Chapter 1491 The Sacred God’s Grand Plan


Everything else seemed to fall silent, leaving only the sound of a sword and a halberd entering the body amidst the vast darkness of space.

Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the other all-heaven Saint experts watched in shock and horror. They never imagined that the Tianyuan World’s only two gods would choose such an aggressive and barbaric tactic, allowing themselves to be injured in order to injure their opponent.

The only difference between them and normal people was that the seemingly simple thrusts from the sword and halberd contained the greatest destructive power from the two gods.

The sword thrust might have looked ordinary to bystanders like them, but if any one of them had been its target instead, the divinity within the sword would have already completely obliterated their bodies and Spirits before the strike could land.

“Is this...a draw?” Prime sovereign Di Long could not help but ask, unable to stop his voice from shaking a little.

In a certain twisted way, he would rather wish for both gods to be heavily injured and forced into a deep sleep. Regardless of which side they currently stood on, they were ultimately gods that could never truly connect with the other lifeforms of this world.

They should never have existed.

Cang Yuan’s gaze was glued to the familiar face the Sacred God had transformed into, his expression fluctuating indeterminately as he said, “What is the Sacred God trying to do? Why did he suddenly take on Zhou Yuan’s appearance?

“That is no simple transformation. His appearance and even his aura have completely become Zhou Yuan.”

If Zhou Yuan was present, even he would not be able to tell who was the fake. Cang Yuan was slightly bewildered, however, by how much younger this Zhou Yuan looked. He looked like a younger Zhou Yuan from the time they had first met.

But what use was this? Did the Sacred God think that transforming into Zhou Yuan would make the third god unable to make that thrust? Did he not know that divinity was heartless?

No one could understand the Sacred God’s intentions. The entire place was silent as countless eyes stared at the two divine figures who had stabbed each other’s divine bodies.

The third god’s face was impassive as she looked at Zhou Yuan’s face and said, “Sacred God, did you think this face would make me hesitate?”

The Sacred God chuckled softly and replied, “Third god, you are too confident. I already told you that my plan far surpasses your imagination.

“Your biggest weakness is that ant called Zhou Yuan. Of course, in a certain manner of speaking, it might be more precise to call that weakness your human side.

“Third god, have you never felt it strange that you had a human side despite being a god?”

The Sacred God displayed a strange smile. “That was actually my doing.”

An eerie, chilling light flowed out in the third god’s eyes. “What do you mean?”

“You should honestly be thanking me. I manipulated the threads of fate, allowing you to meet the only person in this world who could give rise to a genuine human side from you.

“It was I who led Cang Yuan to steal the divine stone from which you were born…”

These words were like a rock shattering the sky. In the all-heaven army, Jin Luo, Di Long, Chi Ji and the other Saint experts stared at Cang Yuan in shock.

Cang Yuan was momentarily stunned. Soon after, his face darkened as he said, “How laughable!”

The Sacred God turned his head to the side and grinned at Cang Yuan. “Do you still remember the Saint expert Mou Yin?”

Cang Yuan was taken aback by this name. Soon after, he seemed to recall something as his pupils abruptly shrank.

“Mou Yin?”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo frowned and said, “This old man remembers that name. He was a Saint expert of the Omega Shrine that was extremely adept in the art of foresight. He had been in closed cultivation when Cang Yuan stone the divine stone. In the end, he died in battle against a Sacred Race Saint expert.”

Prime sovereign Di Long realized that there was something wrong from Cang Yuan’s expression, and immediately asked in a low voice, “Was there something amiss about this person?”

Cang Yuan’s face trembled for a moment, before he finally said with some difficulty, “Mou Yin was the person that most strongly supported the plan of me stealing the divine rock...if not for his help, it would have been much more difficult for me to have stolen it from under such heavy security. Moreover, he was the one who gave me a map of many pocket domains, saying they were some hidden domains he discovered while touring the Tianyuan World, which ultimately allowed me to avoid my pursuers.

“One of the domains on the route he gave me was…”

Cang Yuan’s entire body began to shake. “Where Yaoyao and I first met Zhou Yuan!”

The expressions of prime sovereign Jin Luo and the others quickly changed. There was originally nothing wrong, but after hearing Mou Yin’s name from the Sacred, a very large shadow of suspicion was now cast over the entire series of events.

Prime sovereign Di Long declared in a dark voice, “There’s definitely a problem with Mou Yin!”

“Indeed, because Mou Yin was captured by me during the first world-ending war. However, I did not kill him but instead infected him with my will. After catching a glimpse of the future and falling into a deep slumber, I borrowed his hand to initiate several plans.” The Sacred God grinned.

“But that’s not all. The instructions passed down in the Zhou Clan and the teleportation array in their ancestral shrine were also my handiwork.”

A chill filled Cang Yuan’s entire body as he stared in disbelief at the Sacred God. He could not believe that everything that had happened back then was secretly orchestrated by the Sacred God.

All of them were akin to mere chess pieces, forced to dance at his whims.

His goal had been to create a meeting between Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, a goal he had clearly achieved.

In this moment, even a prime sovereign like Cang Yuan, who had experienced hundreds of battles, could not help but feel an indescribable fear. The Sacred God’s capabilities were far too terrifying. Was this the true power of the gods?

The Sacred God tenderly gazed at the third god’s frosty face and said, “Since I could bring about your birth, I could also make you and Zhou Yuan meet. He possesses the sacred dragon blessing that contains the purest Ancestral Dragon’s will, while you were born from the Ancestral Dragon’s will. Hence, the both of you will naturally be drawn to each other. He is the only one in this world who can allow you to gain true emotions and an unerasable human side. 

“However, as a god, your divinity and human side are naturally opposed to each other. When you gained a human side, your divinity could no longer remain pure.

“You might also have realized this, and thus your divinity had always been trying to fully wipe away your human side. However, just as you were about to succeed, the God Annihilation Curse Poison forced your early awakening...

“As such, your human nature was never properly erased.

“And this is where your greatest weakness lies.

“It is also my target, because as you said, you and I are of similar strengths. Even though I might have a slight edge, it is very difficult for me to defeat you, let alone absorb your divinity. This is something I already realized long ago when I was injured by the Ancestral Dragon’s will and before you were born.

“Hence, to properly defeat you and absorb your divinity, I would need you to have a weakness, which I’ve already succeeded in creating.”

The Sacred God looked straight into the third god’s eyes, before pointing towards the immature face of Zhou Yuan he currently wore. “This face was sealed in time using a special method when Zhou Yuan first entered the teleportation array in his ancestral shrine. What do you think? Doesn’t it look very familiar?”

In the distance, Cang Yuan finally remembered. The young and immature face worn by the Sacred God was exactly the same as Zhou Yuan’s when he first stepped into that fateful domain and met Yaoyao.

It was their very first meeting.

Long ago, a boy that had somehow stumbled into the strange domain raised his dirty face to see a girl in azure looking at him with a sliver of curiosity in her eyes. There had also been a small-dog-like creature following at her feet.

Although the third god’s face remained cold and emotionless, a tear slowly fell from her eye.

When the tear appeared, the smile on the Sacred God’s face grew wider, because this meant that the human side in the third god’s body was awakening once more.

For gods like them, the appearance of a human side would lead to their divinity falling into disorder.

The sword that had pierced the Sacred God’s body began to ripple, slowly fading away before ultimately disappearing.

This scene made the all-heaven experts feel like they were in an icehouse as fear and alarm began to flood their hearts.

The Sacred God softly chuckled as he gazed at the third god’s chillingly frosty face  and softly said, “Third god, you’ve lost.”

The three-pronged halberd that had pierced the third god’s body began to vibrate as it glowed with a strange light. The third god’s divinity began to flow towards the halberd, travelling along it into the Sacred God’s body.

“Well then, I kindly accept your divinity.”

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