Chapter 166 Zhu Ying


A shockwave of berserk Genesis Qi devastated the surrounding forest, towering tree after tree snapped at their waists, while cracks grew like spider webs on the ground.

At the epicenter of the Genesis Qi, a giant multi-colored winged tiger roared. Above it, a huge ice-blue bird flapped its wings, sending ice-cold Genesis Qi sweeping downwards that covered the land in a layer of ice.

The tiger opened it mouth as a violent Genesis Qi charged out like a flood, clashing with the icy Genesis Qi.

The battle between the two titans could be said to shake the mountains.

Zhou Yuan and Luluo were watching the battle nearby. The ice bird Luluo called Little Frost clearly also had grade 4 strength that did not lose to the multi-colored tiger.

“However, this tiger does not have a little Heaven Genesis technique. It seems that not all grade 4 Genesis Beasts possess one.” Zhou Yuan secretly mumbled to himself as he watched the fight.

When Luluo saw that the two beasts were at a stalemate, she opened her mouth and said, “Zhou Yuan, I’m going to help Little Frost. Help me keep watch.”

Zhou Yuan nodded upon hearing this.

Luluo’s toes pushed off the ground, her petite body leaping into the air and landing on the ice bird.

She reached out a small hand and pressed it against the bird’s body.


A spirited light seemed to flash in the eyes of the bird as it flapped its wings and rose into the sky. Genesis Qi whizzed forth, transforming into countless ice feathers.

The ice feathers were sharp without equal and extremely cold.


The ice feathers seemed to block out the sky as they descended.

The tiger raised its head and roared, creating a powerful sound wave. The sound wave fused into its Genesis Qi, visible to the naked eye as it spread, shattering any ice feathers in its path.

“This tiger is a pretty difficult opponent.” Zhou Yuan’s expression turned a little graver as he watched from some distance away. The strength displayed by the beast was remarkable.

“But Luluo is also very strong. As expected of an apex level genius.” A look of thought was revealed on Zhou Yuan’s face. Luluo’s strength had likely already reached the quasi Alpha Origin level, and only half a step separated her from the true Alpha-Origin.

In addition, Zhou Yuan could tell that when Luluo and Little Frost came into contact, the two seemed to fuse together. The ice bird’s attacks began to display liveliness and fluidity, and had even started to give off the same ripples from a Genesis technique.

“The shattered ice feathers…”

Zhou Yuan stared at the battlefield. The feathers that had been shattered by the tiger had turned into almost undetectable dust. The dust floated in the air, and was unknowingly breathed in by the tiger, entering its body.

“What a formidable tactic. Can’t believe she is able to take things to this level.”

Shock filled Zhou Yuan’s heart. The previous ice feather bombardment had only been a ruse. Luluo’s true aim was to conceal the existence of the ice dust, dust that contained extremely cold Qi.

If Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had not reached the advance Illusory stage that gave him astonishingly sharp senses, he would have likely been unable to discover the dust that could not be seen with the naked eye.

“The tiger is going to lose.” Remarked Zhou Yuan in his heart.

Sure enough, things went just as Zhou Yuan had expected. Unbeknownst to the tiger, its speed began to drop as the battle went on, while a faint layer of frost began to appear on its fur.

At a certain moment, Luluo’s eyes seemed to harden as her mouth opened, spitting out a ball of ice-blue Genesis Qi.

Little Frost also opened its beak as cold Qi whizzed out, transforming into an icy gale that abruptly swept across the area.

Icy winds howled past, instantly freezing the ground. Just as the tiger was about to circulate its Genesis Qi to block, its body suddenly turned rigid as the cold Qi inside abruptly exploded.

In the short span of a few breaths, the giant multi-colored tiger had transformed into a life like ice statue.

“Phew, so tiring!”

Luluo’s shoulders slumped, her face a little pale. The earlier battle might have seemed easy, but at the end of the day, the tiger was still a grade 4 Genesis Beast, power that was comparable to the Alpha-Origin.

“Amazing, you’ve actually soloed a grade 4 Genesis Beast.” Zhou Yuan gave Luluo a thumbs up. This was the first time he had seen someone take on a grade 4 Genesis Beast alone, and had even won.

Luluo grinned and said, “The big guy was just a little too stupid, allowing my ice spirit dust to enter its body. If it was an ordinary Alpha-Origin practitioner, it would not have been so easy.”

She hopped off Little Frost’s back, arriving in front of the frozen giant tiger as she reached out a hand. With a gentle knock, the ice sculpture shattered, leaving only scattered pieces of ice on the ground.

White Genesis Qi rose and converged in the air, forming a white Genesis Qi bead.

Luluo’s hand reached reached out, attempting to grab the Genesis Qi bead,

However, the instant she touched it, Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly changed as he cried out, “Careful!”

The moment this word left his mouth, a flash of scarlet suddenly shot out from the forest behind them, vicious and ruthless as it shot towards the fatal spot on Luluo’s back at an indescribable speed.

A rip could be seen in the air in that split second moment.

Luluo also sensed the sudden force that was heading her way, causing her expression to involuntarily change. However, she had just relaxed her guard, and would not be in time to circulate her Genesis Qi.

The attacker had chosen the most perfect timing.


Scarlet light arrived like a flash of lightning. Just as it was about to hit Luluo however, Zhou Yuan’s body swiftly dashed over, throwing himself forward like a pouncing tiger as he grabbed Luluo and crashed into the ground. They tumbled several times before coming to a stop, Zhou Yuan covering her body with his own from start to end.


The scarlet light landed on the now empty ground, causing a wave of berserk Genesis Qi to unfurl. The ground was torn open, the boiling heat melting even rocks.

The wave of heat burned a good chunk of Zhou Yuan’s clothes, leaving a piercing pain on his skin. He frowned as he looked down at the pale Luluo and asked, “Are you hurt?”

Luluo was still in a somewhat panicked state, but hurriedly shook her head after swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Zhou Yuan stood up while pulling Luluo to her feet, before his dark gaze turned towards the dense forest behind them. “Come out, you sneaky dirty thing.”

Luluo’s eyes were wide with rage, her teeth tightly clenched together as she stared in the same direction as Zhou Yuan. If he had not responded as quickly as he did earlier, the sneak attack would have likely succeeded.

Luluo angrily commanded, “Little Frost, go and capture him!”


Little Frost released an angry cry, its wings suddenly flapping as a surge of freezing air swept forth. Any tree it came into contact with was instantly turned to ice.

“Hehe, what a violent little lass.”

When the freezing air swept past, scarlet light suddenly exploded like burning flames, completely blocking the attack.

The scarlet-red Genesis Qi parted, allowing Zhou Yuan and Luluo to see a beautiful figure elegantly and slowly walking out from within.

Only when she neared did they realise that it was an extremely pretty girl, her hair red like fire.

“Who are you?” Zhou Yuan’s brows furrowed. They clearly did not know this red-haired girl.

Upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s question, the red-haired girl smiled faintly, displaying a lovely smiling face. However, there was not much warmth in her smile, but instead a chilling eeriness.

“Zhu Ying, Dongxuan Continent, Zhu clan.”

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