Chapter 1492 Fall of a God

When the third god’s glowing divinity began to flow into the Sacred God’s body through the three-pronged halberd, countless people in the all-heaven army felt their entire bodies turn ice-cold as their originally hopeful hearts abruptly sank.

It had all looked so optimistic moments ago. Since neither god appeared capable of triumphing over the other, both parties would have no choice but to give up, allowing the all-heaven to enjoy peace once more. Moreover, with the third god’s protection, the Sacred Race would not dare to excessively bully and step over the all-heaven like before.

This was an outcome that many people could accept.

Who could have expected, however, that their beautiful dreams for the future would suddenly burst into bubbles just as it was about to become a reality.

The battle of the gods had suddenly taken a drastic turn, causing the third god to fall into a dangerous situation!

Anyone knew that the third god’s power would drop drastically as her divinity was taken away. When that happened, it would be a joke for her to try to keep the Sacred God in check again.

The all-heaven army fell into a state of terror and panic.

Even the four prime sovereigns, Jin Luo, Cang Yuan, Di Long and Chi Ji were at a loss, in the rare state of not knowing what to do.

After all, this turn of events had been far too unexpected.

Of course, they were also deeply shocked by the Sacred God’s meticulous and seemingly omniscient planning.

Could the all-heaven ever hope to defeat such an existence?

“Protect the third god!” However, the four prime sovereigns ultimately forced themselves back to their senses. They roared with all of their might as they led the charge with an astonishing eruption of Genesis Qi.

They understood that the third god was the all-heaven’s final hope. If her divinity was absorbed by the Sacred God, the all-heaven would soon meet its doom.

Hence, they absolutely needed to protect the third god!

While the four prime sovereigns dashed forward, the all-heaven Saint experts behind them hesitated for a moment, before resolved looks flowed out in their eyes. They knew they were merely moths flying into the flame, but they had no choice. Once the Sacred God drained the third god of her divinity, the only thing that awaited them would be a more miserable fate.

Rumble! Rumble!

Vast Saint force rose into the air as glowing figures tore through the void, shooting straight towards the Sacred God.

Their movements were naturally detected by the Sacred God. However, he merely gave them a casual glance, as if a giant dragon was looking at mosquitoes flying towards it.

“Commendable courage. Such a pity that it’s useless,” he remarked. Soon after, he extended a hand and gently waved.

It was as if the entire domain was instantly frozen, the bodies of the four prime sovereigns and the all-heaven Saint experts now stuck in place.

They realized that they had lost control over their bodies, and could only float there like statues amidst the endless space.

It was an exceptionally despairing and sorrowful scene.

After effortlessly restricting the all-heaven Saint experts, the Sacred God’s gaze shifted back to the third god, feeling her divinity flow into his body.

An unprecedented feeling of fullness spread in his body.

“What delicious divinity.” A look of intoxication filled his face as he smiled. “Third god, I’ve always imagined this day while being tortured by the Ancestral Dragon’s will in that endless darkness.

“Once I completely absorb your divinity and devour all life in the all-heaven, I will be able to transcend to become the first true ruler of this world.

“When that happens, I shall erase all marks of the Ancestral Dragon, and create a new world in my image.”

The third god shot a death stare at the Sacred God, her face filled with bitter resentment.

“Third god, the loser should pay the price of losing. The Ancestral Dragon’s will gave birth to you in an attempt to keep me in check, but my moves were clearly superior to it.

“I’ve won.”

The spreading divine pressure from the Sacred God’s body grew increasingly terrifying as it slowly covered even the all-heaven. In the moment, every living thing in the all-heaven felt an indescribable terror as they trembled uncontrollably, not daring to move.

They were akin to tiny fishes and shrimps in a fish tank that had suddenly seen a giant face cruelly and mockingly observing them from outside.

A single gaze would fill anyone with so much fear that they would lose all power.

The spreading divine pressure from the third god rapidly weakened as the glow of divinity around her swiftly dimmed.

As more and more divinity poured in the Sacred God’s body, layers of divine matter began to appear around him, slowly enveloping his body like a shell.

The Sacred God lowered his head to observe these changes as the smile on his face widened. It was a sign of his approaching evolution. Once he fully absorbed the third god’s divinity, he would begin to undergo a transformation. When this transformation was complete, his strength would rise to an unprecedented level.

The absorption of divinity continued until a certain moment when the glow around the third god finally disappeared.

Her divinity filled eyes also lost their luster.

Upon sensing the final wisp of divinity leave the third god’s body, the Sacred God slowly extracted his three-pronged halberd.

The third god’s body began falling as if she had lost all her power.

“Third god, your existence is now meaningless. That’s why it’s time for you to...disappear.” The Sacred God chuckled as he pointed his halberd at the third god’s falling body.


A beam of divine light shot through space, obliterating all matter in its path.

The eyes of Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the other all-heaven Saint experts, that had been frozen in place, bulged from their sockets as if about to burst apart as their hearts howled in despair.

They had invested a tremendous amount of effort to bring about the third god’s birth and had placed great expectations on her. However, their final hope was now being extinguished right before their eyes, a sight that made them so angry that it nearly drowned out their rationality.

However, no matter how frantically they struggled, the frozen space around them refused to budge.

Tears poured down Cang Yuan’s eyes. All he could think about, however, was Yaoyao cold yet spirited face in a certain domain long ago. Although she had also been quite aloof, the young girl had been full of life.

A single ‘grandpa Hei’ from her would melt Cang Yuan’s heart.

However, that very same little girl was now about to disappear from this world.

“Yaoyao...grandpa Hei has let you down. Maybe...I shouldn’t have brought you out from the Omega Shrine, I shouldn’t have brought you to that domain…” Tears rolled down his aged face. Soon after, he closed his eyes, no longer able to bear the cruel scene.


Divine light slashed downwards, tearing apart even space itself.

Despair filled the all-heaven Saint experts’ eyes.


Just as the divine light was about to hit the third god’s body, something unexpected happened!

The nearby space suddenly shattered as a glowing figure stepped out. He wielded a mottled black brush and dazzling divine light glowed from his body. The sharp brush tip swung upwards, accompanied by surging divine force as it sliced the falling divine light into two like a great heavenly spear.


A thunderous noise exploded, spreading to the many heavens.

The all-heaven Saint experts’ eyes widened in disbelief. What had they just witnessed? There was someone else besides the third god who could receive a divine force attack from the Sacred God?

Who was this?!

The Sacred God’s pupils also widened slightly.

The entire place was silent as countless shocked gazes looked over.

The divine light slowly receded and the crowd were finally able to see.

They saw a man standing amidst darkness, a mottled black brush floating beside him and the third god’s body in his arms.

Divine halos pulsed from behind the figure’s head.


As they gazed at the figure, Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the all-heaven Saint experts’ faces began to turn rigid little by little. Even though their movements were restricted, their hearts were filled with astonishment and a thunderous roar of disbelief.

Zhou...Zhou Yuan?!

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