Chapter 158 Cooperation

A certain area in the Saint Remains Domain.

Wu Huang was seated on a mountain peak, his head raised to view the Saint Tablet in the sky. The expression on his face did not fluctuate much as he stared at the 8 words on the tablet. Moments later, he mumbled to himself, "Zhou Xiaoyao…"

"Why have I not heard of this person before, and what relation does he have with Zhou Yuan?"

Wu Huang frowned slightly. It was just as described on the Saint Tablet, he had fought with Zhou Xiaoyao, and the outcome was him being in a disadvantageous position, leaving him no option but to withdraw.

The battle was extremely intense, pretty much the hardest battle Wu Huang had experienced in the past few years.

The opponent clearly had no Genesis Qi, but his Spirit was exceptionally strong. In addition, his mastery over Genesis Runes was nothing short of amazing, each Genesis Rune easily flowing from his hands like water, overwhelming and unfathomable.

Although Wu Huang knew the strategy to beat such a person was to close in, none of his numerous attempts had succeeded in breaching the distance of ten feet around Zhou Xiaoyao.

Even Wu Huang found the endless stream of Genesis Rune scrolls incomparably difficult to deal with.

Moreover, Wu Huang could faintly sense a dangerous sensation from Yaoyao. It was this very sensation that made him ultimately chose to retreat instead of battling to the death.

"His Spirit is extremely powerful and is likely also holding back something." Wu Huang slowly muttered, his expression turning much graver for the first time. He had a feeling that Yaoyao would likely be his biggest obstacle this time.

"It will be a huge problem if I don't find a way to eliminate him…"

Mumbled Wu Huang to himself. His eyes suddenly narrowed slightly as he icily said, "Since you're already here, show yourself. Sneaking around and hiding, what difference is there between you and a rat?"

The surroundings remained silent.

A cold light flashed in Wu Huang's eyes. His five fingers suddenly clenched into a fist as he fiercely punched in a certain direction.


Scarlet-red Genesis Qi whizzed forth, melting even the ground below his feet.

The Genesis Qi shot towards a certain spot. However, just as it was about to hit, the space there suddenly rippled as a pale hand slowly reached out.

The hand gently twirled, stopping the domineering scarlet-red Genesis Qi when it was right in front of the palm.

Night black Genesis Qi gushed out from the pale hand, clashing against the scarlet-red Genesis Qi. In the end, the latter was completely corroded away with a final fizzle...

"Why the need to be so hostile against a guest from far away." A raspy voice suddenly rang out. Space rippled again as a figure in black robes slowly appeared.

The young man in black had a set of pitch-black pupils that looked akin to vortexes, a sight that made one shiver.

"Who are you? I don't recall someone like you amongst those from the Cangmang Continent." Wu Huang frowned as he stared at the black pupil youth. The aura from the latter's body made him feel the need to be a little wary. This youth was clearly no ordinary individual.

The youth in black robes seemed to grin. "Dongxuan Continent, Ye clan, Ye Ming."

Wu Huang's pupils shrank slightly as he said in a cold voice, "Someone from the Dongxuan Continent? This Saint Remains Domain belongs to our Cangmang Continent, you people from the Dongxuan Continent dare to sneak in? Looks like you are up to nothing good, and probably intend to snatch away the greatest blessing.”

The youth in black robes shook his head. "Blessings are granted by the will of the heavens, and is not exclusive in nature. Only the strong are worthy of it.”

“If I manage to take it, it would only mean that I am more qualified than the prided geniuses of the Cangmang Continent.”

Wu Huang faintly said, “Then let me test if you do have the qualifications.”

Scarlet-red Genesis Qi began to rise from his body, forming a great scarlet-red sun behind him as the rock below him began to melt.

The Genesis Qi Wu Huang cultivated was a little similar to Xiao Tianxuan's, only more domineering.

The youth in black waved his hand. "I am not here to fight you, but propose a certain cooperation."

"Cooperation?" Wu Huang's eyes narrowed.

The youth called Ye Ming answered in a raspy voice, "I saw the battle between you and Zhou Xiaoyao."

Wu Huang's heart shivered a little. He had not realised there was someone hiding nearby. It seems that Ye Ming had some very strange abilities.

"You didn't know I was there, right? Hehe, but Zhou Xiaoyao knew. The reason why he did not use his full power was because he was guarding against me." The vortexes in Ye Ming's black pupils rotated.

"It is true that I never expected someone like that to appear in your Cangmang Continent." Ye Ming showed a thin smile.

Wu Huang was expressionless.

"I heard that Zhou Xiaoyao has a pretty good relationship with your mortal enemy Zhou Yuan. That's why he will ultimately pit himself against you." Ye Ming slowly continued, "He's a great threat, but if we cooperate, we will surely be able to eliminate him."

"I feel that such a cooperation will be very important to you." The expression in Wu Huang's eyes became deep and unreadable. He was indeed a little enticed by this deal. Zhou Xiaoyao was too mysterious and will definitely become a huge problem, an even bigger there's than Li Chun and the rest.

As for whether working together with those from the Dongxuan Continent would invoke the ire of the other prided geniuses of the Cangmang Continent, Wu Huang did not need to take it into consideration. There was nothing he would not stoop to in order to walk the path of the strong.

Wu Huang said in a low voice, "Although Zhou Xiaoyao has no Genesis Qi, he is a complete mystery. Even if we do manage to defeat him, we may not be able to eliminate him."

"The two of us may not be able to, but what if we add another four?" Ye Ming smiled faintly.

The moment these words were said, Wu Huang sensed Genesis Qi undulations erupt from the surroundings. Next, four figures rose into the sky and landed around him.

These four figures were extremely young, but the powerful Genesis Qi ripples spread from their bodies made Wu Huang's pupils shrink a little. The four of them were likely not weaker than Blind Sword.

It seems that the Dongxuan Continent had come prepared, their goal, the greatest blessing.

There was no change in Wu Huang’s expression. Even though he was currently surrounded by five people, he did not display any fear. If he wanted to leave, there would naturally be a way.

Wu Huang slowly said, “If it’s now, I believe it should be enough.”

Such a line-up could only be described as terrifying. No matter how mysterious Zhou Xiaoyao was, once he was trapped in their net, escape would practically be impossible.

Ye Ming softly chuckled. “Since that it so, our alliance is temporarily established. However, there is something else that we’ll need your help with after.

Wu Huang calmly asked, “What is it?”

“These teammates of mine are rather interested in the super elite geniuses of your Cangmang Continent… and plan to use them to leave their names on the tablet.”

Wu Huang indifferently responded, “I can lead the way, but they are no kind buddhas either. It is not certain who will end up trampling who in the end. Of course, the best outcome would be for both parties to end up injured.”

“There is no need for you to worry about such matters.” Ye Ming shook his head. Soon after, he looked towards Wu Huang and smiled, “Are you not worried that our Dongxuan Continent will take all the top places, making the prided geniuses of your Cangmang Continent lose all their face?”

Wu Huang thought about it for a moment. “What does that got to do with me?”

Ye Ming was stunned, but soon began to laugh.

“I hope we’ll have a happy alliance.”

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