Chapter 150 Little Heaven Genesis Technique, Great Wind and Thunder

“Found you at last.”

Zhou Yuan gazed at the giant creature lying by the lakeside. The latter was drenched in blood, its aura rapidly weakening, clear signs that it had sustained life threatening injuries.

“Xiao Tianxuan is indeed rather capable.” Zhou Yuan sighed. Someone incapable would not have been able to force a grade 4 Wind Thunder Beast to such a pitiful state.

However, no matter how capable the junior city lord was, the fruits of his labor were destined to be plucked by Zhou Yuan today.

Zhou Yuan tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as it rapidly enlarged. There no hesitation whatsoever as he shot forward, heading straight for the gravely injured beast.


The Wind Thunder Beast immediately sensed the Genesis Qi ripples, and released a weak roar of anger. Its giant mouth opened as wind and lightning spewed out, viciously blasting towards Zhou Yuan.

However, the Wind Thunder Beast was heavily injured, and had exhausted almost all of its Genesis Qi, hence, it did not even have a tenth of its original power. Therefore, the wind and lightning attack was shattered with a single sweep from Zhou Yuan’s brush.

Upon seeing that the situation did not bode well for it, the Wind Thunder Beast began to flee again.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Zhou Yuan laughed as the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand jerked. The snow-white brush hairs suddenly shot forth, becoming a white whip that wrapped around the Wind Thunder Beast’s claws.

After binding it, the hairs began to frantically burrow into the Wind Thunder Beast’s body through its wounds.

The Wind Thunder Beast howled as wind and lightning began vibrating from its body. Unfortunately, it was unable to blast away the white hairs.

Zhou Yuan leaped into the air, landing on the beast’s head. There was no hesitation whatsoever as green scales emerged on his fist and a punch was sent downwards.

“Dragon Tablet Hand, break the sky!”

A punch containing berserk Genesis Qi slammed into the Wind Thunder Beast’s head, shattering it and extinguishing the beast’s life.


The Wind Thunder Beast’s enormous body powerlessly crashed to the ground, causing the surrounding area to shake and ripples to appear on the lake.

Zhou Yuan kept the Heavenly Yuan Brush as his eyes began blazing with anticipation.

As the Wind Thunder Beast’s lifeforce faded, wisps of white mist began to rise from its body.

Every wisp contained extremely pure Genesis Qi.

“As expected of a grade 4 Genesis Beast, the Genesis Qi from it is so much more abundant than the beasts from before.” Zhou Yuan sighed in praise. He had only gained a strand of Genesis Qi from the Genesis Beasts he had hunted previously. In comparison, there was more than ten times the amount from the Wind Thunder Beast.

White mist continued to rise, ultimately gathering into a white ball the size of a human head. The ball of Qi gradually began to shrink, transforming into a white bead that was the size of a fingernail.

The bead seemed to contain a sea of clouds, and was very pretty. The vigorous Genesis Qi that pulsed from it made Zhou Yuan’s mouth water.

Zhou Yuan wiped the corners of his mouth. He had the feeling that his Qi Dwelling would be finally be fully filled after he absorbed the white Genesis bead.

When that happened, he would be able to take that final step and ascend to the Heaven Gate stage!

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, suppressing his surging excitement. He very carefully grabbed the white Genesis bead and kept it into his Universe bag.

After doing this, his eyes began to light up with excitement again as he watched another wisp of white mist rise from the Wind Thunder Beast’s body and transform into a piece of green and black jade.

Zhou Yuan’s hand shot out like lightning, grabbing the jade as his eyes boiled with excitement.

The moment he touched it, information began to flood into Zhou Yuan’s head.

Zhou Yuan closed his eyes to better digest the information, only opening them again a few seconds later, revealing a look of pure ecstacy. It was just as he had expected, a little Heaven Genesis technique was recorded in the jade.

This little Heaven Genesis technique was called Great Wind and Thunder.

The cultivation method could not be extracted because it was a one-use item. Once used, the jade would shatter, making it impossible for a second person to learn the technique.

“Got it at last.”

A satisfied Zhou Yuan kept the jade piece. He had finally obtained a little Heaven Genesis technique. If was able to learn it, his strength would increase by an astronomical amount.

“The haul this time is pretty good.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but chuckle to himself. He had not only obtained a white Genesis bead that could help him advance to the Heaven Gate stage, but also a little Heaven Genesis technique.


While Zhou Yuan was figuring out how to deal with the Wind Thunder Beast’s corpse, the air suddenly trembled as the piercing sound of something fast rang out. A deadly force whizzed towards him from behind, heading straight for his head at a crafty angle.

Zhou Yuan’s response was not slow. The Heavenly Yuan Brush jolted in his hand as its snow-white hairs transformed into countless white strings that weaved together behind him, forming multiple layers of white nets.


A flash of scarlet-red hit the white nets, forcibly plowing through layer by layer. However, it used up its energy a foot before reaching Zhou Yuan, transforming into a fiery-red long spear as it was catapulted back.

Zhou Yuan turned around, his eyes locking onto a certain mountain top nearby, where several figures were currently standing. The two in front were Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling.

“Can’t believe they actually managed to chase the beast all the way here.” Zhou Yuan was somewhat astonished by the sight of them.

“So you are the reason behind everything!” Xiao Tianxuan’s expression was exceptionally ugly, killing intent surging within his eyes as he darkly glared at Zhou Yuan.

How could he not realise by now why such problems had occurred earlier. Zhou Yuan had definitely secretly done something that allowed that Wind Thunder Beast to escape their encirclement.

Beside Xiao Tianxuan, Gu Ling’s face was not a pretty sight either as she laughed icily and said, “So it was you. What a good fisherman you are, patiently waiting for the beast and us to exhaust each other.”

Xiao Tianxuan’s gaze was both icy and eerie as he stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “If not for the Mysterious Heavy Mud that was left on the Wind Thunder Beast, you may even have succeeded.”

He extended his hand at Zhou Yuan, his tone indifferent as he continued, “If you understand, hand over the things you obtained from the Wind Thunder Beast, and the Gu clan supreme treasure while you’re at it.”

“You don’t deserve to enjoy any of these things.”

Zhou Yuan laughed when he heard this. He patted his Universe bag, and the white Genesis bead appeared in his hand. “Are you talking about this?”

Xiao Tianxuan greedily stared at the white Genesis bead. Ordinary Genesis Beasts only had a strand of pure Genesis Qi in their bodies, while the Wind Thunder Beast’s Genesis Qi had accumulated into a bead. From this, one could see how much more Genesis Qi the latter had.

“Hand it over!”

Zhou Yuan rolled the white bead between his fingers as he revealed a strange smile to Xiao Tianxuan. In the end, with a gentle flick, the white Genesis bead was thrown into his mouth and swallowed in a single gulp.

Zhou Yuan grinned from ear to ear as he said, “Won’t I be able to enjoy it now?”

Xiao Tianxuan was stunned. A split second later, a twisted expression abruptly rose on his face.

He roared, “Zhou Yuan! I’m going to kill you!”

He had used up so many trump cards in order to exhaust the Wind Thunder Beast. Who could have imagined that it would end up benefiting Zhou Yuan!

“Kill him!” Howled Xiao Tianxuan. Behind him, several advance Heaven Gate stage prided geniuses looked at Zhou Yuan with hostility.

However, Zhou Yuan ignored them. He did a backflip, disappearing into the lake as a faint voice echoed, “Xiao Tianxuan, we will settle this debt when I reach the Heaven Gate stage!”

This was not the time to fight. After swallowing the Genesis bead, he needed to find a place to absorb the energy and advance to the next level.


Xiao Tianxuan and gang swiftly arrived at the lakeside, diving in head first. However, they soon emerged again with grim expressions.

Gu Ling gnashed her teeth, “There are too many tunnels in the lake, we can’t possibly tell which one he took.”

Xiao Tianxuan was shaking with anger. It was a long time later before he finally suppressed the rage in his heart and declared in a chillingly eerie voice, “He can’t have run very far. Search this place inch by inch. When we find him, I will make sure he begs for death!”

Murder overflowed from his voice.

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