Chapter 1493 Zhou Yuan Achieves Godhood?

Amidst the formless mass of space, Zhou Yuan princess-carried a beauty in his arms with an ice-cold expression, the spreading divine glow around him drew countless shocked gazes.

Anyone could feel that the power erupting from his body was not Saint force, but true-blue divine power!

What did this mean?!

Could Zhou Yuan have ascended to that realm?

How was this possible?!

None were more shocked than Cang Yuan, Jin Luo, and the other two prime sovereigns, who were all currently at the peak of the Saint stage. They knew better than anyone else how great of a step this was for existences like them.

They had once ambitiously poured their all into an attempt to reach that peak, but had ultimately failed the endeavor.

It was precisely because they understood the difficulty that they felt such strong disbelief when they saw the surging divine force and the divine glow around Zhou Yuan.

In fact, their shock had even surpassed the original surprise and joy that they should have felt.

The entire place was deathly silent.

Zhou Yuan was oblivious to the silence as he lowered his head to gaze at the person in his arms, his cold and murderous face unable to stop itself from turning gentle.

The person in his arms slowly opened her eyes. However, there was no longer any trace of the indifference and emotionlessness that used to fill them, but instead a surge of colorful emotion.

She dazedly stared at Zhou Yuan, her eyes slowly turning red as she softly said, “Zhou Yuan, I’m sorry.”

Zhou Yuan stared in amazement at the beauty that had suddenly spoken. Soon after, he asked in shock, “ are Yaoyao? You’ve recovered?”

The beauty before him was clearly a completely different person from the third god. A feeling of intimacy and familiarity that had once been etched deep into his bones began to drown his heart again.

His eyes lit up with uncontrollable joy.

A somewhat complicated expression emerged on Yaoyao’s face as she said, “My divinity was taken, that’s why…”

Her brows furrowed slightly as she felt a pain from her abdomen.

It was the wound left by the Sacred God’s three-pronged halberd.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly pressed his hand to the wound and circulated his divine power to stabilize it. His voice trembled as he said, “Yaoyao, it’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back.”

He tightly hugged her as tears began to glimmer in his eyes. Only after losing her did he truly realize how important she was to him.

The empty and hollow pain that had plagued his heart was something he did not wish to relive ever again.

Yaoyao reached out and gently touched Zhou Yuan’s face. She could feel the emotions currently running rampant in his heart.

“Hehe, what an unfortunate pair of lovebirds.” A humored chuckle suddenly sounded from the Sacred God.

He curiously observed Zhou Yuan, his gaze seemingly able to pierce everything and clearly view every layer there was.

“How interesting. I can sense an extremely familiar aura from your divine it the power of one of my will fragments and the God Annihilation Curse Poison?

“Hmm, it must be Ancestral Dragon Scripture, right? It refined one of the my will fragments and the God Annihilation Curse Poison to provide you with power.

“However, that should not have allowed you to step into the god stage...because you do not have a divine bone to act as a vessel for divinity. And yet, you do somehow possess divine power.”

The Sacred God stared at Zhou Yuan’s body. Soon after, his eyes narrowed. “It’s divine matter…

“Zhou Yuan, I have to admit that you are indeed a genius. To think that you’ve managed to refine divine matter into a vessel for divine power without knowing about the all-heaven inhabitants’ greatest flaw.”

The Sacred God could not help but clap. “Amazing, you are the first ever all-heaven inhabitant to touch this realm.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained ice-cold despite the high evaluation given to him by the Sacred God that had swiftly unravelled all of his secrets after a few glances.

With a wave of his sleeve, divine force roared forth, freeing the all-heaven experts that had been restricted in place.

The all-heaven experts immediately retreated after being freed, before casting joy-filled gazes towards Zhou Yuan.

From the Sacred God’s earlier words, it seemed that Zhou Yuan had really reached the god stage?

Didn’t that mean he now possessed power that could match the Sacred God’s?

The four prime sovereigns’ had complicated expressions that were both envious while also relieved.

Although the third god’s divinity had been absorbed, having Zhou Yuan step up in her place would undoubtedly stabilize their crumbling morale.

Zhou Yuan said to Cang Yuan and the others, “Master Cang Yuan, get the army to prepare themselves to retreat at any moment.”

Although his tone was ordinary, it seemed to contain an indescribable authority that made even the four prime sovereigns afraid to defy for a time.

After giving them these instructions, Zhou Yuan lowered his head to look at Yaoyao. He gave her a small kiss on the forehead and said, “You should also leave first.”

Yaoyao hurriedly grabbed his clothes with as much force as she could muster. “ aren’t his match!”

Although Zhou Yuan was overflowing with divine power, Yaoyao could sense that his divine power was extremely unstable.

Zhou Yuan did not reply but instead beckoned with his hand and a giant purple-gold beast approached. It was Tuntun.

After Yaoyao’s human side was revived, Tuntun also regained its lost memories. Hence, it happily wagged its tail at the sight of Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan patted Tuntun’s scales and placed Yaoyao on its back. “Stay a little further away.”

Tuntun growled in response and swiftly moved away.

As the army and Yaoyao withdrew, Zhou Yuan’s gaze shifted towards the Sacred God. Crystals made from divine force were growing on his body, seemingly attempting to cover him like a shell.

The Sacred God indifferently looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “She is right, Zhou Yuan. You are not my match. If you were  smart, you would not have appeared here so that you could at least enjoy a final period of peace.”

Zhou Yuan did not respond. He only slowly lifted the Heavenly Yuan Brush and pointed it at the Sacred God.

The Sacred God shook his head. “Fool.”

Amusement and mockery flowed out in his eyes. “Do you really believe that you can be considered a god now?

“No, you are wrong, Zhou Yuan.

“When the world was first created, the Ancestral Dragon’s body transformed into all things, but it failed to accomplish that final step. It failed to bestow a divine bone to the all-heaven inhabitants, the divine bone that could contain divinity and create divine power.

“Although you managed to create another path and used divine matter to replace the divine bone as a vessel for divinity, do you really believe the divine bone is something that can be so easily replaced?

“You may seem to be brimming with divine power, but you’re merely a burning inferno that will easily combust yourself the moment a mistake happens.

“Hence, you are no true god. At best, you’re merely a…,” the Sacred God stared at Zhou Yuan as the corners of his mouth slowly lifted, “A pitiful false god.

“You wish to save everyone, but I do not wish to accommodate.

“These ants must die here today.”

At his final word, vast divine light pierced the void like glowing arrows, shooting straight towards the retreating all-heaven army.

Evidently, the Sacred God intended to eradicate the all-heaven army in front of Zhou Yuan.

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