Chapter 154 Golden Magical Python Scales

Atop the mountain peak.

Zhou Yuan’s clothes fluttered, his eyes suffused with a sliver of iciness as he stared at Xiao Tianxuan some distance away.

Not only had the latter caused him to pay extra in the auction for no good reason, Xiao Tianxuan had even placed a bounty on Zhou Yuan, causing him no small amount of trouble. It was now finally time for these debts to be cleared.

Xiao Tianxuan did not seem to mind Zhou Yuan’s icy gaze, instead, mockery appeared on the former’s face as he coldly said, “What bold words.”

“Do you truly believe that advancing to the Heaven Gate stage makes you invincible? Who here is not also at the Heaven Gate stage?”

“Moreover, so what if your Genesis Qi can reach over 400 feet? At the end of the day, you are merely an initial Heaven Gate practitioner.”

His gaze turned towards the numerous...

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