Chapter 1502 The Final Step

A torrent of divine crystals pierced the vast void, rumbling as it disappeared into the distance. No one knew how far it would travel...

The all-heaven Saint experts were ecstatic. Zhou Yuan’s attack had been terrifying beyond their imagination and the Sacred God had not tried to avoid it. Such a powerful blow should have dealt some damage to the Sacred God, right?

Countless gazes were tightly glued to the fight happening outside the heavens.

A pitch-black scar had been left behind, along with a black and white barrier. There were numerous melted cracks on the barrier, through which one could just barely make out half of the Sacred God’s face.

The black and white barrier slowly receded, turning into pure black and white that returned to the black and white divine eye between the Sacred God’s brows.

Not a single wound could be seen on the Sacred God’s body.

The joyful light in the all-heaven Saint experts’ eyes instantly turned into dim disappointment, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over their heads.

To think that such a devastating attack had been blocked by the Sacred God...

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. It would have definitely been impossible for the Sacred God to come out unscathed if it was before his transformation. Evidently, Zhou Yuan had underestimated the Sacred God’s power post transformation.

“Zhou Yuan, you can’t beat me. Although you’ve advanced to the god stage, your true essence is still that of a mortal. As a true god, I possess a god’s foundations and am naturally superior in battle.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression sank a little. After ascending to the god stage, he of course understood how amazing divine matter was. For example, although the Heavenly Yuan Brush had become a god artifact, the Sacred God’s core, the Endless Black Sea, was a naturally born god artifact. Hence, the power it possessed far surpassed the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

The only artifact on the same level as the Endless Black Sea had been Yaoyao’s Nine Orifice Divine Rock. However, it had disappeared along with Yaoyao when she transformed into his divine bone.

“Zhou Yuan, as a mortal turn god, do you wish to see the true power of a natural god artifact?” The Sacred God chuckled softly. In the next instant, his black and white divine eye blinked.

The surroundings changed in an instant, and Zhou Yuan...

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