Chapter 162 Qingyu’s Aid

By the edge of a stream.

Green light flashed past as two figures appeared. One was wearing a black dress, her figure enchanting while her bewitching face akin to a little succubus. This was naturally Zuoqiu Qingyu

“How’s my beauty saves the hero? Did your heart stir?” Zuoqiu Qingyu held her waist with her little hands, a clearly pleased look on her smiling face.

Yaoyao’s face was slightly pale as she sat on a rock. One of her hands was pressed against her shoulder where a dash of red had appeared. However, her expression had remained cool and collected from start to end. She lifted her head, and was silent for some time as she looked at Zuoqiu Qingyu, before she said, “If you did not come, all of them would likely be dead now.”


Zuoqiu Qingyu was stunned. Soon after, her little red lips pouted. “Insisting on saving face even till death. You shouldn’t feel humiliated though, no one else in the entire Cangmang Continent’s younger generation can make someone as arrogant as Wu Huang chose to put his pride aside and cooperate with others.”

She evidently thought Yaoyao was just being stubborn.

Yaoyao shook her head, deciding not to explain. However, she gave Zuoqiu Qingyu a faint nod as she said, “However, I should still give my thanks.”

She could indeed eliminate Wu Huang and the rest, but doing so would require breaking the seal between her brows. Although she did not know what would happen after, given how sternly grandpa Hei had warned her, the consequences would likely be very serious.

To her, it was best that she did not break the seal. Hence, Yaoyao felt a slight bit of gratitude towards Zuoqiu Qingyu for saving her.

Upon hearing Yaoyao’s thanks, Zuoqiu Qingyu giggled happily. Her eyes seemed to spin in thought as she looked towards the injury in Yaoyao’s shoulder, before she seated herself a hand’s length away and said in a gentle voice, “You’re injured? Shall I help you clean your wound?”

Yaoyao was stuck between being angry or laughing when she saw Zuoqiu Qingyu’s twinkling eyes. The latter was still under the impression that she was a man, and wanted to take advantage of her...

Yaoyao could not help but smile and say, “You shouldn’t have such thoughts about me.”

Her relationship with Zuoqiu Qingyu was not that good before, hence why Yaoyao could not be bothered to explain things. But since she now owed Zuoqiu Qingyu a debt of gratitude, Yaoyao was naturally no longer going to allow this misunderstanding to continue any further.

“Why?” Zuoqiu Qingyu pouted as she unhappily said, “Am I not good enough for you? Which part about me is no good? Humph, you don’t know just how many people are fond of me.”

Yaoyao helplessly shook her head. She did not respond but merely lightly patted with a hand. Light immediately enveloped her body, before fading several breaths later.

And then, Zuoqiu Qingyu’s little mouth hung wide open.

The originally pretty-boy young master seated on the rock before her now had a long black luscious hair hanging from his head, his absolutely gorgeous face seemingly without a single blemish, his skin white as jade while glowing with a healthy light.

Perfect curves rose and fell on his slender and exquisite figure.

Zuoqiu Qingyu was extremely proud of her body, but the girl before her was even more outrageous than herself. Especially those mysterious eyes that seemed as if nothing could ever enter, and gave the girl an unparalleled presence.

In the blink of an eye, the pretty young master had become a gorgeous beauty.

“I did not want to draw unnecessary trouble previously, so I disguised myself.” Explained Yaoyao. Her voice had returned to normal, clear and sweet, like a flowing spring that would ease any troubled heart.

“Do you understand now?”

Zuoqiu Qingyu was dumbstruck. It was a long while later before she finally replied with a face as if she was about to die, “Is my first love gone just like that?”

A swivel of an eye later however, she suddenly gritted her teeth, staring at Yaoyao for a moment before pouncing towards her as she yelled, “I don’t care, I don’t care. Since you’re so pretty, I won’t give up even if you’re a girl!”

Yaoyao was startled by Zuoqiu Qingyu’s sudden change in attitude, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. Everyone had said she was a little succubus, and it now seemed that this title had not been given for no reason. Her way of thinking truly deviated from the norm.

How can a girl like another girl?

Yaoyao’s long, slender finger reached out, stopping the pouncing Zuoqiu Qingyu at her forehead. With a vexed flick, the former said, “Move away, I don’t have time to play such games with you.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu rubbed her forehead, her large eyes watery as she looked at Yaoyao and said in an unresigned manner, “You evil devil, you destroyed my first love, compensate me.”

Yaoyao pondered for a moment, before she offhandedly said, “I’ll compensate you with Zhou Yuan.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu frowned. “He can’t even beat me, I don’t want someone weaker than myself.”

Yaoyao ignored her, squatted by the stream and loosened her clothes, revealing a beautiful collarbone and shoulder. On her shoulder was a deep bloody wound that appeared rather frightening.

Iciness flitted across Yaoyao’s eyes as she shot a glance at the wound. She then turned to Zuoqiu Qingyu and said, “Help me apply some medicine.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu darted over with a swish, her eyes glowing as she stared at the white jade like flesh and exquisite collar bone. She then secretly cast a glance downwards, immediately catching sight of lovely snow white curves.

A sight so erotic that any man would have a spouting nosebleed.

However, Yaoyao seemed to sense the former’s gaze and immediately sent a cold look over.

Zuoqiu Qingyu hastily withdrew her gaze, retrieved a bag of medicine and began properly applying some ointment for Yaoyao.

“Have we lost them?” Asked Yaoyao.

Zuoqiu Qingyu pridefully answered, “Relax, though I admittedly cannot beat them in a real fight, if we were to talk about escaping, even Wu Huang will only be able to eat my dust.”

“I believe that they can’t even find a single trace of us now, so we are absolutely safe.”

Yaoyao gave a slight nod. “I’ll rest for a few days and prepare a few things.”

“What after?”

Yaoyao stared at the clear waters of the stream. The beautiful face reflected in its waters grinned slightly as a ice-cold murder was revealed.

“Make them pay of course…”

In a mountain forest far from where Zuoqiu Qingyu and Yaoyao were located.

Ye Ming’s expression was rather ugly as his gaze fell upon the seemingly endless mountain forests, blood appearing from the corner of his eye. It was obvious that he was using his searching eye technique again.

“Can’t find them?” Upon seeing his expression, Wu Huang’s heart sunk slightly.

Ye Ming nodded. “She is too quick, and has already thrown us off long ago. I can no longer find her.”

Wu Huang’s expression was frosty as he sent a punch towards the giant tree in front of him, blowing it to splinters to release the fury in his heart.

They pretty much had no option left but to exchange injury for injury in order to hurt Zhou Xiaoyao, creating a chance like that would be very difficult to find again in future. And yet, Zhou Xiaoyao had still been allowed to escape.

This would undoubtedly become a huge danger to them.

Ye Ming shook his head and said, “We cannot do anything about him now, it will be better to first let them leave their names on the Saint Tablet.”

He looked towards the four figures behind them.

Wu Huang indifferently said, “Are you certain it will not end up benefiting the top tier prided geniuses of the Cangmang Continent instead?”

Behind Ye Ming, the fiery-red long haired girl from amongst the four laughed when she heard this and said, “Actually, you can personally try us.”

Her words were filled with provocation, clearly unafraid of Wu Huang.

“How can anyone decent come from a place as tiny as the Cangmang Continent?” The one who had spoken was a metal tower like youth. Glowing runes were faintly visible on his muscular body, while a trace of disdain was revealed on his face.

Wu Huang’s expression remained indifferent, no anger whatsoever, as if unaffected by their words. “That’s good, since there will be no one to collect your corpses if you get beaten to death.”

After speaking, his figure moved, stepping on Genesis Qi as he soared into the sky.

The eyes of the four Dongxuan Continent geniuses turned icy, and were about to stop him but they saw Ye Ming wave his hand, stopping them instead.

“There’s no meaning in a battle of tongues. Use your actions to show your worth.”

Ye Ming gazed at Wu Huang’s figure as he continued in a nonchalant voice, “The super elite prided geniuses are the mental pillar of the Cangmang Continent’s younger generation. We only need to defeat them to destroy their morale, making it such that they would naturally no longer have any thoughts with regards to the blessings of the Saint Remains Domain.”

“That’s why…”

He softly chuckled at the four individuals, a chuckle from which sinister chillingness flowed.

“From now onwards, we shall let those from the Cangmang Continent tremble under the shadow of our Dongxuan Continent…”

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