Chapter 1497 Back to the Roads You Once Walked

When the defeated all-heaven army finally returned home, news of the battle’s outcome immediately spread to every corner of the all-heaven, resulting in a torrential uproar and panic.

The third god had been bested and stripped of her divinity by the Sacred God, while he was currently undergoing a transformation that would make him even stronger once complete.

When that time came, who in the all-heaven could stop him?

Put bluntly, the day he awakened from his transformation would be the all-heaven’s doomsday.

This outcome made the all-heaven fall into a state of panic and order began to crumble throughout the land.

The Omega Shrine did everything in their power to maintain order. Unfortunately for them, the all-heaven was not the only one that had been infected by this despairing atmosphere. Several Omega Shrine Saint experts had lost all hope, and once hope was gone from their hearts, everything could only turn to dust.

Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the other prime sovereigns felt powerless. They could only try their best to keep up a positive attitude as they repeatedly encouraged the other Omega Shrine Saint experts. At the end of the day, the Omega Shrine was the all-heaven’s...

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