Chapter 1490 Forbidden Zone

A dazzling silver river filled with the glow of divinity stretched across the vast darkness of space, clashing continuously with the mysterious endless black sea that gave off an ominous aura. Divine force collided millions of times with each passing second.

Both sides had revealed their true fighting style. The fight had already transcended the imagination of numerous Saint experts.

Although the two gods had been engaged in battle for a long time, it was still impossible to tell who would emerge the victor. Many felt that it was extremely difficult to decide a victor between the two gods, because although there was a slight difference in power between them, the gap was not large enough to capitalize into a significant advantage.

Hence, the Sacred God’s words made the all-heaven Saint experts’ hearts shudder violently as a strong feeling of unease surged within them, causing them to stare even harder at the face-off.

Prime sovereign Di Long asked in a low voice, “What could his words mean?”

“It’s probably some form of psychological attack.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s tone had become much graver.

Cang Yuan was silent for a moment, before he said, “I saw no indication of the third god being suppressed during the battle, and they seem to have similar power levels. I refuse to believe the Sacred God’s claim that he can deal with the third god!”

The other Saint experts slowly nodded in agreement. Cang Yuan’s reasoning made sense. If the Sacred God was indeed capable of suppressing the third god, he would not have dragged the battle on for so long.

Although the reasoning was convincing, everyone could not help but feel somewhat apprehensive. After all, no one understood the Sacred God’s terror better than them.

He had cast a shadow in their hearts in ancient times, a shadow that had deeply embedded itself into their bones and was almost impossible to erase.

Amidst their nervous discussion, the third voice’s cold voice sounded from the silver river, “It seems that you’re intent on fighting till the end.”

The Sacred Gods’ giant face rippled in the deep and endless black sea as a strange laughter echoed.

In the next instant, the endless black sea abruptly unfurled, splitting into millions of separate streams that rushed through the air like black dragons and crashed into the silver river.

Thousands of rays sprayed from the collision of two boundless divinities like sparks, illuminating every corner of the all-heaven.

This clash was by far the most ferocious one yet. The silver river and black sea charged into each other and began to manically erode the opponent.

Amidst the struggle, a black shadow suddenly emerged from the black sea and turned into the Sacred God’s figure. He walked across the black water, facing the harsh silver light as he leisurely walked towards the deepest part of the river.

At the deepest part of the river, silver light converged into the third god’s figure, her ice-cold gaze fixed on the approaching Sacred God.

The third god said, “Sacred God, any further and we’ll be in each other’s forbidden zone. If you and I continue fighting, both of us will end up with serious injuries and be forced into a deep slumber.”

The Sacred God smiled but did not stop advancing.

The third god shook her head. She had nothing left to say. A nine-hole divine rock slowly rose from her head. All nine holes suddenly lit up, sending out nine rays of light that slashed at the Sacred God.

These nine rays of light were one of the most terrifying powers in this world. The heavens shuddered as the nine rays fell, Genesis Qi fearfully trembling under its power before scurrying away.

The Sacred God’s footsteps finally came to a stop as a beam of black shot out from the infinitely dark slit between his brows.

The black beam contained the epitome of darkness. Anything that it touched would be rapidly engulfed by pure darkness.

The nine rays and the black beam collided. There was no thunderous noise from the collision, but space silently collapsed, creating several giant black holes nearby.

The Sacred God’s expression remained unchanged as he began to walk towards the third god again, the black divine eye between his brows sending out beams of extremely corrosive divine power to defend against the divine light from the nine-holes divine rock.

In the end, he stood in front of the third god.

At this close proximity, the two clashing divine pressures made the surroundings ripple.

This distance was very dangerous for both gods, because both parties were now capable of threatening the opponent’s core.

Normally speaking, this was a scenario gods would instinctively avoid. However, the Sacred God had been relentlessly aggressive, finally forcing both of them into this face-off where mutual destruction was now a very likely outcome.

The third god’s gaze was as cold as ever, no fear visible in her eyes. Due to her divinity, such negative feelings were basically unable to affect her.

Since wanted this extremely dangerous showdown, she would naturally accompany him till the end. In any case, both of them would only end up heavily injured and forced into a deep sleep.

“This is your choice.” The third god indifferently said. With a grasp of her hand, light streamed down from the nine-hole divine rock, transforming into a glass-like sword in her hand. Nine divine seals adorned the length of the sword, resembling nine holes.

The third god raised the sword and thrust it at her enemy.

Although the strike appeared to be weak and lacking any strength behind it, even an almighty entity like the Sacred God could not help but display a grave and wary expression for the very first time.

He did not try to avoid the thrust. Black liquid flowed down from his black divine eye, condensing into a three-pronged halberd in his palm that likewise rushed towards the third god.

Sword and halberd passed each other in the most straightforward and simple manner. Although there was no fancy technique of form, both strikes contained the two greatest powers in this world.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as countless people held their breaths.

Moments before the sword was about to pierce the Sacred God’s body, he suddenly laughed and softly said, “I caught a glimpse of the future when I was injured by the Ancestral Dragon’s will all those years ago. At the same time, I also saw your weak point.

“Third god, you can’t even imagine the plotting I’ve done. Hence, on what basis do you dare to claim that I can’t deal with you?”

The third god’s eyes grew increasingly icy and fierce as she stared at the Sacred God’s strange smile. However, she was completely unmoved, her sword continuing to thrust towards him.

An instant before the sword and halberd struck their targets, the strange smile on the Sacred God’s face grew even wider.

His body began to squirm as his face started to transform.

His appearance and aura changed completely in an instant. Moreover, his new face was so familiar that it made anyone who saw it feel fear.

It was...Zhou Yuan’s face!

He wore a smile that was the exact copy of Zhou Yuan’s as he softly called out, “Yaoyao…”


Sword and halberd stabbed into the other party’s divine body.

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