Chapter 156 Python Swallows Devil Halo

A titanic scarlet-red halo floated above Xiao Tianxuan, emitting scorching and berserk undulations that dried up and cracked that ground below.

Every gaze in the mountain forest was tinged with fear and astonishment as they watched this scene.

"That's… a little Heaven Genesis technique!"

"Xiao Tianxuan is the junior city lord of Saint Remains City, it is not strange for him to have mastered one."

"Xiao Tianxuan has so many trump cards... "

"It's going to become dangerous for Zhou Yuan. Given Xiao Tianxuan's strength, even those super elite geniuses will have to face such power with seriousness."

"It's a little Heaven Genesis technique after all, its power is enough to be a game changer."


Numerous whispers rang out. There was now a trace of pity in the gazes that looked towards Zhou Yuan. The latter had displayed...

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