Chapter 167 Battling Zhu Ying

“Zhu Ying? Dongxuan Continent?”

Zhou Yuan and Luluo’s expression slightly changed at this moment.

Zhou Yuan stared at the red-haired girl called Zhu Ying, frowning as he said, “Looks like your Dongxuan Continent has been eyeing our Cangmang Continent’s Saint Remains Domain for a long time.”

The other party's timing had been impeccable, secretly slipping into the Saint Remains Domain through some unknown method the moment it opened. This clearly meant that they had been planning this operation for a long time.

"Humph, Dongxuan rat, why did you attack me?" Luluo's face was rather unfriendly as she stared at Zhu Ying.

"To leave my name on the Saint Tablet of course." Zhu Ying softly chuckled. "Your Cangmang Continent does not have many decent apex level geniuses, leaving me no choice but...

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