Chapter 1503 Almighty Sovereign Yuan (Finale)

A stream of qi soared out from the top of Zhou Yuan’s head as the loud and clear singing-chanting voice resounded across the all-heaven.

The qi flow was a mysterious yellow and contained a primal aura, as if it was the most ancient power of this world.

As the yellow qi rose into the air, the panicking and terrified all-heaven inhabitants were shocked to see the pouring black and white flood suddenly freeze in place.

It was as if space and time had been frozen.

From a distance, it looked like a magnificent painting.

This lasted for a second before the black and white flood began to be pushed back as if it was trying to withstand an irresistible force.

In a few brief moments, the world-ending flood waters were completely sucked back into the sky.

Outside the heavens, the mysterious yellow qi had formed a glowing halo above Zhou Yuan. Black and white water was rapidly sucked into the halo and evaporated into nothingness.

After removing the water that had entered the all-heaven, Zhou Yuan opened his mouth and spat out a mysterious yellow lotus flower. The flower slowly blossomed as it landed on the black and white flood that had filled the entire Tianyuan World. Next, the black and white flood waters began to recede at an astonishing speed, ultimately vanishing from the world.

The yellow lotus flower still shone with the same mysterious glow as it slowly drifted to Zhou Yuan’s feet.

Zhou Yuan currently wore a calm expression. The dazzling divine light that had originally shone in his eyes had faded, revealing his deep and gentle gaze. His aura, however, had changed tremendously.

It felt like the most primal and ancient aura, similar to the beginning of the world when the Ancestral Dragon was born.


The space in front of Zhou Yuan suddenly shattered as a blast of power shot towards him. The blast contained a supreme aura that felt exactly the same as the power pulsing from Zhou Yuan’s body.

It was the strand of divine power the Sacred God had done all he could to cultivate!

Although the strand of supreme divine power could threaten Zhou Yuan’s life previously, it now gave him a vastly different sensation.

Zhou Yuan calmly reached out and lightly pressed his palm downwards.

His palm seemed to cover the entire Tianyuan World. Countless life forms raised their heads, only to see an impossibly humongous palm descending towards them, accompanied by a pressure that made everyone’s Spirits tremble uncontrollably.

The blast of supreme divine power smashed into the palm, however, there was no earth-shaking noise from the clash because the supreme power had quietly shattered under the palm.

The supreme divine power in the palm was just far greater than the blast.

After destroying the supreme divine power the Sacred God had poured all of his effort into cultivating, Zhou Yuan indifferently looked towards a certain spot.

Under his gaze, space began to warp and a figure was spat out. It was the Sacred God.

His expression was filled with disbelief as he stared at Zhou Yuan. “’ve taken that final step? Impossible! Impossible!”

Zhou Yuan gave him an extremely oppressive feeling. Moreover, he could sense an all-too-familiar power from Zhou Yuan’s body, a power he had deeply coveted for countless years and had employed innumerable schemes to obtain. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that Zhou Yuan would obtain this power first.

It was Ancestral Dragon qi! The Tianyuan...

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