Chapter 161 Chase

Deep in a certain mountain.

Wu Huang and Ye Ming stood on the mountain peak, Genesis Qi surging within their eyes as their sharp gazes scanned the vast mountain range.

Swish! Swish!

Four figures flew over on Genesis Qi, landing in front of them.

“Can’t find him.” Said each of the four individuals.

Wu Huang frowned, but his tone remained indifferent as he said, “We paid quite a substantial price previously, exchanging wound for wound in order to injure Zhou Xiaoyao. Our advantage lies in our Genesis Qi cultivation that gives us strong bodies, allowing us to gradually recover no matter how grave the injury. In contrast, Zhou Xiaoyao body is weak, and his current state is when he is at his weakest.”

“Since we’ve already done the deed, we need to be sure to do a thorough job. We cannot give him any chance to recover or all of us will be threatened.”

Ye Ming nodded as he smiled and said, “Well spoken brother Wu, since we’ve already done it, we cannot leave any loose ends.”

“As such, I will no longer hold back.”

He grinned as he raised his pitch-black pupils. Vortexes seemed to spin within them as the world before his eyes began to change.

Everything turned to a shade of dull gray, the magnificent mountain forests now translucent. Glowing forms appeared within, each glow representing the light of Genesis Qi.

There were countless Genesis Beasts in the forests. Hence, Ye Ming skipped over these balls of light in search of the less visible Genesis Qi ripples.

After several minutes, his eyes finally paused. Far towards the north was an extremely faint Genesis Qi glow. Its rays were practically non-existent, and would be easily overlooked if one was not careful.

“Found him.”

A drop of blood flowed down from Ye Ming’s shut eyes. Activating this secret technique was clearly detrimental to his eyes.


However, he ignored it, taking the lead as he shot towards the north.

Wu Huang and the rest immediately followed.

Meanwhile, a slender figure had came to a stop in a certain forest far away. It was Yaoyao.

Her pretty face appeared extremely pale, but there was no panic between her brows, only an increasing indifference.

“I’ve been found huh…”

She muttered to herself in a low voice as she firmly grasped the scroll in her hand. Light spread from the scroll and enveloped her body, concealing her presence.

However, she did not expect that the other party would be so resourceful too, and were still able to detect her.


A berserk Genesis Qi ripple suddenly soared in the sky before descending, ferociously blasting towards Yaoyao.

Yaoyao nimbly darted to the side, avoiding the blast of Genesis Qi. She raised her head, only to find several dazzling Genesis Qi figures shooting towards her from the sky, the faces of Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the rest already visible.

“Zhou Xiaoyao, your delicate body will not last for long. It will be best for you to give up and allow yourself to be captured.” Ye Ming’s raspy voice echoed from far away.

However, Yaoyao ignored him. Yet another scroll appeared in her hand and was torn.


Light covered Yaoyao’s body, the space around her distorting for a moment before she disappeared, appearing a thousand feet away a split second later.

Wu Huang’s and Ye Ming’s gazes shivered upon seeing this as they remarked inside, “Can’t believe he has also mastered short range instant teleportation Genesis Runes, what frightening Genesis Rune talent…”

They exchanged a look, seeing the intensifying killing intent in each other’s eyes.

“Such instant teleportation is based on travelling through space, and will place stress on the body. He has no Genesis Qi and definitely will not be able to keep this up for long.”

“We cannot let him escape!”

Genesis Qi exploded beneath Wu Huang’s and Ye Ming’s feet, their speed rapidly soaring as they continued to give chase.

One group chased while one figure fled, crossing only god knows how many mountains in half a day. However, Wu Huang and Ye Ming remained extremely persistent and stubborn, unrelentless in their chase without even a second to relax.

Some distance to their front, Yaoyao’s face grew increasingly pale, the chase draining a huge portion of her energy.

No one discovered that the iciness in Yaoyao’s bright eyes was growing colder and colder, while the ancient rune between her brows gradually became more and more visible.

All of a sudden, Yaoyao seemed to lose her patience, her figure suddenly coming to a halt.

“He’s on his last legs!” Wu Huang and Ye Ming were overjoyed, their bodies arriving some distance behind Yaoyao with one final spurt, while the other four moved to surround her from all directions.

Wu Huang said, “Finally ready to accept your fate?”

Yaoyao raised her head, her face emotionless as she gazed at Wu Huang and replied, “Do you really believe that the reason why you are able to live for so long is because of your ability? I merely promised Zhou Yuan that your life is his to take.”

Wu Huang’s expression darkened. “Still so sharp-tongued even at death’s door.”

The long hair draped over Yaoyao’s shoulders gradually began to rise, her pretty face ice-cold. “However, I feel that you’re really too detestable, so my promise to Zhou Yuan shall no longer be valid.”

Her face was expressionless, while the ancient rune between her brows began to give off a faint glow.

“Something’s not right, kill him!”

Shouted both Ye Ming and Wu Huang as they frowned. The two immediately threw a punch, berserk Genesis Qi whizzing forth to viciously attack Yaoyao.

Yaoyao’s face was ice-cold as she watched the rapidly expanding Genesis Qi attacks, a long slender finger reaching towards the ancient rune between her brows.

The air was filled with the faint feeling that something terrifying was about to be released.


Genesis Qi seemed to scream as it approached. However, when Yaoyao’s finger was still half a finger from her head, a figure suddenly appeared like a phantom, grabbing Yaoyao in one fluid motion as it broke through the encirclement with a flash of green.

“Stop him!” Ye Ming was the first react.

The four Dongxuan Continent geniuses did not hesitate, quick as lightning as they as they pounced at the green light.


Lovely tinkling laughter spread from within the green light. One could only watch as the green light flashed, like a fish as it swam past the encirclement of the four, displaying godly movement technique that dazzled the eyes.

The green light did not stop after escaping, disappearing into the vast sea of trees in several flickers.


Only at this moment did Wu Huang’s and Ye Ming’s attacks finally land on the empty space, ripping and tearing apart the ground.

Ye Ming’s expression was rather stormy. He did not expect such a turn of events when they were just about to succeed.

Even he was shocked by the green light’s speed.

“Who is that? Pretty decent strength, but that speed is really amazing.” Ye Ming looked towards Wu Huang. Although it had only been a few brief moments, the former had already gauged that though the green light’s strength was decent, it was still within manageable levels. That speed however, would leave even him in the dust.

Wu Huang’s ugly face stared at the direction the green light had disappeared. A long time later, a chillingly furious voice hissed from between the cracks of his teeth.

“Damned Zuoqiu Qingyu!”

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