Chapter 159 Encirclement

Seven days had already passed since the battle between Zhou Yuan and Xiao Tianxuan. During these seven days, the Saint Remains Domain gradually began boiling with activity. More and more opportunities were appearing in the form of various mystical areas where anyone who could successfully enter would obtain some pretty good blessings or gifts.

Over the past few days, news had already spread of several lucky individuals obtaining various blessings, allowing them to be completely reborn, their originally mediocre strength leaping into the sky, transforming them into elites even amongst the many prided geniuses.

This caused the eyes of countless geniuses to burn with excitement and anticipation. For a time, searching for these mystical places became the most sought after dream of everyone here.

Of course, this naturally led to numerous intense battles from which some geniuses were able to distinguish themselves, making their names resound loudly across the Saint Remains Domain.

Included amongst them was Zhou Yuan who had defeated Xiao Tianxuan…

However, when compared to Yaoyao, all of them appeared insignificant. Till today, only her name alone could be seen on the Saint Tablet.

It was clear as day that achieving the so-called distinguished battle accomplishment was not easy at all.

As such, everyone put theirs energy and time into training, killing many Genesis Beasts to raise their strength as fast as possible. Only then would they raise their chances of being acknowledged by the tablet.

Zhou Yuan was of the same mind.

While hunting Genesis Beasts to raise his strength, he kept a lookout for any stormy areas, because only in a thunderstorm would he be able to initiate himself into the little Heaven Genesis technique, Great Wind and Thunder.

His search eventually led him to an appropriate location.



It was a barren land where mountains gathered together in groups, their tall peaks piercing the clouds. No trees could be found on these mountains, their bare appearance making the place look rather desolate.

Thunderclouds were present at the peaks of these mountains all year round, the endlessly rumbling thunder filling the area.

Zhou Yuan currently stood on one of these majestic mountains. The top of the mountain was immersed in thunderclouds, surrounded by ominous black in which lightning madly flashed a flickered. It was a sight that would make one's heart jump and flesh tremble.

However, Zhou Yuan's face was overflowing with joy. This was the best place to master the Great Wind and Thunder technique.

"Finally found it after so many days." Zhou Yuan sighed. He would surely master the technique here.

Once he did, his battle power would rise once again.

He sat down on the mountain peak, and gradually began to fall into a state of concentration. The rumbling thunder that filled the area seemed to gradually fade away into the background.

A complex and profound intonation slowly flowed into his mind. It was the cultivation method of the Great Wind and Thunder technique.

"Feel the wind, feel the lightning, infuse your Genesis Qi, converge into a mark…"

It was a long time later before Zhou Yuan's eyes slowly opened. He closed his hand as the lightning rod stone appeared within it. The black stone slowly rose into the air, ultimately hovering some distance above his head.

Zhou Yuan began to pour Genesis Qi into the stone, immediately causing a peculiar cry of thunder to faintly echo from its many holes.


The wind and lightning in the vicinity began to move as if being beckoned by something. With a loud boom, a foot long lightning bolt struck the lightning rod stone.

The stone trembled as it absorbed the lightning. After which, lightning began spouting out if its many holes, bombarding Zhou Yuan's body.

Zhou Yuan's body immediately began to shake, the flesh all over his body squirming as intense pain pulsed from the surface of his body.

Zhou Yuan grimaced in pain, but resolutely gritted his teeth as he endured.

Only by experiencing wind and lightning attacks would the body gradually grow accustomed to them, allowing one to gain a better understanding of their nature and properties and eventually create a wind thunder mark on one's body.

A little Heaven Genesis technique was profoundly powerful, an existence far beyond the realm of Black tier techniques. Hence why the method to learn one was even stranger and difficult.

"It is fortunate that I have this lightning rod stone that can continuously absorb wind and lightning. Or the process would be much slower." Muttered Zhou Yuan to himself.


Thunder boomed endlessly on the mountain top. Within the glaring lightning, one would faintly see Zhou Yuan's trembling figure.


A certain area in the Saint Remains Domain.

Deep within the forest.

Yaoyao was dressed in white, leaning against the trunk of the tree, legs dangling over the branch. Her long legs appeared exceptionally slender when wrapped by her long white pants. She gently swung her legs as she retrieved a jade cup from her Universe bag and extended it into a hole in the tree.

When the cup exited, it was filled with green liquid that gave off the strong and fragrant smell of good wine.

"Heh, never expected to encounter such good stuff here." Yaoyao took a little sip, her pink tongue tip slowly licking her lips. A satisfied smile was revealed on her beautiful as jade like face.

"Ouu ouu!"

A group of apes angrily grunted below the tree, but did not dare to approach. They could only work themselves into a fluster, screeching unceasingly.

"I'm only going to have a little…" Upon hearing the din, Yaoyao tilted her head downwards and looked at them before continuing, "But if you keep disturbing me… I'll get rid of all of you."

The piercing noise instantly turned to silence, the hairs all over the apes' bodies standing as they clumped together trembling. At this very moment, they could feel that the human before their eyes was very scary…

"So obedient." Yaoyao gave a faint nod of approval, raising her fair and slender neck again as she downed an entire cup of alcohol.

As she casually threw the cup away, iciness slowly gathered in her clear eyes as she indifferently said, "It seems that the lesson I taught you previously was not enough."

A figure wrapped in scarlet-red light descended some distance in front of her. It was Wu Huang.

He stood on the leaves that carpeted the ground, his body completely still as he stared at Yaoyao and slowly said, "What is your relationship with Zhou Yuan? If you chose not to help either of us, I will allow you to leave today."

A fan appeared in Yaoyao's hand, gently tapping her palm as she cocked her head slightly, looking at Wu Huang as she replied with indifference, "I have no good feelings toward a thief."

"What did you say?" Wu Huang's gaze turned frosty as an astonishing aura spread from his body.

Yaoyao propped the fan below her sharp chin and lazily said, "Taking something that doesn't belong to you, what can it be called besides stealing?"

"Looks like you're tired of living!"

Flames seemed to surge in Wu Huang's eyes. His ice-cold voice was filled with chilling murder.

"It's only been a few days, but it seems that you've already forgotten the pain from your wounds." Spirit light began to flicker on Yaoyao's bright forehead as a powerful Spirit ripple spread.

"Hehe, what a powerful Spirit…"

A raspy voice suddenly rang out within the forest. One could only watch as a figure in black slowly walked out some distance behind Yaoyao. It was Ye Ming.

"The one who was spying on us last time was you, right?" Yaoyao turned her head slightly and stole a glance at Ye Ming. "I did not expect that the both of you would work together."

Ye Ming sighed softly. "Amongst the younger generation, I've never seen someone whose Spirit is as strong as yours. That's why… to eliminate uncertainty, I feel that you should no longer appear in the Saint Remains Domain."

"You will become our greatest obstruction."

Yaoyao stood up on the tree branch, her thin figure seemed rather domineering at this moment as she calmly said, "The combination of you two is indeed very strong, but you may not be able to keep me here."

Ye Ming chuckled as he nodded. "Then what about now?"

His hands reached out and gently clapped.


Four powerful Genesis Qi ripples suddenly exploded from the forest, sweeping away the surrounding trees. They formed an array that trapped Yaoyao from far away.

Yaoyao shot a glance at her surroundings. This time however, her brows slowly knitted together. To think that the other party had sent out such a lineup to deal with her, a lineup that was going to be quite troublesome to deal with…

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