Chapter 168 Meeting Once More

In a devastated forest.

Zhou Yuan slowly relaxed his fist. His opponent had not managed to gain even the slightest advantage in their previous clash.

Evidently, when Zhou Yuan activated the golden Magical Python Scales and the grade 3 Black Gold Hand Rune, he gained the power to face a quasi Alpha-Origin head-on.

“Hey, fight properly, stop being a vulgar hoodlum.”

While Zhou Yuan was secretly being pleased with himself, Luluo’s voice was suddenly heard from behind.

Zhou Yuan was stunned, confusion on his face as he looked towards the blushing Luluo, who was currently glaring at him. “Aah??”

A red faced Luluo seriously said,“The other party is a girl, how can she compare hardness with you?”

Zhou Yuan immediately felt as if he had been blasted by lightning till his outsides were charred black and his insides turned to mush. Green and white interlaced on his face, stupefied as he stared at Luluo. It was a long while later before his anger finally overwhelmed his embarrassment as he yelled, “Shut up!”

He was clearly talking about the hardness of their fists. How had Luluo twisted things so far!

Luluo made a funny face as him. He was the one being vulgar, why the need to be so fierce.

Nearby, Zhu Ying had also heard Luluo’s words, immediately causing her already ugly face to twist even more, while her ripe chest heaved in anger as if it was about to explode.

“Bastard, I’m definitely killing you today!” Zhu Ying’s shout was trembling with white hot rage.


Scarlet-red Genesis Qi burst out from her body like raging flames. The ground below began to melt, emitting an extremely terrifying heat.

“Scarlet Devil Hand!”

With a thought from Zhu Ying, the scarlet-red flame like Genesis Qi turned into a giant flaming hand that viciously swatted down onto Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan did not dare to delay, dark gold Genesis Qi dashing out from the top of his head to form a dome.

Boom boom!

The flaming hand continued its ferocious swatting, causing the dark gold Genesis Qi dome to tremble without end. However, although the latter kept rippling, it was ultimately able to endure and was not broken by the flaming hand.

After about a dozen swats, Zhu Ying gradually regained her cool, a sliver of graveness entering her eyes.

The previous exchange had already told her that this seemingly initial Heaven Gate youth was not simple at all.

The latter’s Genesis Qi was plentiful and concentrated, far surpassing that of the initial Heaven Gate stage. In fact, it was comparable to the advance Heaven Gate stage.

Moreover, the dark gold Genesis Qi was definitely extremely high grade, hence it did not seem to falter even in a direct clash of Genesis Qi like this.

“Humph, I don’t believe that I, Zhu Ying, can’t even handle a heaven Gate stage like you!” Zhu Ying’s anger had been roused again. With a grasp of her hand, a fiery-red fan appeared within it.

The surface of the fan was filled with fire like patterns, and every feather burned with raging flames, evidently retrieved from a fire-type flying beast of sorts.

“Try my Five Birds Blaze Fan!”

Zhu Ying’s hand jerked as the feather fan fanned, releasing a giant wave of fiery-red Genesis Qi. The Genesis Qi transformed into magnificent flames that began to cover the sky, like a rain of fire as they bombarded Zhou Yuan.

Every drop of fire concealed volatile undulations that would explode and release an enormous destructive force upon contact.

The rain of fire seemed to engulf Zhou Yuan as the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand began to grow. With a jolt of his arm, the snow-white hairs extended outwards and weaved around him, forming a shield.

Bang! Bang!

The rain of fire clashed with the shield made from hair, resulting in a violent explosion that seemed to incinerate even the surrounding air.

The explosion lasted for a brief moment, turning the snow-white hairs a glowing red.

However, the tip of the brush shook as the hairs returned, swiftly recovering to their normal state.

Although the current Heavenly Yuan Brush was only a Black Genesis Weapon, the materials it was made from were extremely amazing. Hence, it was impossible to burn the brush hairs.

After blocking the fire rain, Zhou Yuan did not politely wait for his opponent’s next move. His body swiftly shot forth, snow-white hairs once again taking the shape of a lotus bud, swift as lightning as it thrust towards Zhu Ying.


Zhu Ying’s fan blocked horizontally with its surface as her lips parted, spitting out a ball of fiery-red Genesis Qi at Zhou Yuan’s face.

Dark gold Genesis Qi rushed out of Zhou Yuan’s nose, blocking the fire ball.

Clang clang clang!

The exchange between the two was lightning quick, brush tip and side of the fan meeting time and time again with metallic clangs as sparks spluttered. Every attack of both individuals was ruthless, but every one was blocked by the other party.

While the two were locked in battle, Luluo arrived at the trapped Little Frost’s side, her small hand reaching out as astonishing cold Qi began flowing out from Little Frost’s body, attacking the fiery-red whip.

Luluo said through gritted teeth, “Crazy woman, I’ll show you my awesomeness after I free Little Frost.”

Zhu Ying sensed Luluo’s actions, causing the former’s eyebrows to furrow as a surge of annoyance rose within her. She had originally thought that she would be able to easily deal with Zhou Yuan. Who could have imagined that he would turn out to be so powerful, making it such that she was unable to extract herself instead.

If Luluo managed to free the ice bird, the addition of their combined might would make Zhu Ying’s side fall into a perilous situation.

“I need to finish off this brat!”

A determined and ruthless look flitted across her eyes. Soon after, her figure suddenly backed away, tightly gripping the fiery-red feather fan as she sucked in a deep breath, cold light flashing in her eyes. “Little Heaven Genesis technique, Five Birds Fire!”

She bit the tip of her tongue and spat out essence blood that landed on the fan before sending out a powerful swing.


Scarlet-red flames rose, transforming into a ball of fire. Above the fire ball, one could faintly see five birds dancing in the air. Runes of light also drifted around it as an astonishing heat wave rippled.

The appearance of the fire ball bathed the entire forest in an aura of scorching heat, making it feel as if it would burst into flames at any moment.

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned extremely grave. The ball of fire was akin to a volatile compressed mass of overwhelming destructive power. Let’s not mention the Heaven Gate stage, even a quasi Alpha-Origin would be instantly burned to ashes if hit by it.

Zhu Ying was indeed someone with ability.

Luluo also sensed the disturbance and hastily shouted, “Zhou Yuan, quickly retreat! That’s a little Heaven Genesis technique, its power is insane!”

Zhou Yuan did not budge. The Genesis Qi under his feet rose him into the air as his expression turned serious. Five fingers stretched outwards as lightning suddenly leaped from his palm.

“You should also have a taste of my little Heaven Genesis technique!”

Battle lust surged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. This was the first time he was going to use the technique after learning it, which made him very interested in just how powerful it was going to be.


Wind and lightning gathered on Zhou Yuan’s palm. Genesis Qi pulsed a dozen breaths later as a several inch wide green black lightning ball appeared in his hand.

“Great Wind and Thunder!”


Zhou Yuan’s arm was flung and the green black lightning ball rocketed forth with a rumble.

In the next instant.

Fire and lightning ball clashed.


An indescribable storm of energy unfurled, the air cackling with both fire and lightning. The forest in a hundred feet radius was turned into a barren land, while the ground was scorched black...

Zhu Ying’s figure appeared. Her current appearance was rather miserable. She had been caught up in the aftermath of the attack earlier, the berserk shockwaves shaking the Qi and blood in her body, casing a trace of blood to appear at the corner of her mouth.

“He should be dead with this, right?” Zhu Ying gritted her teeth as she looked to her front.

The dust gradually settled. However, Zhu Ying’s face turned ugly once again. Zhou Yuan’s figure remained unmoved from the spot, though a turtle shell like shield of light had appeared in front of him. It was this light shield that had defended Zhou Yuan against the shockwaves.

“Good going Zhou Yuan!”

Luluo cheered nearby, her large eyes filled with astonishment. She never expected that Zhou Yuan’s strength would rise to this level when they met again.

Zhu Ying’s strength was surely no less than her own. Even so, the former was unable to take any advantage in the fight.

It was obvious that Zhou Yuan had grown very rapidly ever since entering the Saint Remains Domain.

Zhu Ying bit down on her teeth in anger, nearly cracking them in the process. She stared at Zhou Yuan as she raised an eyebrow and muttered, “Zhou Yuan? Now that I think about it, this name is rather familiar…”

After some thought, she finally remembered.

“So you are Wu Huang’s mortal enemy, that Zhou Yuan?”

Zhu Ying let out an icy chuckle. “So this is where you were. Good, your enemy is also here. I will call him over to play with you!”

The moment the final word left her mouth, she waved her hand as a ball of fire flew into the sky. The ball exploded, sending out a peculiar undulation.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw this. Wu Huang was also here?

Not long after Zhu Ying sent out her signal, Zhou Yuan heard the sound of rushing wind swiftly speed towards them. In the end, he saw the fog far away ripple as two figures slowly walked out.

One of them was wearing golden robes. It was Wu Huang.

The other was dressed in black, and even his eyes were pitch-black vortexes that gave one an indescribable strange feeling.

Wu Huang walked forward with his hands behind his back. The first thing he saw was Zhou Yuan, causing him to be taken aback for a moment, before a playful look emerged from the corners of his mouth.

“Zhou Yuan, I did expect to meet you again…”

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