Chapter 164 Luluo Seeks the Golden Pool

A petite girl with a head full of long green hair beamed as she walked out from the forest, a teasing look in her eyes as she looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “You’re really unlucky, always being attacked wherever you go.”

She then turned towards the pale Zhen Xu. “And always by such troublesome individuals.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled, somewhat surprised as he responded, “I did not expect to meet you here.”

On Luluo’s shoulder, the little ice-blue bird hopped about energetically as it chirped. She gave it playful hit as she said, “The golden pool’s blessing is not small. Of course I’ll be here to try my luck.”

As the two spoke, Zhen Xu’s brows knitted together slightly. He too did not expect that Luluo would suddenly appear. He knew that the latter was also an apex level genius of the Cangmang Continent, and was not the slightest bit inferior to himself.

In the earlier exchange with Zhou Yuan, the latter had displayed a strength that secretly shocked Zhen Xu. Now that there was another Luluo that was no weaker than himself, he would clearly not have much of an advantage in a two versus one situation.

Zhen Xu stared at Luluo and asked, “You intend to interfere?”

Luluo grinned as she answered, “Nope, you guys can fight, I will just be over here watching.”

Zhen Xu frowned, evidently unconvinced by Luluo’s words. This girl was too eccentric, and as wily as a fox. It was very possible that she would suddenly sneak an attack while they were locked in battle.

Just like what had happened previously.

Hence, Zhen Xu took in a deep breath, eyes flickering slightly, before he decisively turned around and left. Given the current situation, there was clearly no way to continue. Since that was so, it was only a waste of time to stay.

“*Sigh*, going just like that…”

Luluo was stunned by Zhen Xu’s sudden departure. Soon after, she looked towards Zhou Yuan with eagerness as she suggested, “How about we work together to stop him?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “I’m afraid that it won’t be easy, and there’s no need to take such desperate measures.”

As one that was also called an apex level geniuses of the Cangmang Continent, Zhen Xu was clearly no ordinary individual. In addition, the relationship between them had not reached the extent where they would be forced into a battle to the death.

Luluo nodded her chin. “Dead face guy might appear ill and feeble, but he is indeed very difficult to kill. Rumor says that his body has gone through an extremely cruel refinement process that, as long as his heart is intact, even the most serious of injuries will not be fatal.”

“I even heard that he once battled an Alpha-Origin expert, exchanging wound for wound until the other party was slowly drained to death.”

Astonishment flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes when he heard this. Sure enough, every person who could become an apex level genius was no simple individual.

“Right, have you heard any news about Yaoyao?” Zhou Yuan suddenly asked.

Luluo pondered a little before she answered, “You should already know that Wu Huang is working together with those from the Dongxuan Continent in order to deal with big sis Yaoyao, right?”

Zhou Yuan’s grimly nodded.

“But don’t worry, I’ve heard that big sis Yaoyao met Zuoqiu Qingyu. With that temptress around, even Wu Huang will not be able to catch up.” Luluo indicated that there was no need for Zhou Yuan to worry.

“Zuoqiu Qingyu’s speed and movement technique are definitely the best amongst the Cangmang Continent’s younger generation.”

“Eh?” Zhou Yuan was somewhat amazed.

Luluo explained, “From what I know, the Zuoqiu clan owns an incomplete Heaven tier Genesis technique called ‘Swimming Black Carp’, which is also the origin of Qingyu’s name* (black carp in pinyin is qingyu). Most importantly, she was able to master this movement based Heaven Genesis technique.”

“A movement based Heaven Genesis technique?” Zhou Yuan was slightly shocked. That was a Heaven Genesis technique, not the little Heaven tier. One must know that a Genesis technique at this level was extremely rare even in the entire Cangmang Continent.

Although it was incomplete, its profoundness and wondrousness far surpassed the little Heaven tier.

Only now did Zhou Yuan finally relax a little. With Zuoqiu Qingyu around, it was impossible for Wu Huang to trap Yaoyao again, while if he were to try to take her on alone, he would be beaten into a pig’s face by the now angered Yaoyao.

“Although she should be fine, I have to find her.” Said Zhou Yuan, and began turning around to leave. Hearing Yaoyao was hurt had given him a huge scare. He could not imagine how he could face master Cang Yuan if something happened to her.

“Hai, hai hai…”

Luluo hurriedly pulled Zhou Yuan’s sleeve when she saw this, stopping him as she blinked her large eyes and said, “The Saint Remains Domain is huge, how will you find her? If you keep searching around like a headless fly, won’t you miss every blessing in here?”

“It is enough as long as I have the blessings I need. If it is fate, they will naturally come.” Zhou Yuan was rather open-minded.

Luluo rolled her eyes. They seemed to swivel in thought for a moment, before she said, “I have a better idea. Since so many prided geniuses have gathered here, we should distinguish ourselves and obtain the blessing here. Our names will then begin to spread, and with so many people helping us spread our reputation, it will definitely land in big sis Yaoyao’s ears sooner or later.”

“Then they will know our location and come to find us. Isn’t this more convenient?”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. There was some logic to this method. Soon after, he seemed to smile as he looked towards Luluo. “It seems that you are very interested in the golden pool’s blessing?”

Luluo wanted him to stay because she desired a dependable helper.

Luluo nodded, not denying it. “Did you know? It's said that the golden pool is full of wonders. Not only does it possess the power to purify and strengthen the body, it can even nourish the Spirit and temper one’s Genesis Qi. Most importantly of course, it can allow a bloodline to return to its ancestral state.”

“Returning a bloodline to its ancestral state?” Zhou Yuan was stunned. He shot a thoughtful glance at the ice-blue bird on Luluo’s shoulder. Such a function was clearly more useful to Genesis Beasts.

“Little Frost possess the ice phoenix bloodline. If it can enter the golden pool, its bloodline will definitely return to its ancestral state, allowing it to grow closer to the state of an ice phoenix.” Luluo anxiously looked at Zhou Yuan.

“Tempering one’s Genesis Qi… if so, I wonder if my Magical Python Scales will evolve once again and reach the purplish gold level?” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself inside.

If his Magical Python Scales reached the purplish gold state, even an Alpha-Origin expert will not be able to breach his defenses.

A sliver of interest rose within him.

“You can’t reach the golden pool even with your ability?” Asked Zhou Yuan. Luluo was one of the apex level geniuses of the Cangmang Continent. Her skill and techniques could not be weak.

Luluo showed a pained look on her small face. “It’s said that there are many grade 4 Genesis Beasts in the vicinity of the pool. I managed to get close a few days ago, but encountered one of them. It was not easy for Little Frost and me to beat it, but that bastard quickly called over three other grade 4 Genesis Beasts.”

“So many grade 4 Genesis Beasts?” Zhou Yuan was a little shocked. Normally speaking, a grade 4 Genesis Beast was already a tyrant like figure in the Saint Remains Domain. Why had so many of them gathered in this place?

“I don’t know either… I heard that there weren’t so many of them here before.”

“Aren’t you a beast heart communicator? Can’t you communicate with them?” Asked Zhou Yuan.

Bewilderment filled Luluo’s face. “That’s right, I am normally able to communicate even if I encounter a grade 4 Genesis Beast, but it doesn’t work with the Genesis Beasts here.”

“However, I managed to obtain some information from a Genesis Beast elsewhere.”

“What information?”

Luluo hesitated for a moment, before she very carefully said, “It seems that these grade 4 Genesis Beasts’ have a boss, and its this boss that called them here from the other mountains...”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were wide open.

These grade 4 Genesis Beasts had a leader? What grade could command such authority? Who would dare to trespass against such security...

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