Chapter 153 Measure


Every gaze in the area was raised towards sky where a dark golden pillar of Genesis Qi was rising into the heavens.

This scene was not unfamiliar to everyone present. The same thing had also happened to them when they reached the Heaven Gate stage.

It was known as Qi dashing through the Heaven Gate, and was measured in feet.

Simply put, the higher one’s Qi rose, the more abundant one’s Genesis Qi was. Of course, there were also various other factors such as the grade of the Genesis Qi, the grade of the Qi Dwelling...

It was not always the case that the higher one’s Genesis Qi rose, the stronger one would be in the future. But at the very least, for a certain period in one’s cultivation, the higher one’s Genesis Qi soared, the bigger the lead one would have over others.

In a certain sense, this achievement represented one’s foundations....

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