Chapter 1494 Poisoned Honey

Zhou Yuan also moved the instant the Sacred God acted. With a shake of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, divine light rapidly interweaved together, creating a giant divine power net that enveloped the area.

Countless divine force arrows exploded on the net, creating dazzling fireworks that were bright enough to illuminate the all-heaven.

Zhou Yuan released a thunderous roar as he blocked the Sacred God’s assault, “Go!”

The all-heaven army immediately hastened their retreat.

Zhou Yuan circulated vast divine force, pouring all of his strength into the fight against the Sacred God. Only after exchanging blows did he realize how terrifying the most all-heaven most feared existence was.

Even though he was stronger than ever, each clash of divine power made him feel a frightening pressure from the Sacred God.

If not for the giant boost in power and the acquisition of divine power, he would have in all likelihood not have been able to survive even a single casual blow from the Sacred God.

A new fight erupted in the domain, only the third god had been replaced by Zhou Yuan.

However, anyone could see that the Sacred God still held the absolute upper hand, the endless divine force storms he summoned devastating everything within one’s sights.

Although Zhou Yuan’s divine force could cover a substantial area, he was clearly weaker than the third god, let alone the Sacred God.

When the all-heaven experts saw this, worry began to appear on their faces.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo sighed and said, “Zhou Yuan is most likely not the Sacred God’s match.”

Cang Yuan also had a somewhat pained expression. Soon after, he said, “Let’s not worry about him for the moment and concentrate on retreating. Don’t waste the time Zhou Yuan is buying for us.”

Prime sovereign Di Long’s expression was also somewhat heavy. “What’s the use of retreating back to all-heaven? The Sacred God has already absorbed the third god’s divinity and is about to ascend to a higher realm of existence. Once his transformation is complete, he will be stronger than ever before. When that time comes, destroying the all-heaven will only become even more effortless.”

Despair appeared on several of the nearby Saint experts, their morale beginning to crumble once more.

Chi Ji brows nearly turned vertical in anger as she hissed, “Shut your mouth Di Long! Since when has life ever been easy for the all-heaven? Our ancestors have sacrificed so much for us and even if we are ultimately destroyed by the Sacred God, we will never lose our will to fight!”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo nodded and said in a commanding voice, “Hasten the retreat!”

The all-heaven army swiftly retreated. However, everyone understood that no matter how fast they withdrew, they still had to depend on Zhou Yuan to stop the Sacred God. If he failed, the Sacred God could easily send out divine force with a single thought to erase all of them.

On the giant purple-gold beast’s back, Yaoyao’s hands were tightly clenched in worry as she watched the dazzling divine power clash from far away. She never imagined that she would awaken to something like this.

All of this was clearly brought about by the third god, or maybe it might be better to say the divinity that used to reside in her body.

“Zhou Yuan…” Yaoyao softly mumbled as her eyes turned a little red. She could imagine how much pain Zhou Yuan must have felt while her divinity had taken control.

Otherwise, there was no way he would have chosen to take such a suicidal risk against the Sacred God’s will and the God Annihilation Curse Poison.

Yaoyao gently stroked the golden fur on Tuntun’s head as tiredness flitted across her eyes. She was not very interested in protecting the all-heaven, especially because it required her to give herself over to her divinity’s control and continuously hurt Zhou Yuan. Honestly, she would rather the all-heaven be destroyed instead.

She would rather hold Zhou Yuan’s hand and be erased together with the all-heaven than let him experience the pain and sorrow of her being controlled by divinity again.

She softly promised, “Zhou Yuan...I will always be with you no matter what happens. I will never leave you behind again.”


“Hehe, is this the flimsy divine power you tried so hard to obtain? It seems rather ordinary. What makes you think that such power can allow you to face me?

“Do you truly believe a real god’s power is something a fake god like you can match?

“Zhou Yuan, you are an amazing individual. Unfortunately, an ant will ultimately only be an ant, destined to live amidst the dirt. Futilely trying to challenge a superior existence is merely akin to a moth flying towards the flame; you’re only speeding up your death.”

Divine power rumbled across the area. The Sacred God laughed as he watched Zhou Yuan fall into an increasingly disadvantaged position with each clash of divine power. He was akin to a wild beast that had fallen into a trap, engaging in a desperate but useless counterattack.

Zhou Yuan ignored the Sacred God’s laughter, allowing his divine power to gradually be defeated as his figure rapidly blinked about while trying to keep the Sacred God busy.

This continued until a certain moment, when the Sacred God’s expression suddenly changed as a look of surprise flashed across his eyes.

He raised his head and saw the space about him suddenly shatter, revealing four giant divine seals surrounding him from above. The divine seals seemed to resemble ancient dragons, and the Sacred God could feel an aura from them that made him feel uneasy.

It was...the Ancestral Dragon’s will.

Zhou Yuan finally stopped moving and he released a deep, drawn out breath. He had realized earlier that the Sacred God seemed incapable of moving due to the growing shell-like divine force crystals around him. Hence, Zhou Yuan had deployed one of the trump cards he had prepared against the Sacred God amidst their divine power clashes.

“This power is from the God Annihilation Curse Poison, right?” the Sacred God indifferently said. He had been tormented by its power for countless years and deeply remembered it. Most importantly, the God Annihilation Curse Poison contained some of the Ancestral Dragon’s will’s power, which had evidently been refined by Zhou Yuan to use as a killing move against him.

“You...are clearly an ant, but you keep surpassing my expectations.” The Sacred God shook his head as killing intent surged in his indifferent eyes. “You are the first all-heaven creature that I actually feel like killing.”

Zhou Yuan still refused to respond. With a serious expression, he slowly clasped his hands together as a low voice rang out across the domain, “Four Prime God Sealing Seals!”


The four divine dragon seals suddenly began to shake as ancient dragon roars echoed from them. In the next instant, four giant glowing dragons emerged from the seals, weaving together in the air before slamming into the Sacred God’s body.

“This is...a sealing technique? You’re trying to seal me?!” The Sacred God’s voice rang out.

The divine power crystals flowing out from his body were seemingly stimulated by the four dragon seals, quickening their growth. Layer after layer gushed out, encasing more than half the Sacred God’s body in the blink of an eye.

The silhouettes of four dragons could be seen circling within the divine power crystal shell.

“So that’s your plan. You intend to seal me during my transformation phase.” The Sacred God’s eyes narrowed as he felt the changes in his body. “Zhou Yuan, is this your goal? I have to say that you’re always making others see you in a whole new light.

“However, do you really believe this can seal me? The only thing your seal will do is slightly delay the all-heaven inevitable destruction.”

The Sacred God did not try to stop the dragon seal, because he needed to save his power for the imminent transformation process. In fact, most of his focus had been on the changes occurring in his body during the earlier battle, allowing Zhou Yuan the chance to deploy this seal.

In a certain manner of speaking, Zhou Yuan had found the best opportunity to play this trump card.

The gap between them, however, was just far too great.

The crystals continued to grow, reaching the Sacred God’s throat as Zhou Yuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He could only force the Sacred God into his transformation period first and think of some other way to deal with him after.

A strange light flashed in the Sacred God’s eyes as he  indifferently gazed at Zhou Yuan. “Zhou Yuan, your appearance has pleasantly surprised me several times. Hence, I want to give you a present.”

Zhou Yuan immediately grew vigilant. Soon after, he retreated without hesitation, stars rapidly flashing past as he accelerated.

The strange light in the Sacred God’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. He opened his mouth and spat out a beam of light that shot straight towards Zhou Yuan at an unbelievable speed.

Spirit power pulsed around Zhou Yuan, creating countless thick barriers in front of him. Heaven and earth seemed to reverse, displaying the terrifying might of divine power.


However, the light beam pierced through the divine force barriers without any resistance and ultimately hit Zhou Yuan.

There was unexpectedly no impact or explosion.

Zhou Yuan’s figure came to a stop with a confused look on his face. The beam that had entered his body was not a divine force attack from the Sacred God...

In addition, the mysterious beam was causing a rapid rise in his divine power.

“This is...divinity?!” Zhou Yuan’s pupil shrank. The beam contained the very divinity that even the Sacred God considered precious!

The Sacred God had sent such a concentrated beam of divinity into his body?!

What exactly was he up to?

“Are you surprised?” The divine power crystal was already beginning to climb up the Sacred God’s face. He strangely gazed at the confused Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, since you so deeply desire the god stage, allow me to help you experience the feeling of true power.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly changed drastically. As his divine power grew, the divinity vessel he created began to crack!

It was unable to support the rapidly growing divine power!

So this was the Sacred God’s plan. He did not attack Zhou Yuan but instead gave him some divinity, causing Zhou Yuan’s divine power to grow. Once his divine power exceeded the capacity of his divine matter vessel, it would shatter.

When that happened, the divinity in Zhou Yuan’s body would erupt and clash with his human side. Even if Zhou Yuan managed to survive the backlash, he would fall into a state of eternal chaos and craziness, no longer able to maintain a clear mind.

That beam of divinity was a specially prepared poisoned honey from the Sacred God!

Zhou Yuan’s expression darkened as he finally figured it out. He had not expected the Sacred God to choose such a method as his final counterattack.

The crystals on the Sacred God’s body grew thicker and thicker, ultimately completely encasing his head. A several-hundred-feet-tall crystal silently hovered like a giant egg, pulsing with endless divine light that could obliterate all matter.

The Sacred God’s last words echoed across every corner of the all-heaven, “All-heaven ants, enjoy these final peaceful days. When I emerge, it will be time for the all-heaven to return to chaos.


“Zhou Yuan, enjoy the present I’ve given you.”

As the Sacred God’s voice echoed, the erupting divine power in Zhou Yuan’s body grew more and more terrifying, until he heard a faint cracking noise.

A bitter look flowed out in his eyes.

His divinity vessel had fractured.

In the end, he could only cry out his final words to the far away all-heaven army, “Don’t...don’t come close.”

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