Chapter 15 Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method

“There are four levels to the Spirit, The Illusory stage, the Corporeal stage, the Materialization stage and the Godroamer.”

“Only those who possess powerful Spirits will be able to draw high tier Genesis Runes. Your Spirit talent is not bad, but it is not even at the Illusory stage.” A young girl’s airy voice echoed in the stone pavilion. Sunlight sprinkled down on her fair and pretty face, making her appear exceptionally attractive.

“The Spirit is originally formless and only by continuously tempering it will one by able to allow the formless Spirit to gain a form. This first stage with a form is called the illusory form, also known as the Illusory stage.”

“There are two ways to strengthen the Spirit. One is to wait for one’s strength to rise and the Spirit will follow suit and strengthen as well. However, this method is rather slow and there is an upper limit to how strong the Spirit will grow. The second way is to practice a Spirit tempering method. However, there are such techniques are very rare in this world and only a couple of the powerful factions possess them.”

At this point, Yaoyao glanced at Zhou Yuan before continuing, “The Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method that grandpa Hei imparted to you is an extremely high grade Spirit tempering method. However, great courage to conquer great terror is needed to practice this method, something that you will eventually come to know when you practice it.”

“Given the current level of your Spirit, you will not be able to draw grade 1 Genesis Runes. I advise you to start early on your practice of the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method and raise the level of your Spirit to the Illusory stage. When your Spirit steps into the Illusory stage, I will teach you grade 1 Genesis Runes.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He had long intended to try out the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. After taking a deep breath, he sat down cross-legged on the stone stool and slowly closed his eyes.

Darkness descended as Zhou Yuan’s heartbeat gradually slowed, allowing his mind to enter a state of absolute calm.

Dong! Dong!

The chirping and wind from the outside world stealthily faded. Only the sound of a beating heart echoed in the darkness.

Within the darkness, Zhou Yuan urged his Spirit to sense the brand that had been passed to him by Cang Yuan, the brand that contained the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method.

As Zhou Yuan continued to reach out, a slowly spinning glimmer of light suddenly appeared within the darkness. Its depths was immeasurable, as if it hid something terrifying.

However, while Zhou Yuan’s Spirit was hesitating, a powerful suction force suddenly exploded from the glimmer of light and sucked Zhou Yuan’s Spirit inside.

A momentarily wave of dizziness washed over Zhou Yuan as he felt his surroundings begin to change. Darkness receded as a formless void took its place. The primal chaos here had devoured time, space and everything else, making it appear as if time had gone back to the place before everything had started.

Zhou Yuan’s formless Spirit stood within this vast nothingness as a feeling of insignificance overwhelmed him.


While Zhou Yuan’s Spirit gazed upon this endless expanse of primal chaos, a loud sound suddenly resounded from within it. Zhou Yuan’s Spirit looked towards the sound and a split second later, a shuddering-like feeling madly surged over, causing his Spirit to shiver uncontrollably.

It was because he had seen an incomparably colossal shadow slowly appear. The shadow was akin to a black hole that endlessly devoured everything.

However, it was not a black hole but a giant grindstone that seemed without end.

The giant grindstone was mottled and covered all over by the scars of time. The dark splotches decorating it looked as if they were the remnant traces of the blood of pulverised gods and devils.


The giant grindstone loomed within the void as it slowly rotated. It could grind anything down 

into nothingness.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit stood before the giant grindstone like an insignificant grain of sand. It was at this very moment that a mysterious piece of information flowed into his mind. 

It was the cultivation instructions for the ‘Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method’.

“The divine grindstone was born within the primal chaos, a single turn capable of annihilating gods and devils…”

“Visualise the divine grindstone and feel it grind with the Spirit as your anchor…”

“Nine rotations, every rotation a new realm…”

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit faintly trembled. It was at this very moment that he finally understood why Yaoyao had said that the will to overcome great terror was needed to learn the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. Uncontrollable terror would swallow the Spirit of anyone who stood in an endless expanse before the world-destroying divine grindstone...

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit shook as he stared at the divine grindstone within the primal chaos. Just standing here required a great amount of courage. Let alone the fact that one needed to cast one’s Spirit onto the grindstone and be grinded by it...

If Zhou Yuan did not have such great mental fortitude, he would have long turned around and run for his life.

“If I die then so be it!”

Amidst his endless trembling, Zhou Yuan was ultimately able to maintain a sliver of rationality. He fiercely gritted his teeth and drifted towards the divine grindstone, directly landing upon its infinite mass.


The instant Zhou Yuan’s Spirit landed on the titanic grindstone, he could only watch helplessly as a shadow loomed towards him. Terror and pain swiftly exploded from his Spirit.

In the short span of several breaths, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit turned into nothingness under the grinding of the divine grindstone.

Something faintly trembled within the primal chaos as an invisible ripple converged to a single spot. It was Zhou Yuan’s Spirit. If a Spirit had a face, Zhou Yuan’s would be deathly pale, eyes overflowing with terror.

In that very moment from before, the feeling of being destroyed was just too real.

Yet although he had been scared witless, between being pulverised into nothingness and the subsequent reconstruction had seemed to make his Spirit become an eensy bit more coporeal.

“What an insane Spirit tempering method!”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shuddered. Anyone with a little less mettle would have long been destroyed by fear. Once fear of the divine grindstone left its mark in one’s heart, Cang Yuan’s primal chaos divine grindstone brand would fade and the ‘Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method’ would fail.

“This Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method is to continuously cast one’s Spirit onto the divine grindstone. Amidst the millions and millions of times of being obliterated into nothingness, the endless destruction and reconstruction will allow one to undergo a metamorphosis and grow stronger…”

“According to the instructions, there are nine rotations to this Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method, and every rotation a new realm. This so-called nine rotations refer to the divine grindstone completing a full round nine times. As long as the Spirit is able to persevere till an entire round is complete, it will undergo a single transformation.”

Zhou Yuan looked towards the divine grindstone within the primal chaos. It was split into an upper layer and a lower layer, while a vertical faint dark-gold line could be seen joining these two layers as if it was a scale of sorts.

As the divine grindstone rotated, the upper part of the golden line would move. When it once again returned to its original position and joined with the bottom part, an entire round would be completed.

However, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had only managed to endure for several breaths before being destroyed. Looks like it would not be easy to persist till an entire rotation was complete.

“The Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method is indeed extraordinary, a single attempt has made my Spirit a tiny bit stronger. As expected of the Spirit tempering method big sis Yaoyao praised as one of the highest ranked.”

Zhou Yuan breathed in deeply in an effort to suppress the fear he had towards the primal chaos divine grindstone. With a clench of his teeth, his Spirit flew forward again and landed on the slowly rotating mottled divine grindstone.


As the divine grindstone turned, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit was once again pulverised into nothingness.

An invisible ripple appeared and Zhou Yuan’s Spirit reformed once more. His Spirit violently shuddered, but he was evidently still able to control his emotions. A long while later, he gritted his teeth again and cast himself towards the divine grindstone.


In the vast expense of primal chaos, the divine grindstone turned again and again, completely obliterating the speck of dust that was cast into it over and over.

Each time it was destroyed, the continuously reconstructed Spirit gradually started slowly turn from incomporeal to corporeal.

The eighty eighth time.

Zhou Yuan finally stopped after his Spirit was destroyed and reforged for the eighty eighth time. He could feel intense tiredness and pain gushing out from within his Spirit.

This allowed him to know that he had finally reached his limit today. If he forced himself any further, it would instead do more harm than good.

Although his Spirit was exhausted, Zhou Yuan’s heart was overflowing with happiness. After over eighty times of being destroyed, his originally formless Spirit had now taken on an illusory color.

The Illusory stage!

When the Spirit turned from formless to illusory, it meant that he had finally reached the Illusory stage!

“A down right awesome visualisation method.” Zhou Yuan praised with a sigh. The very first training session had allowed his Spirit to reach the doorstep of the Illusory stage. Although he understood that this was partly because his Spirit’s foundations were pretty solid, it was still enough for him to realise how extraordinary the visualisation method was.”

In the stone pavilion, Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened. Although his face was as white as sheet, the excitement in his eyes could not be hidden.

“I’ve reached the Illusory stage!”

Yaoyao was a little taken aback by Zhou Yuan’s words as she doubtfully asked, “So fast? How many times did you endure the divine grindstone?”

“Eighty eight times.”

Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed a little as a peculiar look flashed within them. Ordinary people were only able to endure a dozen or so times on their first attempt. Yet Zhou Yuan had endured eighty eight times, a far from ordinary result.

“As expected of the one who once possessed the sacred dragon destiny. Compared to your wounded body, your Spirit does not seem to have suffered any damage.” Yaoyao softly praised before continuing, “Your Spirit is still too weak. When you recover, I will teach you a grade 1 Genesis Rune.”

She stood up carrying Tuntun as she glanced at the mottled black brush hanging at Zhou Yuan’s waist. “You need to properly nourish the Heavenly Yuan Brush given to you by grandpa Hei and light the first rune as quickly as possible.”

Zhou Yuan lowered his head and retrieved the Heavenly Yuan Brush hanging at his waist. It nimbly twirled in his hand as he smiled and nodded his head.

Cang Yuan had said that Genesis Beast Spirits could be used to recover the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s spirituality. This was not difficult for him. His status as the prince of Great Zhou allowed him to easily obtain several Genesis Beast Spirits.

Zhou Yuan really looked forward to the transformation after lighting the first rune. After all, he was very interested to find out exactly how this foot-long Heavenly Yuan Brush would change for it to become a Genesis Weapon...

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