Chapter 163 Chance Encounter


Dark gold Genesis Qi shot across the horizon, eventually landing on a certain mountain top as Zhou Yuan’s figure was revealed.

His expression was rather dark and stormy. During the day long journey he took to rush here, he had constantly tried to ask for information, but did not discover any news about Yaoyao.

The Saint Remains Domain was just too vast.

“Continuing to search like a headless fly is far too ineffective.” Zhou Yuan frowned. To obtain more information, he had to go where many were gathered.

“On the way here, the people in this area have been heading towards the southwest direction where a golden pond is said to have appeared. The pond is extremely mysterious and is rumored to be the materialization of a top tier blessing.” A look of thought was revealed on Zhou Yuan’s face.

“There should be many geniuses there, making it a hub of information. If I...

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