’s Killing Intent

In a devastated forest.

Zhou Yuan involuntarily frowned at the sight of two individuals who had walked out from the fog, Wu Huang and the youth in black robes.

“You’ve teamed up with the Dongxuan people?”

Wu Huang indifferently replied, “Short-sighted. The future me will not be limited to a mere continent. Why should my Cangmang Continent identity restrict me?”

“How shameless.” Luluo sneered.

“You colluded with these Dongxuan people to gang up on Yaoyao. You truly are the worst.”

Wu Huang shook his head, his voice unchanged as he said, “The only truth is that the victor is right, and the process is of little importance. Since there was a stumbling block in my way, I will naturally have to remove it.”

Zhou Yuan swept a gaze towards him. “It’s...

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