Chapter 165 Dongxuan Attacks

In the empty space within the forest, Zhou Yuan was wide-eyed as he stared at Luluo. He was truly unable to understand where she found such courage. She clearly knew that there was a mysterious Genesis Beast guarding the golden pool, but she still dared to have designs on it.

Being stared at by Zhou Yuan made Luluo feel a little guilty. “Although the Genesis Beast leader won’t be weak, as the saying goes, enough ants can bite an elephant to death. With so many geniuses now gathered here, what’s there to be afraid of?”

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes at here. It was true that there were many geniuses, but there were even more Genesis Beats in the mountains with no lack of grade 4 amongst them.

Luluo’s eyes were watery as she pitifully begged, “Help me please, Little Frost really needs the golden...

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